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Learn All About Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder is a standalone offline app used to build simple websites for windows, mac, and android users. One can easily create a landing page, on small or medium websites and it requires no coding skills.

Has the easiest interface for building a personal or small website with ready-made templates and use drag and drop interface for web creation.   

Creating website using mobirise

First, you start by installing the Mobirise app available for both windows and mac. After installation, you are prompted to sign up or sign in in order to access the dashboard and templates.

Creating a site

Creating a site

On the dashboard left column click on site

The dashboard presents you with an element labeled create new site

Creating a site

Click on the element

It opens a new site with a red button at the bottom right corner

Click on the red button to start.

red button of a Mobirise Website Builder

Features of the red button

Menu bar

Once you click on the menu bar + icon a new beautiful menu bar will be created which can be edited and also re-arranged to your custom needs. You can also add more menus

Mobirise Website Builder menu bar

Headers Columns and Buttons

Images, slides and content can be placed and edited on the dashboard

Headers Columns and Buttons

Pricing On Mobirise Website Builder

The app offers you different pricing available

Mobirise Website Builder pricing

Forms In Mobirise Website Builder

Allows you create forms in your website

Mobirise forms


Also, you can add maps to your website

 Builder maps template


If any message you want displayed at the bottom part of your website then this is the button to use

footer template

Its customizable making the app amazing to use

Adding extra pages

adding a new page

On the left-hand column click on page

Rename page and set description and URL name

url customaization


Custom made extension are available at a price.

Mobirise Website Builder extensions


It offers a platform with forums and help center to help you build site in case you are stuck.

Mobirise Website Builder help


When building a personal or simple website the mobirise website builder is an efficient tool and with or without coding knowledge it takes you shortest time to build a working beautiful website. It is also a free application with many templates available for customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Mobirise website builder really free?

The app is free of use while creating a website though some extensions are paid for. It provides a very great tool to build what we mostly call a landing page or one-page website

2) Is using Mobirise good for building a website?

Mobirise is an awesome tool. It has a lot of advantages in comparison with other website builders.
First of all, you can download it to your PC and use it without the internet. It’s needed only during the publication, obviously, and during the extensions uploading

3) Is Mobirise good for website design for a startup company?

I guess, that Mobirise is the best for startup companies. The app is totally free and can even work without the internet. So you would have to spend money on-site creation. Usually, the site of the starting company is quite simple, so the landing page would be perfect.

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