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JIMDO Website Builder: Create A Website In 3 Minutes

JIMDO Website Builder strart page

Do you want to impress your customer with an amazing website? JIMDO website builder is designed for simplicity in making a website. Built by a German company back in 2007, it has grown to a global website builder. With its easy to use the builder has created over 10 million websites. It is proven to be an excellent platform for bloggers and businesses to market their products.

Officially launched internationally in 2010, the setup is easy and comes in a pack of 12 languages. It’s updated regularly and the benefit is that even with updates it doesn’t complicate the process of modifying or use of new features.

The JIMDO website builder offers two platforms

  1. JIMDO Creator (the creator for experts)
  2.  JIMDO Dolphin (for novice/new users)

Using JIMDO Dolphin

This platform helps you build a website from AI wizard and navigates you through a series of questions to build a template for you.

How to make a website on JIMDO dolphin
  • Create a free JIMDO account.
  • JIMDO asks you a few questions and quickly gathers your business information from places like Google and Facebook.
  • Choose design. We’ll use the photos and text you already have, or provide personalized content to get you started.
  • Put on the finishing touches, publish it, and you’re done.


features of JIMDO

Benefits of JIMDO Website Builder

  • It has an app for both android and IOS where you can edit and publish a website using a smartphone.
  • Fast and user-friendly platform
  • You can actually create the first draft in just 3 minutes
  • Take your pick from attractive designs
  • There is a free live chat app available
  • Extremely intuitive to use thanks to the wizard

Cons to JIMDO Website Builder

  • There is a lack of elements like buttons to share content
  • The range of functions available is very limited
  • Few templates
  • No undo/Redo in one section of the interface
  • Can’t create a blog on the website

Pricing Of JIMDO Website Builder

JIMDO pricing

The range begins with a FREE account

  • The free accounts gives you 500mbs storage, 2gb bandwidth
  • only 5 website pages.
  • Comes with addons and JIMDO branding with no custom domain.

The second is JIMDO START plan @ 9$ per month

  • The storage and bandwidth are increased to 5gb and 10gb respectively.
  • The addons together with branding are dropped.
  • Offers free domain and customer support.
  • Maximum of 10 pages

Thirdly we have JIMDO GROW @ 15$ per month

  • You get 15gb storage and 20gb bandwidth
  • Free domain, customer support and S.E.O management tools
  • Subpages increased to a maximum of 50

Lastly, we ha the JIMDO UNLIMITED @ 39$ per month

  • It offers unlimited access to everything
  • Account management
  • Timely Customer support

Alternatives to JIMDO

If you are like the idea of AI (artificial intelligence) wizard then

  • OLITT.COM has a simple and easily developed platform that creates a website within 5 minutes
  • WIX.COM has advanced templates to choose from and highly customizable.
  • has a mobile-based web creation platform enabling you to create mobile responsive sites.


The AI has enabled users to build a website within limited time and avoid the cost of hiring developers in tight schedules or on startup. The JIMDO platform has simplified for all beginners and developers with the two platforms they offer. JIMDO Website Builder helps you in building a proficient website within a limited time and avoiding the cost of hiring a developer.


1) Is jimdo really free?

yes to create a website all you need is creating an account and you are ready to go.

2) How do I create a website using Jimdo?

  • Log in/Signup on the Jimdo website.
  • Choose a template for your website.
  • Add and rearrange content
  • Create website pages and a navigation menu.
  • Design your website with different settings
  • save and publish

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