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Wix in Morocco Guide For Complete Beginners

Are you looking for Wix in Morocco? In this article, you will learn how to create a website for free without having to pay anyone anything or touching code.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, keep reading to find out.

According to Statista, there are approximately 27.62 million internet users in Morocco as of January 2021.

This number is an increase from the 25.32 million reported in the same month of the preceding year.

What does this tell you?

If you are aspiring to start a business that will make you money, or aspiring to solidify your position within your target market, you have no choice but to go online.

And the best way to do that is to create a website in Morocco.

How to create a website in Morocco for free

There are two ways you can have a business website in Morocco.

a). Hiring a web designer

The first one is an obvious one really; hiring a web designer in Morocco.

Here, you pay someone with the knowledge and skills to create a website. 

And depending on the type of website you are creating, the cost can be really high.

In fact, the development of a professional business website can cost anywhere from MAD16,243.20 to MAD116,304.00.

Not to mention that these numbers can quickly skyrocket as you add functionalities to your website.

For example;

If you are building an eCommerce website, say, for selling laptops, you will need things like checkout gateways.

And to have them, you have no choice but to fork out more money to have that extra feature.

You can’t help but wonder, is there a better way to create a website in Morocco?

b). Using a website builder 

The best way to create a website in Morocco is by using a tool.

This is for those who don’t have any coding knowledge or wish to save resources instead of wasting time trying to figure things on their own.

A website builder is a tool that gives you access to everything you need to create a website without the need to code.

And a good example of such a tool is Wix in Morocco.

Wix in Morocco: Create a free website in under 10 minutes

As earlier mentioned, Wix is a website builder in Morocco that makes it easy to create and update your own professional, mobile-friendly site. 

With it, you can also add eCommerce tools if you want to sell products online in Morocco – all from one intuitive user interface!

Why should you use Wix in Morocco?

There are a number of benefits you stand to enjoy with Wix

1). Good site speed

All websites created on Wix load faster than their counterparts.

Why does website speed matter?

One, even a second lost loading a page results in huge losses. Customers expect your website to load faster. And if that doesn’t happen, they will click away (bounce off).

Another reason has to do with ranking on search engines.

Recently, Google announced that page speed is a ranking signal. This means that slow pages will rank lower than those with better speed.

As such, if you care about attracting free organic traffic, you better watch your website speed.

2). Huge template collection

To create a website using a tool like Wix in Morocco, you will need templates. These are pre-made websites you can just edit to suit your own needs.

Wix gives you access to thousands of website templates. And all are grouped under respective websites categories.

All you have to do is figure out the category your website falls under and then find the templates.

For example;

If you are creating a blog in Morocco, you will find a suitable template under the blog category on Wix.

3). Intuitive drag and drop interface

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to move elements in your website to achieve the design you envisioned.

Wix in Morocco comes with such a tool that is easy to use.

4). Extend your site features with Wix App Market

Just like the WordPress plugins repository, Wix has an App Market. 

Here, you will find all the extra functionality you need to improve how your website works.

For example;

If you’d wish to add a shop section to your Wix website, all you have to do is visit the Wix App Market and install an app to support such function.

Something to note; some apps are paid, but the majority of them are available for free.

Also, you may be required to upgrade your Wix plan in Morocco to access some apps.

Either way, they are really good to have.

5). Customer support

At one point in your online journey, you will encounter issues with your Wix website in Morocco.

And when that happens, you will need a support team to help you figure things out.

Luckily, Wix in Morocco has a customer support team available 24/7 to help you.

As anything, Wix isn’t all roses.

Here are some downsides of using Wix in Morocco.

Why you should ignore Wix in Morocco

Wix is free to use which is great especially if you have budget issues.

But there is a problem with using Wix for free.

It comes with Wix ads!

They are annoying and distract your readers.

And to remove the ads, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

Another downside of using Wix in Morocco is that there are no unlimited plans. 

If you are looking for unlimited storage, you won’t find it with Wix websites.

Well, you may find unlimited bandwidth, but after paying at least MAD219.77 per month for it.

With that said, let us look at how to get started on Wix in Morocco.

How to use Wix in Morocco

Step 1. Head over to

Wix in Morocco

Go ahead and click Get Started.

And then create an account.

Just click on Sign Up.

wix sign up in morocco

Here, you have three options;

  1. Use email and password 
  2. Sign up using your Facebook account
  3. Use your Google account

The easier one is using a Google account because you won’t need any password every time you log in.

Step 2. Answer a few onboarding questions.

wix sign up in morocco

These are questions designed to help Wix better understand you and suggest the tools and resources you will need.

Step 3. Wix ADI or Wix Editor? Pick one

how to use wix in morocco

Wix ADI is an AI that will help you create a website automatically using the answers you will provide based on the questions.

Use it if you are in a hurry or wish to get started as fast as possible.

On the other hand, Wix Editor. This one gives you access to templates we talked about earlier on.

It also comes with drag and drop tools to move things around to get that design you’ve always wanted.

Use Wix editor if you want total control over what goes where in your new website.

For this tutorial on how to use Wix in Morocco, we will go the editor way.

Step 4. Pick a template

wix templates

First, pick a category your website falls under and then sort through the available templates.

Once you find a suitable one, click on edit to commence the editing process.

wix templates

Step 5. Start editing

wix editor

Change the existing images to your own. Tweak texts to reflect your brand’s message and tone.

Use the drag-and-drop tool to move things around to get a beautiful design.

Once you are done, click on publish to let the world know about your new Wix website in Morocco.

Let us talk about Wix pricing in Morocco.

How much is Wix in Morocco?

The cost of Wix in Morocco largely depends on the type of website you wish to build.

If you are creating your first website or starting blogging in Morocco, you can go with Wix’s free plan.

But once your blog starts attracting readers, you may need to upgrade. And the next cheapest plan is going for MAD40.37 per month.

With this plan, you have the chance to connect a custom domain as well as a free SSL certificate.

The highest plan will cost you MAD219.77 per month, but give you access to unlimited bandwidth and 35GB of storage. It also comes with a free domain for a year.

How about building an online store in Morocco?

Well, if that is the case, MAD152.49 per month to have eCommerce functionalities added to your website.

This plan gives you 20GB of storage space with unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for the first year.

There are other Wix eCommerce plans to consider as your needs grow.

Best Wix alternative in Morocco

How would you love to connect a custom domain even without having to upgrade to a paid plan?

That is possible, thanks to the OLITT website builder.

Best Wix alternative in Morocco

OLITT is a website builder just like Wix in Morocco, but better. It comes with a ton of cool stuff like a free DNS management system.

Additionally, all websites created using OLITT are blazing-fast.


OLITT has an in-built CDN network. And you can use it for free!

Get started now.

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