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The Best Facts About Website Builder You Missed [#15]

Websites are being created daily. Everyone is welcoming the online world to grow and expand. Well, today we’ll talk about facts about website builder.

Websites have come to bridge a gap as well as provide flexibility. Some years back one would have to visit a store to get an item; this now has changed one goes online and orders and it is delivered.

Technology has saved us the hassle. 

What is a website builder?

This is a tool that helps create a website. Besides, it’s a program that allows easy creation and publishing of a website.

Well, one doesn’t need coding or designing skills. You need not hire anyone to create for you.

Besides within 10 minutes, your website can be live.

How does it work?

It is a tool that eliminates the process of coding and design. This means that it provides an easy website creation environment.

One gets to the site home, gets started by choosing a template then proceeds to edit. Once edited to your design one goes live by publishing the site.

Facts about website builder; have a drag and drop feature. This feature enables one to create by moving elements around till you get the best design.

They come in two versions:

The online website builder

allows one to create, edit, save and publish a website through the internet.

It offers flexibility as one doesn’t even need to own a computer. It’s secure and files are saved on the hosting provider.

Offline website builder

One creates their website offline. Once they are done with creation they upload the files online.

It allows one to work without the internet. Also, one can work from anywhere so long as they have the website files on their computer.

Why use a website builder?

Website builders have come to ease the process of website creation. They have provided a platform for all to use.

Using a website builder provides one with flexibility, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness. One gets value for what they pay for.

15 Fun Facts About Website Builder

1. Easy to use

Site builders have a drag and drop feature. This tool helps one move elements to get their wanted design.

It is easy to navigate through the user-friendly interface and tools. One needs no special skills.

2. Budget-friendly

Most site builders have freemium offers. This means one can create and go live instantly for free.

Besides the free offer, there also other cheap plans that one can incorporate. For starters just go free.

3. Overall control 

Since you created the website on your own, management is easy. It’s easy to add, remove or disable a feature.

One doesn’t have to keep calling the developer to change their site. It is easy and one can do it from anywhere.

Besides, you can add share the logins with your team to always update and work on any issue. It is also easy to schedule updates and changes to fit the time you want.

4. Time saver

Imagine creating a website in under 10 minutes and starting a transaction instantly. Isn’t that great?

Yes, all this is possible. Website builders have come to offer time efficiency. At OLITT one can create a website in under 10 mins. Go live instantly and start transacting for free!

5. Secure

Site builders are secure. Assigning someone else your work can be risky! At times they might forget to log out and someone may take advantage of that.

Website builders incorporate SSL security which makes sure your sites are protected. Also since you are responsible for the website it’s easy to implement the security features.

6. Flexibility

Imagine working from anywhere. Site builders allow one to create, edit and go live without skills or own personal computer.

Despite any geographical location, one can work on their site easily. Also it easy to ask your team to make changes for you when you are not able to.

You need no physical attachment to the website. 

7. No code or Design Skills needed

A while ago creating a website was dependant on coding and designing. Website builders have been equipped to handle all these.

So long as you know how to use a computer it is easy to create a website. Code has been replaced by drag and drop and the free custom-designed templates.

8. Free web hosting

Hosting is the service that makes sure your site keeps running and is accessible to many people all over the world.

Yes, hosting is free. You get your website hosted for free. It means that one can transact easily and for free.

Well, Truehost offers cheap hosting plans and gives you value for your money. 

9. Free Domains

Most site builders offer free domains. Domains are the name for your website, those names that one types on the search bar to reach your site.

Of course with free domains comes a long extension; you may have the website name as Techguru and the extension comes in as 

Your website name will be However one can change this by just visiting Truehost.

Truehost provides the best domains at cheap pricing. You don’t need your domain name looking like a joke.

10.  Free Domain Connection

Well, maybe you already own a domain but lack a website. At OLITT connecting a custom domain is free.

It doesn’t matter where you purchased it from so long as you are using it for a website created on OLITT.

It’s amazing for it saves one cost.

 11. Custom code

A custom code is a connector between applications. It’s part of a website that is responsible for building and running the site.

The website builder allows one to add a custom code like javascript to link up applications, systems, data, and devices within the enterprise.

 12. Lot’s of pre-designed templates

Whether creating an e-commerce store or a personal blog, there are a lot of customized templates one can use.

The templates form the building block for your website. Once you pick your template it easy to edit it through the drag and drop tool.

The templates are designed to help everyone create and go live instantly.

 13. Lot’s of integrations

Whether you want an e-commerce store- there are a wide variety of integrations to use and connect with your site.

Payment integrations it the most important. However, its security must be guaranteed too to keep the clients’ information safe.

Website builders provide an easy way to get your website they needed tools and applications to run your site.

 14. No maintenance hassle

Schedule updates and maintenance services at your own convenient times. Besides you need not call anyone to helo you do it.

 15. Tech support

Whenever you are creating a website but run into trouble; the support team is ready to help you. 

The above are facts about website builder which you can consider using. This fact will help you choose whether you need a website builder.

After all, website builders have come to ease the process of website building and provided a platform for all.

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