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[100% Solved] Is Zyro A Good Website Builder?

In this article, we will be reviewing the Zyro website builder and try to answer the question, “ is Zyro a good website builder?”. 

First, Website building used to be tedious and more expensive until website building tools were introduced. The tools use a fluid UI, ready-made templates, drag-and-drop feature, easy customization tools, and fewer technicalities.

Zyro is a new website building tool that supports AI to facilitate the development process. Also, this tool can be used in logo marking, AI writer, Ai heatmaps, AI slogan generator, etc. 

In a competitive market like this, new tools strive to bring new features to gain an advantage over established providers and Zyro is no exemption. Zyro releases new features every time that has seen it rise in the market with numerous clients relying on their service.

Is Zyro a good website builder?

Zyro is less than 3 years in the market. Because of this, there are few reviews online. Often, customers check the reviews before opting for service. 

To determine if Zyro is a good website builder, below are some of the key feature.


Zyro templates are optimized for both the desktops and mobile devices. You are less likely to experience problems while loading your website on both devices. 

Editor easy of use

The editor is used to customize your template. The editor eliminates the complexities and the technicalities of writing the lines of codes. This ensures that even non-programmers can build a website on their own. Zyro’s editor is pretty standard and user-friendly.


There is more emphasis on the price of the plan. The cost of the plan should be directly proportional to the features offered. Zyro contains 5 plans i.e. free, basic unleashed, commerce and commerce+

Below is a summary of the plan prices

zyro pricing

Site layout

Zyro’s website contains an aesthetically-pleasing homepage with a clear organization of items and information. It’s easy to identify or use items and information on the site hence you don’t need any introduction or prior experience to use their site.

Acknowledging the fact the site is at earlier stages,  we are expecting the site to even look better with time.


Zyro contains hundreds of pre-made template for various categories. These include eCommerce, restaurants, resumes, photography etc. Also, these templates can fit in almost any type of project you are working on, optimized for both mobile and desktop view.

zyro website templates

Support for eCommerce

Zyro contains templates exclusively for eCommerce websites. Also, the site supports multiple eCommerce features such as Google analytic tool, Payment gateways etc.

Unfortunately, there are few templates for online stores.  Zyro platform looks promising and this is something we are expecting to roll out soon.

Drag and drop feature

This is another feature that makes site builders an awesome platform to create your site. You can drag the components to a specific section of your site. This is a handy way to create your site. Zyro supports the drag-and-drop feature in template customization.

This feature is extremely easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it. 

Domain integration

This enables you to connect your custom domain to your site. Zyro also offers domain registration and users can register the domain name on their site or opt for other registrars. This is very important when you want to brand your website and uniquely present it to your visitors. This one of the awesome feature you will have to consider using.

Extra feature

Zyro support third-party services that you can integrate to your Zyro website. These services include Google tag manager, Google analytics, Messenger live Chat, HotJar, Facebook pixel etc. 

Despite the above features, the question “ is Zyro a good website builder?” is still not fully answered. The features show some of the strong points of the platform. Below are some of the pros and cons of Zyro website builder:


  1. Favourable pricing
  2. Fluid UI
  3. Use extensive use of AI including AI logo maker, AI Slogan generator etc.
  4. Easy-to-use editor
  5. Drag and drop functionality
  6. Built-in SEO tools
  7. Wide range of customization element and beautiful templates


  1. Lacks essential eCommerce features
  2. Limited templates
  3.  Lacks designer choices e.g custom fonts
  4. Basic and lack advanced features such as slider gallery and page interactions
  5. No switching templates – you can not change templates unless you  build another from scratch

Final Thoughts

After review, it’s true Zyro is in its infancy but still a promising project. It’s evident that the platform is yet to incorporate advanced features but its fast evolution implies that key features are yet to roll out.

In a market dominated by heavyweights such as Shopify, Weebly, BigCommerce etc. it’s no surprise Zyro is becoming competitive also is such a short spell. Is Zyro a good website builder? Then the answer is yes. Though it’s lagging on some features, there is more to leverage from the platform and it isn’t retrogressive to overlook the cons. 

I hope this article provided an in-depth review of Zyro and helped you make an informed decision.

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