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Which Free Website Builder is The Best UK?

Are asking yourself this question? which free website builder is the best UK?

In this article, we will answer that question in less than 2 minutes.

Website builders are tools that allow users to create, edit, and publish websites without coding. One doesn’t need any designing skills because website builders contact a wide range of templates to choose from.

There are two types of website builders:

  1. Online Website Builder

These are web-based that run on the provider’s service and don’t require installation of software but need just a web browser and internet connection. Makes it easy to work on your site from anyplace and anytime.

  1. Offline Website Builder

Are software programs downloaded and installed on your machine. You work on the website offline then upload it after you have completed it. 

One  has to consider some factors before choosing a website builder, clients can check the following:

  1.  Customer Support

One needs to guarantee its clients’ help and support every time the customer requires it.

  1. Ease of Use

The design process should be as easy as possible. One should be able to create the website in a few moments.

  1. Affordable

Before getting into web building you need to have a budget. Plan on how much you are willing to spend.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Most websites are accessed through mobile so every web builder should have a mobile-friendly view. 

Question is, which free website builder is the best UK? 

Best free website builders in UK

Here are the best free Website builders in the UK:


It’s an Israel-based company offering free web building with its easy to use tools. Drag and drop are not supported; instead, there is a Site123 Editor. 

It offers to handle the structure and design you only need to focus on content creation.


     i)   Free Hosting

Once you build a website it’s automatically stored, and hosted on servers that are stable and located all over the world. All data is protected by modern technologies.

     ii)   Multilingual Website

It has many language tools; a multilingual translating tool and supports Google Translate, and Bing Translate which makes it easy to translate your website into any dialect. 

    iii) 24/7 Website Support

Has got an online support chat on the website that allows clients to access information as well as ask questions. Email support is also available. There is also an online support center for all technical issues. 

Video tutorials are available on the YouTube channel and online support center. 

Multilingual language support like German, Spanish, Russian, and many others are supported.

    iv)  Free Web Domain

 It has got a Domain Panel where you can create your own free domain name and make your website professional. 

You can also manipulate your domain name system records and set them according to your preference.

Site123 Pricing

Free – this is the best website builder in the UK and you can use it free of charge.

Premium $5.80/month, which isn’t much considering the value you ware getting from the tool.


It’s a new powerful tool that enables one to create an online presence using simple tools. It combines AI tools and simple implementations of drag and drop.


   i) Simplicity

The drag and drop allows one to add, edit, or remove any element before publishing your site. There is a wide range of templates to choose from designed according to different events.

  ii) AI writer

It’s an automated simulation that allows a client to key in content easily and also improves language and gives suggestions.

   iii) Building Grids

Whenever you want to drag an item a grid comes into place to help you center and position it any place. It makes editing flexible.

   iv) Mobile Friendly

Websites created are lightweight, responsive, and automatically resizable so loading them on the mobile platform is easy.

  Zyro Pricing

  • Basic $1.89/month
  • Unleashed $3.09/month
  • ECommerce $8.99/month
  • ECommerce+ $14.99/month

Website creator founded in 2012 and has dedicated its service to open up the internet to everyone. 

Their focus is getting your site up cheap and fast, which is excellent for both personal and small business sites. It allows one to build a modern and beautiful website that is mobile-optimized within minutes without any experience.


   i) SEO and Marketing

It has a checklist that provides links making it easy to rank on Google. In the case of marketing emails play a role in the advertisements using MailChimp. One can add various contact pages to keep in touch with clients. 

  ii) Security

It enables the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all custom domains, which lets new clients access your site over HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). This available for all your custom domains doesn’t matter if you purchased from Strikingly or not.

 iii) Help and Support

It has a wide variety of helpful resources from videos to articles that are easy to navigate and very informative. It also has a 24/7 live chat and email support.

 iv) Social Media Integration

Most people use Social Media in day-to-day activities, linking, and also communicating. Strikingly comes with a social feed-in section that allows you to post updates to your pages.

