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The WIX Selling Platform In Kenya; What You Need To Know!

Do you know what a selling platform is? Have you heard of the different selling platforms in Kenya? Well, in this post we’ll talk about all that.

The world is constantly changing; people are evolving so are businesses. Everyday new ideas are transformed to the best market strategies.

People are making it with technology. It has provided bridges that are connecting businesses and people together. Making it easy to transact.

Unlike the old days one would incur cost before getting a product or service, these days with just a click of a button all can be done smoothly.

Transactions, awareness and branding has become easy. One can reach out to millions fast and easily without incurring a dime.

Thanks to technology there have also been new platforms that people can share, sell and more.

So what is a selling platform?

It’s simply a place where you can advertise your products, allow people to bid, buy or more. Such platforms are integrated with other systems to have a smooth transaction.

It’s an online store where you can get all that you need. Selling platform allows merchants to showcase, sell, lease and offer services, products for a profit.

It opens up a gateway to build any business and get in touch with consumers. Well such platforms are like WIX.

What is WIX?

There are many ways one can describe WIX. However, WIX is an e-commerce store and a website builder. WIX allows you to grow.

WIX selling platform

It is a tool that allows everyone to use creativity and create the best website without coding or web design skills. Has been integrated with an artificial intelligence to help you ease the process of building.

Why use WIX?

1. Easy to use

Has an intuitive drag and drop editor- no more coding to get a feature, button or add an element to your website just drag and drop.

Everyone is able to use it; everything is straight forward, from drag and drop, element alignment and features one can add.

One of the easiest platforms to start, grow and promote your brand.

2. Design freedom

WIX allows one to employ creativity; design your website how best you see fit. One isn’t restricted to a certain design model.

With the WIX Editor you can choose from scratch or choose over 500 designer-made templates. It gives you total control of your design.

Use creativity to create the best sites.

3. Compatibility

Websites created with WIX can be accessed with any device. Worried that your website is not compatible with a mobile or tablet? Well, with WIX that’s not the case anymore.

Design user-friendly sites that are compatible and responsive on all devices. Everyone will have a chance to interact with you.

4. Advanced Design Features

Make your site stunning and one of a kind; WIX provides animation settings, video background, scroll effects among others.

Keep your site lively and make interactions amazing! 

5. Free Hosting

No more charges for hosting; All your websites will be hosted for FREE! You don’t spend any dime having your website live.

They make sure your sites are secure and can transact steadily.


For those who love things done fast; WIX has an artificial intelligence software that can do it for you. One just gives it some information and within a few moments your site is created.

Just that simple and you have a stunning site. 

There are many things one can talk about WIX selling platform. Here is a link to more.

How to get started at WIX

1. The first thing you need is to visit

WIX selling platform

From the homepage click on Get Started. This takes you to a login/signup page. 

2. Login/Signup

WIX offers you an opportunity to use Facebook or Gmail to sign up or instead fill in your details. Each either way it signs you up.

WIX selling platform

Once you sign up WIX asks you some questions to improve their services. Well you can skip this step and continue.

WIX selling platform

3. Choose how to create your website

There are two options:

We’ll use the Editor.

4. Pick a template

This is the design which one wants for their website. We’ll be creating a clothes store

WIX allows you to edit; view and gives you information about the template. 

This is the layout for the editor.  One can add an element using the right hand panel, or the left hand. 

WIX also allows you to configure your theme, add apps, media, blog and the store. 

Once you are done with editing; photo changing, themes and more it’s time to go live. 

This shows you can use your free domain or just connect a  custom domain. The next step is to save and continue.

After saving, click on publish. This deploys your site to the internet and makes it accessible to everyone.

That’s how your site looks! Isn’t it simple.? Here is how to understand the WIX tools.

The WIX selling platform alternatives

Although WIX has proven to be the best, here are it’s alternatives:


It is a FREE site builder that allows everyone to get their sites online whether an e-commerce, blog or other types of a website.

OLITT makes sure anyone can get online fast and easily. With a drag and drop editor one can create fast; with less than 10 minutes your site can be live.

 OLITT has integrated payment gateways through which you can collect your payments securely and smoothly.


  • FREE- create and go live without spending a dime.
  • Easy to use- just use the drag and drop to create your site.
  • Free tools and accessories- one gets a free SSL, Free domain connect and more.
  • No coding and designing skills needed- with just a drag and 

 2. Shopify

It’s a commerce shop used globally. It allows merchants to sell products and provide other product related services. 

It also allows people to set up their own shops and reach out to many easily.

Why use shopify?

  • Easy to use- using shopify is easy; drag and drop and you have your site.
  • Sell everywhere- have a large market that reaches out to everyone.
  • Easy to manage- one dashboard is enough and one can manage all their clients and data.
  • Support- they have 24/7 support that helps everyone to keep their business live.

3. Weebly

It’s a commerce store that helps everyone get online and showcase their products. 

Why use Weebly?

  • Simple designs- one doesn’t need much experience to have their site up. 
  • Support- has a vast community that helps everyone in case of any issues.
  • Secure- provides an SSL that secures  your data and clients.

There are others like:

  • DUDA 
  • Webflow

Other online selling platforms in Kenya.

  • Jiji
  • Jumia
  • Kilimall
  • Masoko
  • Shopit

Author: Markide

I’m a seasoned freelance technology writer with over three years of experience. My passion is the information technology and the internet working. I have many specialties, from web hosting and web design to marketing. Also, I have learned about graphics and social media management.

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