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The Best Website Templates in India For Your Project

Are you looking for the best website templates in India?

In this article, we are showing you some of the best pre-built templates you can find on Olitt.

Providers always use the term “beautiful templates” to describe the general look or display of their template. 

Often, they use it for marketing to lure customers into buying their services. Most customers get frustrated with the actual templates; irresponsive, inconsistent, etc.

This article focuses on templates, their role in website development and various categories of templates offered by the leading website builder in India.

What is a template in a website builder?

A template is a pre-made site that you customize to create your site. The site is updatable to accommodate new features. 

Below are some of the advantages of using website templates in India.

speed up development

We always talk about fast website development using a website builder, without pinning the underlying feature powering the development.  

Templates are sites that require few customizations before going live. This implies the templates wrap development technicalities.

Users drag and drop components into templates to make their sites.

Hence, templates afford you the expense of building from scratch, saving you a lot of time.


You can update the templates to meet your demand. You can add or remove components from the templates without breaking the site. 

Consistency or uniformity

Templates use the same themes or design across the site. This ensures correlation and uniformity across all sections and pages of the website. 

Easy of use 

You can drag and drop components to the templates. This is easy that coding the components. 

Highly optimized 

Before release, template undergoes high testing to ensure they work effectively and efficiently on deployment.

Templates are optimized for both mobile and desktop environments.

Reduced errors

Templates are highly tested before being deployed of usage. Given, users are less likely to update the code, there are minimal chances of a bug.

Website templates in India

Olitt website builder is one of the popular website builders in India with templates for various use cases. They have grouped the templates into various categories reflecting a preferred deployment area.

There are 20+ categories of templates each containing several templates.

 Below we discuss Olitt website templates in India.


These are templates that suite agency business such as insurance, finance, job agency among others.

website templates in India

App development

This category targets app developers. The template has a display that portrays the company running the site as an app developer.  They support both dark and light modes.

The general app developer company or more specialized company such as watch app developer, web app developers, desktop apps etc. can use these templates.

website templates in India

Business and cooperation

The templates in this category are specifically designed for businesses and cooperations. This includes shops, marketing businesses, startups etc.

They can also be used for any type of business.

Below is an example of a shop template; it contains a grid view of price tagged products, their name, ratings, and product image.


This category aims those involved in books related activities such as books reviews, book shops, ebooks etc.

It contains both light and dark templates that you can select.

website templates in India

coming soon

These templates are holders.

They can be used when the actual service is offline, under creation or maintenance. This hides the actual implementations while announcing when to expect the service back

Online store

Olitt supports both single and multiple product stores. Templates such as phone and book sale support price update using a plugin. 

website templates in India

Also, if you are selling a range of products, templates such as Shop V2 displays the former price, current price ad the discounted price.

website templates in India


This category targets eateries or any business serving food. 

The templates are well structured and contain sections where you can display the kind of foods offered.

Here is a screenshot of cafe V2 template


This category is designed for learning programs. These include site like online learning, courses, child care etc.

Health and beauty

Are you a physical trainer, model or running a gym, fitness or health facility? This category is for you.

They cover the majority of activities involved in this kind of businesses.

website templates in India


Templates in this category aim anyone offering transport services such as logistic, tax, books and bikes.

Below is an excerpt of the logistic template

It is also a template perfect for a travel agency. Here, you can create a website to promote your services as a travel agent.


These templates are meant for individual or business wishing to showcase their designs. This includes templates such as home interior, construction, artist among others.

Other categories include creative, marketing, product, resume, services and technology 

Why Olitt templates?

Olitt templates offer something incredible than just being appealing. Below are some of the unique features:

  • Custom code- You can add custom JavaScript to your templates.
website templates in India
  • Easy Integration- These includes Youtube integration, Facebook, PayPal, FlutterWave, Twitter, Google tag manager, Google analytics etc.
  • Free – All Olitt templates are free. They are accessible on both a free plan and premium.


The design and look of your website are determined by the template you choose. Given the fact that there are many providers, there are a variety of website templates in India.

Olitt categorizes the templates for easy retrieval and ensures users pick the right templates. You can always try all the templates using Olitt free plan.

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