  Strikingly Pricing

  • Free
  • Pro $20/month
  • Limited $12/month

It’s a simple platform for creating websites without the use of code or the need for design skills. And doesn’t matter, Olitt got you budgeted whether it’s a personal site or a small business site.


   i) User-Friendly Interface

One only requires to drag and drop elements then publish the page when done. Just choose your type of webpage and add your preferences.

  ii) SEO Tools

Olitt supports, Google Analytics, Stripe, Jira, PayPal, and Custom Script that help one create a free professional site.

One can upload Favicon, and put your website Title, Keywords and Meta description to get started with Search Engine optimization.

 iii) Free Templates

There is a wide variety of themed templates (over 200) to choose from depending on your design and layout.

 iv) Online Store Builder 

This tool enables anyone creating an e-commerce site to build a store on the website.

 Olitt Pricing

  • Free
  • Professional $5.00/month 
  • Business $10.00/month

Still answering your question, which free website builder is the best UK.


 It’s a design-focused website builder for web professionals and agencies of all sizes, with a powerful team perfect for those who want a polished, attractive website.


   i) Drag and Drop Editor

Elements are available so one just drags the best element to customize your website within the template’s guidelines. 

  ii) Free Images & GIFs

Choose free images and GIFs from the library, Unsplash, GIPHY, and more. Duda’s powerful Image Picker makes adding them to your site quick and easy.

  iii) Multi-language tools

One is able to translate your website into multiple languages depending on preference and taste.

 iv) Content Import

One can copy-paste content from a different website which is saved in the Content Library and can be accessed anytime from the content panel.

 Duda Pricing

  • Basic $19/month
  • Team $29/month
  • Agency $59/month

It’s the Czech Republic Website builder company released in January 2008. Creates quick-loading search optimized sites. It also allows one to use their domain name.


   i) Multi-Language Support

Webnode displays content according to the user’s browser preference. If you are creating an International site Webnode will offer to translate it into 20 different languages.

  ii) Custom form builder

Customizing the contact form is simple by adding your preferred fields via the block editor;  basic fields like name and email address, you’ll also have advanced field options to choose from.

 iii) Ease of use

With the use of drag and drop tools creating and publishing pages is fast one doesn’t need any designing skills.

 iv) Google Analytics Integration

It analyzes your web traffic and gives insights and strategies that help grow your website. It’s simple and you remain updated on what clients check on.

 Webnode Pricing

  • Limited $3.95/month
  • Mini $5.95/month
  • Standard $11.95/month
  • Profi $19.95/month

Founded in 2011 by a former Wix employee the journey hasn’t been simple it’s still struggling to reach best-ranked website builders. It’s more suitable for users with web design experience.


   i) Bundled Hosting

Whenever you sign up you are automatically assigned to a hosting service. If you decide to create a large site you may want to upgrade to a  paid package, this is because the free plan only supports up to 50 megabytes of content.

  ii) Simple web designer tool

There are many templates to choose from; one doesn’t require coding. Also, templates come with content you only need to edit, delete, or add your own.

 iii) XPRS

It’s an editor more traditional than drag and drop, however,  IMCreator provides modern building blocks to choose from.

 iv) SEO Optimization

Content published is market-ready and well optimized for Google. 

  IMCreator Pricing

  • Free
  • Premium $8/month
  • Unlimited $350/annually

It’s a freemium web builder created by Mozello SIA, a European Software Company. It ensures hassle-free website creation. It is a straightforward way from a template to a website.  Mostly used by bloggers and e-commerce individuals.


   i) Blog Editor

It’s an attractive tool that works effortlessly which helps you add videos, images, tables, code snippets, and files to each post.

  ii) Multi-language Support

You can create your content in multiple languages. Your clients will be able to access the site from different languages.

 iii) Mobile Compatibility 

It’s a simple, responsive, and very compatible website that works with mobile phones

 iv) Powerful Marketing and SEO Tools

Everything you need to promote your business on search engines and social networks is available. 

 Mozello Pricing

  • Free
  • Premium $7/month
  • Premium Plus $14/month

Wrapping up best website builders in the UK

As we were compiling this list to answer your question, which free website builder is the best UK, we realized one thing;

Most of these tools are free to use. This is good news because you can test-drive all of them and pick the one meeting your needs.

Get started with Olitt here. It free and no credit card is needed.

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