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What to do before building a website (#6 Must Do)

Just like before you purchase a product or service you need information about it, the same case applies to building a website. Without such details, you may find yourself stranded.

You need time, patience, practice, and lots of planning. You should visualize what you want and the target by thinking like a customer and make a list of what you want.


Although websites tend to change as the business grows, you need not be worried as long as you gather the right information.

What to do before building a website 

 Here is what to do before building a website:

  1. Purpose of the website

Your site should answer; Why do I need a website? Whom will it attract?  What are you aiming to achieve?  Having a clear focus will help you know what to create as well as attract clients.

  1. Know your Users

Place yourself in the customer’s shoes, this will affect your theme, design, content, usability, networking efforts.

  1. Research

You need all information because it’s from information that factors like design come in. You should research on:

i) Mobile Compatibility

Will your site be accessible through computers only or even through mobiles. It should be simple and easy to access.

ii) Cost

Know how much it costs to build a website and hosting plans. Know whether payment is monthly or annually. 

iii) Find examples

Research your competitors’ websites or find websites close to what you want. This will help to narrow down your website’s objective and also give you an idea of what kind of style and design you want to achieve from your new website.

iv) Social Media Integration

Know if your site will be able to integrate with social media platforms because many people use social media and you can market your site here as well as tell people what to do before building a website.

v) Security

It’s a significant concern, you need to guarantee every client’s safety from online threats may it be hackers, viruses, or social engineered attacks. SSL certificates and security checks are must-haves.

vi) SEO and Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results hence making your site well-ranked.

Google Analytics is a tool that analyzes traffic. You need to know how many clients visit your website and if it’s growing or falling and if your content is quantitative and qualitative as well as informative.

vii) Domain Name

This is the name of your site, it should be short, clear, and memorable. It should simply market your brand.

viii) Hosting

 Know your hosting plans, when your site is poorly hosted, it is bad for the search engine ranking of a webpage.

  1. Decide on Design and Layout

Your website must stand out, should be simple but original. It’s the basic element to attract or put off the user, it is one of the important things to keep in mind before building the design. Know the right platform to use too. Your site should be easily navigable.

  1. Have a Marketing Plan

Once your site is running you will need to find a plan that will market your site in such a way that you will be able to reach many people. Consider something that will raise awareness of your site as well as make sense hence increasing traffic.

  1. Plan and Create Content

You need to set time whether it’s daily or weekly targets of having certain areas of your site done this way you won’t get tired by doing too much at once. Get all your images, videos, and other materials ready that once you begin you will not be in hassle.  

Some websites, like Copyblogger and Copyhackers, will give you information about copywriting and content creation.


Building a website is challenging, however, if you have the right information it becomes trouble-free. Of course, there are other factors but with these six you are ready to go.

There are a set of new challenges once it’s running but the rewards are breathtaking. It also feels great as you watch your traffic grow as the site takes off. 

If you were waiting to get started because you don’t know what to do before building a website, just take a step at a time and get it done.

Start creating a website. No credit card is required

Now that you are done just check out what to do after website creation.

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