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[Table] Website Builder Cost Comparison. Which One is The Cheapest?

Why do you need to check website builder cost comparison? 

In this article, we compare the cost of the cheapest premium plans from various providers with key features in each of them.

A website builder is the easiest tool to build your website. It contains efficient tools to facilitate the build process.

For instance, it contains visual editor, drag-and-drop feature, premade templates among others.

User’s ultimate goal is to land the most affordable provider. Comparing the price tag of the plans offered by the provider minimizes the cost you incur.

Website builder cost comparison is one of the persuasive methods in selecting a provider. The cost of developing a website differ amongst providers based on the charging criteria or the features they offer.

Below I ’run through some of the cheapest premium plans offered by various providers that you might consider.

Also, We embrace essential features such as disc space, bandwidth, templates, among others provided in those premium packages.

The tables below summarize website builder cost comparison.

NoWebsite builderFeatures Cost (USD)– 6 GB storage space
– Email support 
-Dozens of free themes
4 dollars/month bandwidth
– 500MB storage space
-custom domain-24/7 customer support
4 dollars/month
3Weebly– 500MB storage space
-Free SSL certificate 
– custom domain 
5 dollars/ month 
4Olitt.com1. Free DNS management
2. 1 custom domain
3. 500MB space
4. Access to SEO tools

0 dollars/month
5SiTE123-Free Domain for 1 year
-10GB storage
– 5GB bandwidth
-Connect Your Domain

5.8 dollars/ month
– Custom domain connection
-Free SSL certificate
 -email marketing
-Guidance and analytics
-24/7 customer support
9.99 dollars/ month

-2  limited sites
-1 GB storage per site
-50 GB monthly bandwidth
-custom domain connection
8 dollars/month
-Free domain
 -Ad-free website
9 dollars/ month
-unlimited bandwidth and storage
-SSL security
-SEO features
12 dollars/ month

The amount charged for a particular plan should match the number features offered.

The table above does not cover all the features in the plans. But it spells the essentials ones in the cheapest premium plan.

(not the same as

This website builder offers relatively high disk space. Also, this platform is well established with many free templates.

The platform excels in creating basic blogging platforms with notable editing power. However, the platform lacks customization in other website builders.

Looking for a cost-effective way to build a website? Then, you will not overlook

The platform is well-known for it’s beautiful templates

Its suites in building sites for SMBs but lacks some of the essential commercial features.

Though Wix offers free plan, the cheapest premium plan has advanced features and sells at $4.


It offers features similar to but outscores Wix in building commercial websites.

However, the plan sells high than wix. 

Weebly also contains templates that fits different projects.


Olitt offers only 2 plans; free and life plan.

Though it doesn’t offer the premium package, Olitt offers features in its free plan that matches or surpasses the premium packages offered by its competitors.


Its plans have high resource allocation such as disk space, bandwidth among others.

However, the more resources cause high price for its plan. The cheapest premium plan sells at $5.8.


This another tech-powerhouse, is widely known for domain registration and web hosting services.

 They also offer website builder platform for eCommerce and other websites.

It comes with extra features (as shown in table) with the cheapest plan selling at 9.9 dollars.

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