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The Best 2021 Website Builder With Free Domain

Website Builder With Free Domain

Websites are becoming a common norm. Everyone is creating a new website to upgrade their businesses, share new stories, learn about website builder with free domain,  and many more.

Besides websites have become easy to build, website builders have eased the process. Besides, there are also free website builders that also offer free domains.

What is a domain name?

It’s the specific name that identifies your website. It is also the text typed on the search bar to get to your website. It’s also the name you use instead of using an I.P address. If your website is a house, your domain name is the address.

Are Domains free?

Not at all, some websites will give you a free domain when:

  • You host with them.
  •  Others if you decide to allow their ads to run on your website.
  •  Others will do it as a way to gather personal information that they can then sell to advertisers. 
  • Also, you can earn your domain as an affiliate that is referring to other customers.
  • Using a free subdomain- some website builders like WordPress provide you with a free subdomain like “”.

What does free domain registration mean?

It simply means having a working website without having to pay for the registration of your domain name.

On this site, you can post website builder with free domain, create content, and many other things for free.

How do you register a domain?

For those considering paying for a domain name here is a way to:

  1. Visit a domain name registrar like Truehost, GoDaddy, or Namecheap, and many others.
  2. Key in the domain you want to buy.
  3. Check for availability.
  4. Pay for it.

Are free domains safe?

For me it’s not safe:

  • One you don’t own it- that means you are limited to what you can do.
  • Also, some domains do not support DNS changes.
  • Some look unprofessional and makes it hard for people to remember
  • The service/servers are a bit slow from time to time.

Having talked about the basics here will talk more about Olitt.

Why use Olitt?

Olitt is a free website builder with free domain that allows one to create a website freely without even having to code or design skills. 

Olitt also comes to help those with no idea of creating a website by easing the process, the tool of drag and drop is easy to use.

Some of the features:

  • It’s free and user-friendly- creating a website is costless; it’s easy to use the website since it’s well designed and it stands out.
  • Secure- you get free SSL Certificates meaning all your websites are safe and data is always encrypted.
  • Speed-  It comes with inbuilt frameworks like CDN, GZIP compression technology, among others that ensure your site is fast.

How do you create a website with Olitt website builder?

Here is a tutorial on how to create a website with Olitt.

  1. Visit the site:
Olitt website builder homepage

  1. Click on the free Website. It takes you to choose a category. Choose what says about your website. We will create an 
Olitt website builder categories

  1. Choose a Template, we will use the event template.

Choose one that speaks more about your site, one that you will not edit much.

Olitt events category

  1. Connect your account

It will be where your websites will be saved. You will have to create an account.

Olitt create an account page

After connecting your account the following will appear:

Olitt site run message

This means your site is up. You can visit it, connect your domain, or edit it.

Now that your site is up let’s learn how to edit it. There are many editing tools available.

This is the dashboard from which all your websites will get saved


Here are tools from the dashboard:

website tools

  • Create website- means you can add another template and website to your account.
  • Unpublish- means getting your site offline such that it’s not accessible.
  • Visit- going to your new website.
  • Connect Domain- here is where to connect an already bought domain, purchase or for this website we will use a free domain
  • SEO-  here you put your favicon, title, and a brief description of your site.
  • Plugins- These are tools that you will connect your website to like Google analytics for website traffic monitoring.
  • Duplicate- allows you to make a copy of your site.
  • Billing- It shows details of payments made.
  • Delete- this permanently removes your website and it’s data.

Editing tools on Olitt Website builder:

Olitt website builder editing tools

1- Undo it removes the action recently done.

2-Redo- this re-inputs the action that was done previously.

3– Mobile view shows how your site will look on a mobile device.

4- Tablet view shows how your site will look on a tablet device.

5- This shows how your site will look on a desktop machine.

6- Fullscreen- allows you to work on your site in fullscreen.

7– Preview allows you to view your site

8- It’s the save icon you use to save after you edit your page.

Olitt website builder editing tools

1- Pencil editor allows one to edit an element, add styles, images, and many others.

2- Drag tool- makes it easy to move any element from one place to the other.

3- Parent selector gives you an option to select an entire context or just a small part.

4- Element mover (up) moves an element up.

5- Element mover (down) moves an element down.

6-Duplicate allows one to create exact copies of the selected text.

7- Delete it removes content and elements.

Editing your website:

  1. Title editing:

Formatting Text

Highlight your text then you can choose to change color, Bold, Italics, Underline, add a link, align text, duplicate text.

Title editing on Olitt

  1. Change Image

 Click on the current image, on the pencil, a dialog box comes up, choose the image file from your computer, and upload it. The image should be medium-sized.

Image changing on Olitt

  1. Adding Elements

There is a wide range of elements to choose from, Just click on the place you want to add it, click on the plus sign that appears and choose what you want to add.

  1. Connecting your domain name

Domain helps you get ranked, easy for people to get to your site. There are two main ways:

  1. Purchasing own domain– type the domain name then enter
Olitt website builder purchasing domain process

The following will appear, this means that your domain is available and not registered by someone else.

Click on Purchase- it takes you to an invoice. Choose your preferred payment option and complete payments.

payment Invoice
  1. Connect an Existing Domain

After clicking on connect an existing domain the following procedure comes out:

olitt website builder connecting an existing domain procedure

Follow the simple steps.

Alternatively, without hassle, you can just use the free domain provided by Olitt. It’s simple and efficient.

Summing up,

Getting a website builder with free domain isn’t that simple, some are not guaranteed because they ask for Credit card details.

However, website builders are the best tools to create a website with. This is because some are free and provide the best tools, also they are user-friendly.

Come to think of it, Olitt has come to serve everyone besides you don’t need to hire anyone to code or design your website. It’s simple and you can do it in under ten minutes.

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