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Wix Website: Already Used By Over 100 Million People (Why?)

wix website
Wix website

100 million. That is the number of people using the Wix website now to design new pages and launch online businesses.

That’s a really huge number. What’s so special about this creator?

That’s what we are trying to find out in this article. Here, you will learn about Wix website features and what it means to you as the website owner, pricing, and plans.

Towards the end, we can look at the Wix best alternatives, you know, just in case you feel you deserve more.

To get you started, here is a brief introduction to Wix.

You may have come to know Wix through their budget-busting advertising campaigns featuring movie stars like Jason Statham, Heidi Klum, and Gal Gadot, popularly known as Wonder Woman.

But what you don’t know is that the company was founded back in 2006. They serve customers from 190 countries around the globe, which alone tells you more about its brand.

Has offices in more than 9 countries including Japan, Germany, Israel, and the United States among other countries.

Enough of that.

Wix website: Features and benefits (what’s in it for you)

wix website features
Wix website features

#1. Wix ADI

ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. This is a breakthrough used by the Wix website to streamline how you build websites.

How does it work?

It is simple actually. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions.

Then the Wix ADI system will get down to build a website using your answers complete with customized text and images.

Once done, pick your preferred style, tweak the site layout and you may consider additional features that suit your business – think an online store or booking system.

And when you are ready, publish the site instantly.

#2. Corvid by Wix Open Dev Platform

Tired of running and maintaining servers?

Well, the Wix website has the answer.

Today, you can build and deploy professional web applications complete with serverless computing and zero codings.

All of your content is made accessible from an integrated database. From here, you can add your own code in the in-built IDE or work in your own environment where you can connect up to 100s of APIs.

Plus, you get complete design freedom and control from the Wix website Editor as well as other optimized business applications.

#3. SEO Friendly

As a website owner, you have two traffic choices: use the money to drive traffic, you know, using ads. The second option is free.

Here, you are leveraging search engines to traffic to your sites, also known as organic traffic.

Now, unless you have a huge budget, the second option is the best. But don’t be fooled, there is so much work to do before you reap its benefits. And one of them is your website design frameworks.

This is where Wix comes in. It comes with in-built SEO capabilities. As such, you have higher chances of showing up on Google’s #1 page.

#4. Mobile Friendly

Recently, Google announced that it was tweaking its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites.

This may sound unfair. But if you think about it, make sense. Today, over 70% of internet traffic is from mobile users. For this reason, there is a need for websites to display well on small screens.

Wix website allows you to get a simplified version of your site on mobile with all the essentials.

#5. App Market

Wix app market gives you an extra edge when it comes to improving functionality. From this central point, you can add extra features to your website and grow your business with powerful web apps. 

#6. Stunning Templates

Templates are ready-made website layout and designs you can customize.

They save you a lot of time and headaches of creating layouts from scratch and deciding what goes where.

Wix templates are over 500. This means that you are sure to get a stunning template for your business.

Wix website pricing

Start using Wix for free for as long as you want.

But if you need things like custom domain or start an eCommerce shop, you have to upgrade to premium plans.

  • VIP – goes for $24.50 per month and earns you priority support. UNLIMITED Bandwidth, 20GB Storage, Connect Your Domain, Remove Wix Ads, and Free Domain for 1 Year among other features
  • Unlimited – perfect for entrepreneurs, starting at $12.50 per month. Gives you 10GB disk space, Unlimited bandwidth among other features
  • Compo – with $8.50 per month, you can create a personal website. 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage
  • Connect domain – most basic of all and goes for $4.50/month. Displays Wix ads, 1GB bandwidth, and 500MB Storage.
wix website pricing
Wix website pricing

Wix website gives you access to 100s of templates, build unlimited pages & top-grade hosting FREE of charge.

Wixsite best alternatives

Here are the Wix editor best alternatives:

  1. OLITT– best website builder for speed and security
  2. Duda – perfect for designers and web hosting companies
  3. – comes with an in-build intelligent tool to help create pages in under minutes.

Final thoughts on the Wix

The creator has you covered in all angles. Talk of pricing, there is something for everyone. Features? Comes down to answering a few questions and the website is up.

Frequently asked questions

#1. Is the Wix website really free?

Yes, the Wix website is free. The free option comes with everything you need to create a simple website. But if you need more control and get rid of annoying ads, consider upgrading to premium plans. Here, you get more features and even a chance to connect the custom domain.

#2. Is Wix a good website?

Yes, Wix is one of the best and well-known page building software around the world. If it wasn’t that good, do you think over 100 Million people can get it wrong? Wix has the best tools at your disposal to create stunning websites without touching code.

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