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How To Get The Best Cheapest Website Builder And Hosting In India

Today we will be talking about the cheapest website builder and hosting in India. Well, we have been talking about website builders, ecommerce website builders. We know a website builder is a tool that enables one to build a website easily and fast.

Websites are the best for they have come to ease many things; information gathering, cutting costs, advertising, and many other things.

However for your website to run we need hosting. Let’s dig in to know more.

What are web hosting and what are the types?

Web hosting is a service that enables you to publish a website or web applications on the Internet by allocating storage space of your website files. The storage space is a server- which is a computer that connects many users to your site from anywhere in the world.

Here are the types:

  • Shared Hosting- is a popular and affordable service where many different websites reside on one server and are shared by multiple users connected to the Internet.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)- is a service that allows resources like CPU, Storage Space, and RAM to be dedicated to your account allowing a stable, and reliable website.
  • Cloud Hosting- is a service that allows resources and data to be accessible from multiple virtual servers; one server may be divided into multiple virtual servers.
  • Dedicated Hosting- is a hosting plan that one user is dedicated to a physical server or servers giving them complete control.
  • Managed Hosting- is a type of hosting where the service provider takes care of the user’s needs and maintains the server for them.
  • Colocation  Hosting- a type of service that allows one to own a server but it is stored in another physical location, not from the service provider.

Can I get web hosting for free?

Yes, most website builders offer web hosting for free, you need only worry about domains and creating your website.

How do web hosting services work?

It works as a storage space for your website files, which then enables them to be accessible by a web browser and people to view your site. The storage space is called a server and that makes sure your site is always up and running every time.

What do web hosting services offer?

Since they are storage spaces, they offer to maintain your site by providing tools necessary for your website to run properly. They also have a cPanel that allows you to access and control your server.

What to consider when looking for web hosting:

  • Reliability- is it able to keep your site up and running every time?
  • Options- how many features are you allowed to access and how much freedom do you have in using the web host?
  • Customer support- how long does it take and is the service helpful?
  • Tools- are they of high quality?
  • Security- how secure are the servers?

Well, here is the list of the cheapest website builder and hosting in India:

1. Zyro 

This is the cheapest website builder and hosting in India. It enables one to create a great website with an easy drag and drop tool without needing to code or have design skills. Besides, you don’t need to hire anyone to build your site.

Their cheapest plan is Basic $1.89/month. This is what the basic plan offers:

  • Hosting: It is free.
  • Storage Space: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: 3GB
  • Connect your domain
  • Secure with SSL Certificates
Zyro website builder and hosting plans

Well better get to Zyro for this and more offers and get live instantly.

2. Webnode 

Another cheapest website builder and hosting in India. Webnode is a company founded in 2008 in the Czech Republic, has come to ease the process of web building. 

Their cheapest plan is Limited $3.90/month and offers this:

  • Storage space: 100MB
  • Web Hosting: Free.
  • Bandwidth: 1GB.

Webnode limited plan also offers:

webnode pricing

3. WordPress

It’s a content management system and a website builder has grown to help millions of users to build great sites.

Apart from being free WordPress has another cheap plan. The Personal $4/month which offers:

  • Web hosting: Free.
  • Storage Space: 6GB.
  • Free SSL Certificate.

It also offers:

Wordpress website builder and hosting pricing

4. Wix 

It’s a popular website builder and a hosting company that was founded in 2006. It provides an easy drag and drop tool as well as an Artificial Intelligent Writer.

The cheap plan (Connect Domain $4.50/month) offers:

  • Storage space: 500MB
  • Hosting: free
  • Bandwidth: 1GB

Wix connect domain also offers:

Wix pricing

5. Weebly

 It’s another cheapest website builder and hosting in India founded in 2006. It allows any beginner to build their websites easily and fast. It is also cheap and reliable.

Their cheapest plan is (Connect $5/month when paid annually) and offers the following:

  • Storage space: 500MB
  • Hosting: It’s Free

Weebly Connect plan also offers: 

Weebly website builder and hosting pricing

6. Olitt

It’s a free drag and drop website builder that allows one to build their online presence fast and easily. Besides, it barely takes 10 mins to have your site running. Provides you with the best tools and features to keep your site up. It has a free plan and a lifetime plan.

This is what Olitt offers:

Storage: 5GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited.

Olitt pricing

Olitt has come up to help both small scale, individuals, and large organizations too.

Other Bonus cheap website builder under $10:

  • Gator website builder $3.84/monthly.
  • Ukit $5/month.
  • IM Creator $8/month.
  • Jimdo $9/month.
  • Carrd $9/month.

Summing up,

The above are some of the best website builders and hosting plans, get that website running fast and easily and continue scaling.

When it comes to creating a new website it’s always essential to check on the cheapest solution. After which you can upgrade later as your site grows. The above list of the cheapest website builder and hosting in India is a guide to help you go online fast and cheaply.

And as you check on the cheapest it is good to consider and check whether you are getting the features you need to build and run your site.

Also, read about the best website builder in India, that offers free hosting. Good luck as you choose your website builder.

Author: Markide

I’m a seasoned freelance technology writer with over three years of experience. My passion is the information technology and the internet working. I have many specialties, from web hosting and web design to marketing. Also, I have learned about graphics and social media management.

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