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[2024] Simple Guide To Zyro Affiliate Program

Zyro affiliate program or associate program is a method of generating extra passive income by becoming an affiliate or by simply by marketing Zyro company and it’s services. 

The affiliate is the owner of a website or publisher of advertisements that promote someone else’s products or services.

Affiliate uses their online presence to promote others’ stores and services for a share of the income. 

Benefits of Zyro affiliate program

Affiliate marketing offers a flexible approach as well as a cost-effective method to promote your brand and generate new leads. It also lessens the amount of money wasted on advertisements.

Limited startup costs

Starting an affiliate program requires some investment of time and finance, but is minimal compared to buying advertising and employing a team of staff.

Increased SEO

Affiliate marketing can go a long way to aiding your SEO, through numerous backlinks to your site via your affiliate blogs, social pages, and websites. This is particularly effective if working with higher-ranked partners whose audience then share and tweet details about your product or brand.

A different income stream

Affiliates can earn extra income from their comfort zone. The affiliate program can act as a subsidiary program to generate income.

Leveraging different skill sets

Zyro affiliate market facilitates the affiliate to discover their marketing skill while aiming to up their earning. This enables Zyro to create a pool of marketing skills

Access to foreign markets

You can grow your brand on a global stage in a cost-effective way. Affiliates can also team up with global affiliate programs to provide exposure for products and services to a truly international market.

How do affiliate earn

Zyro affiliate program provides many methods through which affiliate can collect more commission. Below are some of the common commission model:

Pay per click

Affiliates are entitled a fixed commission based on user clicks. Providers [Zyro] provides a unique link used by an affiliate to redirect the traffic. Though pays a lower commission, individuals with high traffic stand to earn high.

Pay per lead

Affiliates earn this commission upon the redirected user completing a defined action. For instance, after clicking a link, a user need to act such as creating an account, completing a survey, submitting forms etc. for the affiliate to claim this commission.

Pay per sale 

Though the model attracts fewer volumes, it pays the highest commission. Affiliates collect a fixed commission when the user proceeds to purchase one of the product or services offered by the provider.

For instance, an affiliate can claim 20% of the first sales made by a provider via your link.

How Zyro affiliate program pay?

Zyro affiliate program

Zyro pays up to 70% of the subscription by via your link. When a user clicks on your unique link [on website, social media etc.] 

Zyro keeps track and knows it’s for a specific affiliate. If the user signs up for a paid subscription, 70% of the revenue is added to the affiliate’s account.

Affiliate receive payment via TransferWise or PayPal once their accumulated commission reaches the threshold. 

How do you join the Zyro affiliate program?

Below is a simple guide

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account
Zyro affiliate program

Fill the form and submit the details for review.

  1. Get your affiliate link

Copy your unique link from your dashboard. 

  1. Share the link to start earning

Share the like to your client to start redirecting the traffic. This includes sharing on social media platforms, emails, websites and applications etc. 


Zyro affiliate program less risky and costless business that you can run from your comfort. Affiliates leverage their client’s traffic and monetize through this program. As forementioned, Zyro offers one of the highest commission (up to 70%).

Hence your earnings can only be limited by the extent or limit of your efforts.

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