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[List] Highest Paying Website Builder Affiliate Program in 2024

Website builder affiliate program is an arrangement with the platform provider where an affiliate earns by advertising or marketing the website builder’s services. Usually, the affiliate earns in the form of commission.

Many site builders and other businesses prefer this form of marketing due to cost-effectiveness and ability to unlock a large market. 

Also, the provider can create a pool of skilled talents that can carry the task of marketing the company and its services. 

 Below are some of the common commission model:

Pay per click

Affiliates are entitled to a fixed commission based on user clicks. The website builder provides a unique link used by an affiliate to redirect the traffic.

Though pays a lower commission, individuals with high traffic stand to earn high.

Pay per lead

Affiliates earn this commission upon the redirected user completing a defined action.

For instance, after clicking a link, a user needs to act such as creating an account, completing a survey, submitting forms etc. for the affiliate to claim this commission.

Pay per sale 

Though the model attracts fewer volumes, it pays the highest commission.

Affiliates collect a fixed commission when the user proceeds to purchase one of the products or services offered by the provider.

For instance, an affiliate can claim 20% of the first sales made by a provider via your link.

Is website builder affiliate programs profitable?

Often, website builders offer some or all of the aforementioned commission models. Affiliates earn based on their leads or the number of customers persuaded through their link to purchase the product.

There is little to no start-up capital in an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing can be done on a social media platform such as Instagram, emails, websites, or mobile applications.

This method is riskless and more profitable to both the affiliate and the website builder.

Website builder only pays for assured website traffic or purchases while affiliates run the program on the already established platforms.

Below, I discuss some of the well-paying website builder affiliate program(s) that are worth investing your time in.

Olitt affiliate program

Website builder affiliate program

It provides 20% commission of the first purchase made by a customer via your link. 

The platform provides a unique link to each affiliate. Affiliates can redirect traffic from your site or any other platform. 

Once these clients make a purchase, Olitt tracks and accumulate the commission for you.

For instance, if a client purchases an Olitt life plan of $59,  $11.8 will be accumulated to your account automatically.

This implies that the more purchases made via your link, the more you earn.

Zyro affiliate program

Zyro affiliate program or associate program is a method of generating extra passive income.

This by becoming an affiliate or by simply marketing Zyro company and it’s services.

Zyro pays up to 70% of the subscription via your link. 

When a user clicks on your unique link [on website, social media etc.], Zyro keeps track and knows it’s for a specific affiliate. If the user signs up for a paid subscription, 70% of the revenue is added to the affiliate’s account.

Affiliate receive payment via TransferWise or PayPal once their accumulated commission reaches the threshold

Website builder affiliate program

Wix affiliate program

Wix offers $100 per premium user. 

However, affiliates can only make a withdrawal if they attain their monthly target of $300 and the premium user should not terminate the upgrade after the 14-day trial. The minimum withdrawable amount is 300 dollars USD. 

Just like any other website builder affiliate program, Wix provides a unique link for each affiliate.

Website builder affiliate program


This platform offers a pay per sale commission of each sale made through your personalized affiliate link. Site123 defines a minimum withdrawal of $300. The commission earned depends on the period and the type of plan the customer purchases the plan.

 For example, A customer purchasing a site with an annual Advanced plan will get you 135.3$. Buying for 2 years will increase the commission up to 154$, and the 3-year advanced plan will grant you 204.6$. Site123is the highest paying website builder affiliate program.

Weebly affiliate program

The platform offers 25 USD for every referral that completes the subscription of Weebly’s premium packages.  However, referred Party should not cancel her subscription or request a refund thirty (30) days from the initial subscription date. Also, Weebly has a maximum monthly earning of $100. 


The platform provides 30% commission for every first purchase through your link.

 They provide their affiliates with amazing resources including creative banner graphics, links, and a friendly support team on their own affiliate management program. 

You can also ask for coupon codes to encourage sign-ups and increase conversion rates. 


As an affiliate, you can earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique affiliate link. 

To maximize your earnings, each referral will be supported during their transition from a trial to a paid plan.

GoDaddy processes the affiliate payment though Payment .

On the other hand, not everyone is into affiliate marketing. In such a case, you can decide to explore other ways to earn an income online.

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