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Wix App Market: Simple Guide To Finding The Right Categories

The Wix App Market just continues to grow and grow. New apps are constantly being added to the website builder, giving users more freedom. The more options are to enhance their sites with cutting-edge business tools, social features, and utilities. Its good to note that all apps made by Wix have word Wix on All other apps are third-party apps.

Wix App Market categories

The Marketing Apps:

These are apps used to market your product and enable you to grow your business. As of now, 2020 Wix has 50 marketing apps. The apps are based on a growing customer audience and very powerful tools that give you the best possible solution for your business. Some examples include:

Instagram Feed – A gorgeous Instagram feed is such a great addition to a website – no wonder this app is so loved! If you still think Instagram is only for hipster students, think again. Businesses and services are using this network to highlight their visual side.

Visitor Analytics: Get a complete overview of your website data, starting with stats about your conversions, bounce rate, page traffic, most valuable referrers. Check your visitors: the browsers they use, screen resolutions, geographical distribution, Oss. The app also enables you to watch real videos of what your visitors did on your website.

Retarget Online Ads: Retarget is an online advertising platform that combines technology with human experts to provide you with great advertising experience. It produces ads to both new and returning visitors boosting the chance of visitors turning to customers.

Wix Communication Apps

This category comprises of 48 different apps that allows you to connect with your site visitors using chat, forms, testimonials and more. Here are some few examples:

Live Chat: If you’re running a business online, you would want to be able to interact with your potential clients in real-time. Live Chat can help you with that! This app is a real boost to your customer service and is extremely easy to manage.

123 Form Builder: this helps you build reliable forms for orders, volunteering, surveys, event registration, job applications, bookings, newsletters, donations, quizzes & more! customize with ease and with drag & drop solution for all your needs.

Wix Forms: Collect all your site visitor’s information with Wix Forms. Choose a template like a contact, payment, or job application. Every form is fully customizable and it’s seamlessly integrated with your contacts in the site dashboard.

Design Elements Apps On Wix Market

When designing your website, you might find some missing options within the editor. For this, you approach the apps market and get a good app that will enable you to customize the look and layout of your website. Here are some examples of those apps:

Maps: Easily help customers find your stores, events, and products in a fully customizable map and store locator right from your Wix site. The map is fully functional in seconds!

Site Search: Add a great instant search and eCommerce search results filters to your site. Help your users easily find Products, Blog Articles, Images, or any other content. See what they are looking for using reports and get SEO insights into the Business Dashboard.

Calculator Builder: Build an interactive calculator on your site. Choose your template, add the input fields you want & you’re all set. Let visitors calculate loan payments, interest rates, BMI & more, directly on your website.

Sell online Apps on the Wix App Market

When in the eCommerce sector you want your site to create an online store and manage your inventory, shipping, and accounting under one website. These are some of the apps that do all that for you:

Wix Store: this is a fully customizable selling platform that allows you to get the industry-leading eCommerce platform to run and grow your business online.

PayPal Button: The easy way to add a custom payment button to your site and grow your business. It allows you to accept payment from customers with ease. Collect payments in 25 currencies while adding shipping and tax costs, and create discount codes for checkout.

Social Offers: Increase your email subscribers by offering rewards and incentives to your site visitors. Social Offers lets you add an elegant popup to your website that offers free coupons or gives access to digital downloads for joining your mailing list.

Services & Events Apps: Wix App Market

Get booked for your services, create events, and manage your business calendar. There are 19 apps in this category and here are some examples:

Events Calendar: this App adds a beautiful calendar to your website in 1 click and informs your audience about upcoming events. Add events with images, links, “save event” button, and more.

Sell Tickets: Sell tickets and manage event registrations directly from your site. The Sell Tickets App makes it easy for your visitors to purchase tickets from your site quickly and securely. Customize your booking forms to your needs, including multi-lingual and currency support.

Wix Media & Content Apps

When you add music, videos, or articles to your site, this helps you to engage with your audience and are likely to return as customers. In this category there are 35 apps to help you through. They include just to explain a few:

Virtual Tours: Create stunning 360 VR experiences using photos on your website. Allow visitors to experience and get to know a space before they arrive. Virtual Tours lets you expose a location to your visitors with a virtual tour. Ideal for restaurants, real estate agents, galleries, and much more.

AnyFile: this app lets you and your visitors share files of any type from anywhere. Your files are hosted by cloud servers and are automatically saved across multiple data centers to ensure accessibility.

Conclusion on the Wix App Market

Wix market is becoming broader and broader each day with new apps being developed to help users stand out on the web. With this, one can drive out the idea without limitation to creativity. Read more on the Wix store. Alternatively, you can also check out the new and user-friendly builder that is taking the market by storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Wix good for an online store?

Wix online stores are good for small businesses or even startups. Its cost-friendly and very beautiful interface making your online store professional.

2) How much does Wix online store cost?

There is a free limited store. The basic cost of the Wix online store starts at $17 a month and the most expensive package at $35 a month.

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