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Wix Australia Review: What You Should Know

Well, we have heard of Wix… Well, in this post we’ll share a Wix Australia review. Wix is a web service provider that makes sure you launch your ideas online.

Wix is available in many states. Australia happens to be one of them. There are also many people who have chosen to use Wix.

Online businesses are becoming more common than physical ones because of their convenience and affordability. 

People tend to prefer websites with beautiful designs over those that do not look so attractive. Wix comes in handy for individuals who need a website but either do not have enough time, skills, or money to get one made.

Online businesses run on websites designed in HTML or CSS. This is so that they can have more clients and earn more money.

Most people these days prefer buying goods and services online to doing it through physical stores. People also tend to browse the internet – much more often than watching television or reading newspapers.

Website owners earn money from advertisements posted by other companies that want them to sell their products.

For individuals who open a business and do not have enough knowledge in HTML to design their own website, Wix is the right solution.

Wix Australia Review

The front page of this platform’s site features templates designed by professional designers. These are available for free download but one can modify them as well. 

Once you signup with Wix, it will serve as your Facebook, Instagram, blog, or anything else you might want. 

Because it’s free, everything else on your websites such as storage space and traffic would be given away too. You’ll also get a professional domain address which can help boost your credibility online.

Website owners who use this platform can generate income from advertisements placed on their websites. They earn money every time someone clicks on these advertisement boxes.

Anyone can use Wix as long as it is not used for malicious purposes such as scamming or spamming.  Wix’s website building tools are straightforward to use and they come in drag and drop features which makes the work easy.

While there are no templates uploaded by famous brands, you can make your own template too using the drag and drop tool.

Creating a website is simple. One doesn’t need any special knowledge to do it. With just a drag and drop you can create a stunning site.

Become a developer and reach out to many easily. You don’t have to spend any dime to have your website on  Wix.

Wix Australia Review:  Pricing 

Let’s check on Website Plans:

VIPAUD52.42/monthStorage Space 35GB
Free domain for a year
Remove Wix ads
5hrs of videos
ProAUD30.91/monthStorage Space 20GB
Free domain for a year
Remove Wix ads
2hrs of videos
UnlimitedAUD24.19/monthStorage Space 10GB
Free domain for a year
Remove Wix ads
1hr of videos
ComboAUD18.82/monthStorage Space 35GB
Free domain for a year
Remove Wix ads
0.5hrs of videos

Wix Australia Review: Features

  1. Wix ADI

Well, for those who don’t like to get tired here is a tool for you. You don’t need to drag and drop to have your website. With just answering some questions a website can be created for you.

The Wix ADI is an artificial intelligent software that creates a website for you. No more hassle of coding or design and still look professional.

2. Wix Australia Review: Support

Wix customer service is always available 24/7. They are always ready to help. They also happen to have a blog that is informative.

Whenever you run into issues on Wix you can use the live chat and get help. Also, resolve on your own from the blog and resourceful help center.

3. Advanced tools

Create a great online presence with the advanced tools of Wix. Get to manage your business with the Wix stores, and much more.

Also, get to promote your website through the SEO tools available for free. Get to see how your site performs with the analytics.

Get to grow by saving costs on the free tools. Make your business go to the next level fast and at affordable pricing.

4. Compatibility

Create responsive and compatible sites that can be accessed on any device. Make your services available for all.

All Wix websites are optimized to fit any device. You don’t have to worry about those with small devices or tablets.

5.Free stuff

Wix makes you transact better. It helps you grow without worrying about expenses to pay for. Once you sign up for Wix you get free hosting.

Get your website online without spending a dime. One also gets free SSL to protect their website. Connecting to your social media is also free.

Wix has extensive tools that one can use for free. They make sure you get your idea online and share it with the world fast.

6. Ease of use

Why would anyone opt to use a website builder like Wix? Well, it’s because it’s easy. Wix makes sure everyone is a developer.

They help you create a stunning site that you can use to showcase your work. With just a drag and drop you can create any website.

7. Reliability

Make sure your clients are always getting the best using Wix. Wix has a 99.99% guarantee of uptime. That means that your site will always be live.

Always deliver on time. Also, ensure that your clients transact with you easily and fast.

Wix pros 

  • Affordable- Wix plans are available and pocket-friendly pricing. 
  • Easy to use- with Wix you can go live instantly without learning to code or design.
  • Vast templates- create any website with ease with any design you want.
  • Free tools- manage your business and keep growing easily with Wix tools.

Wix cons

  • The free plan has ads on your site.
  • Once you begin editing it becomes hard to change the template.

Wix Australia Review: Getting started

Wix Australia is a web development platform that allows you to create your website free of charge. An application was created by the Wix company in 2010, which makes it simple for users to design and develop their sites.

Many people use this service because of how easy it is to manipulate the process of creating a site with their template library. 

You can access the tools needed there or download them directly from their official site. This can be done on any device that has an internet connection and some form of browser.

The resources are accessible through specific domain names, you must register as a user, although they do not require payment information during sign-up; however, once you get to the site-building phase, you will be required to fill this information in. 

This is only verified through email for security and verification purposes, and no payment details are kept on record by Wix again for safety reasons.

There is 24/7 live chat support available, so if you ever get stuck you can just message someone directly instead of googling around online.

What I also find really useful about Wix is that they have a few apps available for use on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. 

All you need to do is make sure that you sign up for the service with these guys!  This can be set up just through an upgrade once you’ve already created your free Wix site. 

Wix ecommerce Australia

It’s one of the best user-friendly sites to use. Create your successful online presence with Wix. Get noticed and transact safely with Wix.

Wix gives you a platform for your business. Provides the best tools to take it to the next level and reach out to many easily.

Wix gives you a Wix store from where you can set up shop. It also gives you a blog that you can use to post your product and features.

Wix has a lot to offer. The Wix Australia review simply is a guide on Wix. To get more about Wix you can check out their website.

Is Wix free?

Wix is not free! However, creating a website is free. Also, one gets to host the website for free. Wix also has a lot of free features one can use.

Is  Wix good for those in Australia?

Yes, Wix is best for everyone. Wix helps you save costs, grow your business, establish your online presence and easily reach out to many.

Wix offers small businesses and individuals to grow. It makes sure that we all make it in this online competitive market.

The above is just a simple Wix Australia review. Here also are the alternatives of Wix:

  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • GoDaddy
  • SITE123
  • And more.

Wix is making it easy for everyone to grow whether in Australia or any country. With Wix, you can grow and make it easily and cheaply.

Author: Markide

I’m a seasoned freelance technology writer with over three years of experience. My passion is the information technology and the internet working. I have many specialties, from web hosting and web design to marketing. Also, I have learned about graphics and social media management.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review of Wix for Australian users! It’s always helpful to see how different platforms stack up. For those exploring other options, there are many reputable web hosting companies in Australia that can cater to various needs. In addition to the ones mentioned, I’d like to highlight CloudLoop, which is another top-notch choice for Australian web hosting. They offer excellent performance, local support, and a variety of hosting plans that can accommodate everything from small personal blogs to large e-commerce sites. Exploring these local options can help ensure you get the best speed and service for your website. Thanks again for the great insights!

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