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What Is The Yola Website Builder

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Yola website builder is an online builder that enables one to create a website. Built with a simple drag and drop interface and customer support at fingertips. It is very easy to use and the editions quite logical.

This is a South African platform that was incorporated back in 2007. Usually capitalizes on new beginners helping them build a good quality website within a short time. The quality of customer support is unmatched. Since they offer telephone services something not available with all other website builders.

They also offer an e-commerce platform that is powerful allowing users to sell both physical and digital goods. This is with a range of payment options.

Features of Yola website builder

features of Yola website builder

Ease of use

Yola site editor uses a drag and drop functionality to build pages.


The focus on customer support is beyond good. There is phone support to all new users and also emails are response is quick. They have an automated system help tool. The tool allows you to learn anything to do with the website builder.

There are comprehensive tutorials, videos, and blog posts. This helps you navigate through the editor and create a good appealing website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Title, meta, and description tags are all customizable at the page level. you create the URL text from the respective menu item. With this, the editor boosts website SEO rankings.

Multi-language Supported

Currently available in EN, FR, EP, DE, IT and PT. No special feature to create multilingual sites. This helps if English is not your primary language and want to build a website using the yola editor.


The great customer support comes at a price as

  • Limited design options
  • The elements on the editor are designated to a particular section this limits you designing ideas and options.
  • It is quite outdated compared to other website builders’ editors
  • No blogs for website  
  • E-Commerce tool is separate
  • It lacks basic features and their templates are very limited.

Pricing of Yola website builder

Comes with four major pricing packages

  • Free account
  • Bronze account
  • Silver account
  • Gold account (Unlimited)
pricing of yola site builder


  • OLITT– new to the industry but with revolutionizing features. Build fast and secure websites within minutes
  • WIX – boasts a feature-rich website builder software trusted by thousands of customers
  • Mobirise Website Builder – it is a standalone website builder available both online and offline and capable of creating beautiful landing pages.

Conclusion on Yola website builder

We have diverse feelings about this website builder. On one hand, it is easy and fun to work with. On the other hand, it is only suitable for very general websites, due to limitations in its templates. They have a great support team. This creates a good first impression in helping you navigate their platform. For complex website is a bit rigid but for personal or e-commerce they seem to be doing a good job.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Yola Free?

The Yola Free package allows you to build and publish a website to a Yola subdomain at no cost.

2) Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. if you decide Yola isn’t right for your business, you can cancel at any time via email.

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