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Duda Website Builder: Perfect for Web Designers and Agencies

duda website

Duda is the leading website builder platform for agencies and individuals that offer web design services to small entrepreneurs.

They serve all types of customers ranging from freelance web designers, digital agencies, the largest web hosting companies, to online publishers around the world.

Duda website comes feature-rich collaboration tools to empower team collaborations as well as client management tools.

On top of that, Duda helps you build responsive websites. Meaning that your readers won’t struggle to read content no matter what device they are using.

Currently, there are over 14 million websites build using Duda. So, what is their secret?

Here are #6 features and benefits of using the Duda website.

Duda website: Features and Benefits

#1. Import content instantly

Duda website provides you with a variety of unique tools that make it easy to import your client’s existing content wherever they are directly into the website template.

This way, you can move content from one site to another. Better yet, re-purpose some of your best performing content.

#2. Build at Breakneck Speed

The most cumbersome task when building a website is digging into code.

Worse part?

Not everyone enjoys, leave alone understand website code. But in the end, it is the building block of the website.

Duda has you in mind. They have an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

It enables you and or your team to build pixel-perfect websites with no need to understand HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code.

Additionally, you can easily share web design assets with your entire team.

#3. E-commerce

Shopping online is currently the ‘gold-rush’ of the 21st century. In fact, Experts predict that retail eCommerce sales will hit $4.13 trillion mark in 2020.

Also, it is expected that 72.9% of online shopping will be on mobile by 2021.

Duda has you covered in both ends.


With their website builder, you can create complete online shops without breaking a sweat.

On top of that, all of their pages are mobile-friendly. This is huge considering that over 70% of internet traffic is mobile users.

#4. Developer Mode

While the whole idea of using a website builder like Duda is to eliminate the need to touch code, someone may prefer hands-on experience.

If you are the type of person, you are in for a treat. Duda comes with a developer mode where you can dive into HTML and CSS framework to increase flexibility and gain much control.

#5. Photo Editor

Images make the better part of the website. They help bring out the feeling you’ve always wanted.

You can easily edit your site images directly inside the editor with the Duda website’s rich, built-in photo editor.

Here, you can:

  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Add overlays and more

Besides, if you don’t get what you are looking with free images, you definitely won’t miss the premium ones.

Buy premium Shutterstock images from directly inside the Duda platform. They are quality and all you have to do is find one you like, try it even with the watermark. If all looks good, go ahead and buy it.

#6. Edit By Device

You can easily customize every element, be it the image, text block, or sliders per device.

This alone gives you full control over how your website looks and functions on a computer, tablet, and mobile.

Duda Website Pricing

The company has three plans you can choose from:

  • Basic – goes for $14 per month (billed annually). You can build 1 website all hosted on AWS. Also, you get email support
  • Team – for just $14.50 billed annually, you have expanded access. Still supports 1 website, but there are some additional goodies like Email, chat & phone support, use your brand & logo on every part of the platform and access to team & client management features
  • Agency – goes for $29.50/month billed annually. Supports 4 websites with priority support.
duda website builder pricing

But if you feel like these plans do not meet your needs, there is an enterprise plan.

With this plan, you can have all you ever wanted to comfortably serve thousands of clients.

Duda best alternatives

Here are some of the best Duda alternatives

  • OLITT– build fast loading pages without touching code
  • – use the drag-and-drop feature to create any design you can imagine
  • Yola – simple and easy to understand

Final thoughts on Duda website builder

This is truly the ultimate page builder you need. Look at its pricing, it is something almost anyone can afford.

And if you need more, there is something for you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is Duda?

Duda is a website builder tool designed for agencies and web developers. Named after the main character of our favorite film, The Big Lebowski.

#2. Is Duda better than WordPress?

To think Duda is better than WordPress is a little bit misleading. You see, WordPress is free, even though you don’t have much control. On the other hand, Duda is a paid builder. And you can customize your site as you see fit. WordPress allows you to build more than one website.

#3. How much is a Duda website?

The cost of the Duda website depends on the plan you want. You can easily create a duda website from as low as $14 per month upwards of $29.50. And remember, they are all billed annually.

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