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Here Are Top 7 Wix Alternatives in Kenya in 2022 (List)

Are you looking for Wix alternatives in Kenya?

You are in the right place.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the best website builders that are not only affordable but can get the job done.

Before we dive, let’s make some introductions, shall we?

What is Wix in Kenya?

Wix is an online platform with a set of tools to help you build your website through their interface, commonly known as website builders. These tools are easy and efficient to use with multiple features to help you build a website. 

The most common key features incorporated in many website builders are the drag-and-drop, premade templates, billing features, payments gateways, etc. is powering quite a large portion of websites online with over 160 million users registered to their accounts by 2020.

Why Wix alternatives in Kenya? is undoubtedly one of the best website builders in Kenya and the rest of the globe. This is manifested in the large community relying on their service. But is Wix the only option you have? Different website builders are well suited for different business problems. Here are some of the basic reasons you may need a Wix alternative in Kenya.

i) Cost

Profit can be maximized by minimizing the expenses incurred. The cost of plan/package differs amongst these platform providers depending on the kind of features incorporated into them.

 For instance, a big commercial business may tradeoff the cost of a plan to leverage the benefit of the features given.

In most cases, you may be looking for an alternative to WiX with a cheaper or affordable plan.

ii)  Type of website is well-known for the many basic websites it powers online. This includes artist websites, blogs, and SMBs websites. However, falls down the rank on big commercial websites.

If you are the kind of a website eying to build a large online store, then you may consider other alternatives.

iii) Features offered

Website building business experiences stiff competition and providers tend to add extra or better features to outplay their competitors. Often this results in lower prices and many extra features added to attract many customers. You are likely to be persuaded to platform providers with many features that are likely to benefit you and your business. There are many providers out there with many features not included in Wix packages or highly-priced. This may prompt you to find a WiX alternative.

iv) Customer services

At some point, things might go wrong and require assistance from your platform provider. The kind of assistance you get heavily dictates the kind of business relation you will have with your website builder. As a customer, getting an alternative provider is always the first option whenever you can get the assistance you hoped for.

v) User friendly

Though website builders are easier to construct a website than coding the website yourself, the ease of use of editors tends to differ from one platform to another. You are likely to shift to different alternatives when the platform guarantees ease. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to Wix that afford you this.

Though the above are some of the basic reasons why you may need a shift, there are quite a good number of alternatives in the Kenyan market. Regardless of the reason for your shift, the primary goal should be landing the best alternative.

Who are the best Wix alternatives in Kenya?

To help get the best Wix alternative in Kenya, I have analyzed hundreds of these website builders based on their pricing (free and affordable plan), features offered (such as hosting space, domains, etc.), support for commercial websites, and available templates. Below is a list of the best website builders in Kenya.

1.     Squarespace

Just like, Squarespace offers beautiful templates but outscores WIX with its powerful blogging tools and excellent customer support. Though Squarespace editor is not a nightmare, the Wix editor is easier to use. Squarespace template works better on both mobile and desktop compared to Wix.

Other benefits while using Squarespace

  • Best-suited for both SMBs and eCommerce websites
  • Sells services
  • Ability to edit source files such as HTML and CSS
  • Very good SEO tools.

Unfortunately Squarespace, they don’t provide a free plan but a 14-day money-back guarantee.

2.     Elementor

Elementor is a wordpress site builder that incorporates drag and drop features like other site builders and abstracts the technical aspect of building a wordpress site. Elementor comes with a ready-to-use template that you can customize to build your page.

Elementor supports live edits and contains the most commonly used widget to fasten your entire build process.

3.     Divi

It’s a drag and drops theme and wordpress page builder plugin. Divi is extremely easy to use and comes with over 20 layouts/ templates for different kinds of websites. 

Unlike Wix, Divi contains a lifetime plan that you only pay once

You don’t want interruption every month that you haven’t paid, right? The lifetime plan is for you to grasp.


They have all levels from amateur (with no coding skills) to pros (with vast knowledge on website building) catered for. provides beautiful premade templates that users can customize to build their website through the drag and drop feature.

For a commercial website, website easily integrates with an online marketing platform and has integrated payment gateways through which you can collect your payments. 

The beauty of this platform is you can build an elite website in a short time (like 5 minutes) without writing any single line of code. No need to learn staff like PHP, MYSQL, or CSS, they have you covered

They also provide free features such as free domain name, massive hosting space, SEO tools, free DNS management, free SSL certificate, etc. They help you exercise your design skill and get your website online in minutes.

5. is an ideal solution for building eCommerce websites with various commercial features available. easily integrates with other online marketplaces such as Amazon. contains multiple payment gateways that you can use to collect your payment. 


One of the world’s popular website builders with a large developer community.  

It also contains mobile applications that you can use to manage your website. They contain free and 4 other premium packages selling from $4-$45 per month.

WordPress easily integrates PayPal (the most popular payment gateway) that you can collect payments if you are running a commercial website.

7.     Weebly

Another website builder that you can build your online store. Weebly has an excellent inventory management system.

Just like, they contain beautiful templates and excellent customer support and you may like to consider them as alternatives for Wix.


Other Wix alternatives in Kenya include:

  • JIMDO- popular among small businesses, it offers great customization of interface color and fonts.JIMDO is one of the rare solutions that let you create your website from their app. It works for smartphones or tablets.
  • DUDA 
  • Webflow- Not beginner-friendly and focuses on designers and developers


Though is one of the successful website builder projects across the world, reliability tends to change depending on the nature of the task itself.

Wix has many Wix alternatives in Kenya and it’s preferable to use it in projects that produce the best result. Website builders should be picked on best-fit criteria.

For instance, you may choose Squarespace for building a blog or Elementor to build your WordPress website.

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