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Wix eCommerce India Guide For Beginners

Wix eCommerce India is slowly but surely taking root. The statistics as of August 2021 indicate that there are 1510 live Wix stores in India. It is more interesting to observe that this number is a result of a 38.9% growth in just a quarter of a year. 

You might be wondering which kind of stores are popular on Wix eCommerce India. We have highlighted the breakdown below.

  • 22.8%  of the Wix stores sell apparel products
  • 11.9% sell food and drink products
  • 13.3% sell home and garden products

The rest include beauty and fitness, health, people and society, arts and entertainment, internet, toys and hobbies, business and industrial, computers, and so much more that you can find highlighted here.

Creating and running an eCommerce site may sound like an uphill task especially for new users. The great news is that Wix is one of the easiest eCommerce builders you can come across. To make it even better for you, we have created a simplified step-by-step guide on how you can do it in the comfort of your home or office. Here you will also get bonus tips on how to make sales quickly on Wix eCommerce India.

 Let us now find out the key tools and features that you will need to successfully run a Wix eCommerce site. 

The 12 Key Wix Ecommerce Tools and Features

Wix has scored more than 4.3 out of 5 in providing the tools you need to keep your products moving from your online shelves. Below is a list of the important elements that you should consider paying attention to for you to run a successful site.

  1. Wix Stores App 

This is the heart of Wix eCommerce India. The best part is that it is already inbuilt on all Wix eCommerce templates. There are limitless ways you can utilize this tool to optimize your site to get your sales moving quickly.

Here are some of them:

  • Create a mobile optimised store
  • Accept a wide range of payments both online and offline
  • Send automatic email notifications to your customers
  • Create discount codes
  • Sell unlimited products                          
  • Make use of premium order management tools.
  • Build a dropshipping business
  • Create product galleries to showcase your stock
  • Integrate online payment processors

There are more tools and features than we can list here. Be sure to visit the Wix app store for this and more.

  1. Product presentation

People mostly buy products online because they look good. The quality of these images is attributed to a high-quality camera as well as a great website layout. Something as small as lack of zooming out and in or placing the image on a wrong angle can put off potential customers. 

The best part about using Wix eCommerce India is that it has a great website outlook giving the customers a great shopping experience. Also, you can add up to 15 product images for every product you upload which allows one to see exactly what you are selling.

  1. Payment options and charges

Wix eCommerce India provides traditional payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, and Square as well as other region-specific gateways. You can click here to get all the information you need regarding payment gateways in India and learn how to integrate them into your Wix store.

  1. Shipping Options

Shipping is one of the most technical things to manage. It can be harder when you are delivering your products to areas with different rules and prices. However, you don’t always have to go through the hustle of setting up your shipping services. Here are some strategic ways you can solve this puzzle.

  • You can choose to use the ShipStation app found on the Wix app
  • Connect your online store to a dropshipping company. This is especially useful for large eCommerce stores
  • Form a partnership with the local or international shipping companies to deliver your goods at special rates.

Regardless of the options, you choose above, you can track your orders from the Wix dashboard, as well as set shipping and tax rules for your products.

  1. Product type

Wix eCommerce India does not limit the type of products that one can sell. Whether you are selling handmade or digital products you have all the freedom to monetize both physical products and services. In addition, it supports the businesses that rely on bookings and paying for classes. This gives you Wix landing pages 

  1. Multichannel selling

One of the most strategic ways to gain new customers is through social media marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Pinterest appeal to a wider audience and gives your business wider exposure. 

Wix allows you to sell on Instagram where you can reach an audience of more than 1 billion active monthly users. To sell on Facebook and Pinterest, you will need to integrate a third-party app like Ecwid

  1. Inventory management

This feature provides the functionality you need to sell unlimited products with no problem and import mass products using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) feature found on Spreadsheet. However, this may not be one of the strengths of Wix because it does not support product management. 

  1. Abandoned cart delivery

This feature allows you to automatically contact customers who have left items in their cart and left the site before checking out. About 69% of online carts are usually left by users and this clever feature is just the solution to scoop this potential revenue. 

  1. Wix Ascend

Marketing has never been made as easy as it is with this all-in-one market solution. It allows you to connect with your customers, automate your workflow and promote your brand in one place. You can get Wix Ascend as a separate subscription and it will give you access to more features and tools. It has three distinct pricing plans ranging between $10 and $49 per month

  1. SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is not only important for the security of your website, but it also boosts your website ranking on search engines. This way, you can gain more visitors organically, get higher conversion rates and get more potential buyers. 

Advantages of Wix Ecommerce India

  • Exceptional designs 

One of the things that make Wix stand out from other website builders is the stunning prebuilt templates. They provide an exquisite final outlook to your website which is exactly what you want to achieve with an online store. 

  • App market

Wix has one of the most resourceful app markets with both free and paid apps. Here you can access third-party apps that will help you create a more interactive online store with smoother transactions and more functionality. 

  • High flexibility

As compared to most eCommerce builders, Wix gives you adequate flexibility to move your elements around. This way, you can achieve a unique website outlook that is in tandem with your brand. 

  • Adding animations 

Creativity is a key factor you will notice when interacting with Wix. It is among the very few website builders that allow you to animate text and other elements. This way, you can draw the attention of potential buyers by highlighting your key selling points. 

  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

This is a smart Wix tool that automatically generates a website for you after asking you a series of questions. To add, it also integrates your website to your social media platforms. In India, Facebook is the most popular social media platform and you definitely need to have a presence on this platform.  

  • Secure sites 

All Wix sites come with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that you just need to activate to keep your visitor’s information encrypted. This is essential as it creates a safe space to process payments. To add, your customers can safely store their credit card details in the “My Wallet” part found at the checkout section. This will enable them to quickly buy and make payments in the future.

Disadvantages of Wix Ecommerce India

  • It does not allow you to access the source code. 

Unlike a few other builders, Wix does not let you edit the HTML or CSS of your website. 

  • Pricing

Most Wix competitors provide cheaper deals. 

  • You cannot switch between templates after you have started editing. 

The only way out is to make changes to your current template design. 

Wix eCommerce India pricing  

There are three pricing plans that you will find on Wix. The plans highlighted below are monthly costs for annual plans that you pay at the onset. The Business basic plan is the best for anyone who wants to run a small online store. The key to note is that you can always scale up the plans as your business grows. Therefore, you should go for a plan that optimizes the functionality of your store. You can click here for a thorough review of these pricing plans.  

wix ecommerce in india

In Conclusion

Running an online store has never been made as seamless as it is with Wix eCommerce India. Anyone planning to start a small to medium online store should look no further. Click here to make the first step towards earning profit online.

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