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SiteOrigin Page Builder: Learn How To Make Websites

SiteOrigin page builder

SiteOrigin page builder comes free and it works as a lightweight plugin that works on WordPress by either installing on the back-end of WordPress or downloading directly from the developer’s website.

In the website building world, the drag and drop interface is the new trend as many users aren’t ready to code or pay developers for simple and complex websites. The SiteOrigin page builder is one of them and developing websites is made easier as no coding or development experience is required.

Despite other page builders being free the SiteOriginbuilder has unique areas that outweigh all other competitors as for:

  1. All elements and modules generated and used on your site are responsive.
  2. There is freedom in the use of widget for the drag and drop components
  3. All plugins are enhanced by widget bundle plugin
  4. It follows all mobile rules thus no penalization by Google.
  5. It uses lightweight and SEO friendly code.

SiteOrigin Widget Bundle

The bundle carries a host of elements in one are which are completely free. The features and tools provided in the standard widget make the site look beautiful and thanks to extra add-ons.

Creating a site

The interface has three sections visual, text and page builder.

SiteOrigin Page Builder interface

Click on the page builder tab to open the interface

In the interface toolbar it comprises of buttons namely

  • Add widget
  • Add row
  • Prebuilt
  • History
  • Live Editor

Adding widget

While creating new the widget automatically adds a row cell to place the widget. On an existing page, you select first the row cell you want to add a widget and then click +Add Widget.

adding widget

It opens a dialog box with all available widgets. You can filter the widget by categories available for easier with just clicking origin or creator of an instance. There are four categories widget bundle, page builder widget, WordPress widget, and recommended widget. Just click on the widget you want to use and it appears on the selected row cell.

widget dialod box of SiteOrigin Page Builder

Moving the widget, you just click, hold, and drag to the desired position. And while hovering over the widget gives you options like edit, duplicate or delete.

Adding a row

They represent the first things you add on a page. They make the overall page structure. To create a row, click on +Add a Row button

Add new Row dialog box appears

You can set the layout of the row by outlining the number of cells, the direction of cells, and also the cell ratio. Page builder updates the changes automatically and clicks the onset to set the layout. Click on insert to add the new Row

add a new row

To delete you row hover over the spanner icon and a drop-down menu will appear with three options. Click on the delete option. To edit or duplicate the row click on the edit or duplicate option.  

edit, duplicate and delete in SiteOrigin

Pre-built layout

On this, you just edit an existing layout and theme that contains a page and post layouts. Click on pre-built icon to access the layouts

pre-built layout

Theme layout

Once your theme is pre-built it will appear on the theme defined link. Click on OK to allow you to make changes to the theme. You can also clone a page or post under their specific links and select ok from the confirmation screen.

special link

Live Editor

It gives you a preview and editing in real-time. Click on the +live editor icon on the interface toolbar to launch the tool. It creates two columns a widget list and a live preview panel.

live editor on Page Builder


This is a personal safety net allowing you to jump forward and backward through the changes you have performed. It helps in case of accidentally deleting something or a change causing problems in your site.

history in SiteOrigin Page Builder

Limitations of SiteOrigin Page Builder

  1. The live editor is only available in the classic editor interface and not available for the SiteOriginlayout block.
  2. The cloning is only possible through sites made from classic editor interface. For other sites, it requires technical knowledge where you manually clone the pages.
  3. Within page builder, it is impossible to split pages but it is available in the classic editor by using quick tags.

Conclusion On SiteOrigin Page Builder

A SiteOrigin page builder is a free tool within WordPress plugins that works as a lightweight plugin in WordPress. Its either installed on the back-end of WordPress or downloading directly from the developer’s website. Based on the free mode and widget available it is one of the best builders available on WordPress.

Frequently asked questions

1) What is a page builder?

It’s a wordpress plugin that enables you to create edit and modify pages of a website.

2) Do I need a Page Builder for WordPress?

The answer is Yes, you will need a page builder if you want an easy way to create completely custom WordPress designed websites.

3) What is the best free Page Builder for WordPress?

Here are some of the best free page builders for wordpress

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