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[List] Which Website Builder Is Best For Photographers?

Which Website Builder Is Best For Photographers

Are you a passionate photographer looking for a website builder to publish and get in touch with your clients? Well, look no more because today we are going to address which website builder is best for photographers. 

Photographers need to market their brand for them to get in touch with many other people. 

Photographers are important for they capture the best moments of our lives; besides photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

What are website builders?

These are software that helps anyone create a website freely without having to code. Also, you don’t need to hire anyone to design. Within a few minutes, you can design and publish your site.

Is a website builder easy to use?

Yes, most of them have editors that allow you to drag and drop items and elements to create your site. They offer a hassle-free budget-friendly option to hiring a web designer.

How do website builders work

They come to ease the process of creating a website; they provide simple tools that one can use to create a website.

There is no coding, using cryptic words like HTML and FTP, it’s simply using designed templates, you need content only.

Should photographers use a website builder?

Yes, websites are an excellent way to reach many people, get in touch, get reviews, and also post your work. You can also ask customers which website builder is best for photographers and get reviews.

What website do photographers use?

Here are the best website builders for photographers:

#1. Squarespace

 An American website building and hosting company that offers to create stunning, mobile-friendly websites.

It’s popular with photographers since it’s pricing isn’t that high, besides the customer service is responsive and reliable.

  • Beautiful templates- there is a wide range of beautifully themed for any design you want.
  • Highly customizable- very easy to add elements, delete and publish them.
  • Email marketing- has a way of creating awareness through emails.
  • 24/7 Customer Support- getting in touch with customers is fast and reliable.
Squarespace website builder homepage

With any pricing you get the following:

  • Free Custom Domain
  • SSL Security
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
  • SEO Features for Site Visibility

Personal $16 per month

Business $26 per month

Commerce $30 per month

Commerce $46 per month

#2. Zenfolio

It’s an American company that makes it easy for photographers to showcase their work, attract new customers, and sell their photos and services online.

  • Free Website Templates- there are predesigned and themed templates for you to use.
  • Beautiful Photo Slideshows- create a slideshow of their best work and showcase your skills to everyone.
  • Unlimited Photo Storage- upload and organize as many photos as you can in one photo gallery.
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs- websites are mobile-optimized so that clients get the best view across any device.
zenfolio website builder  homepage

Every pricing comes with:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Easy drag and drop organization
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth traffic
  • Customizable slideshows with music

Starter $5 per month

Pro $10 per month

Advanced $15 per month

#3. Wix

It’s a cloud-based website builder that allows customers to build websites simply using the drag and drop tool. 

  • Wix Editor- you can start from scratch or choose the over 800 predesigned templates, besides it has a drag and drop to help you design your website.
  • Wix ADI- it’s an artificially intelligent designer that helps you create your site with just a little description.
  • Velo by Wix- it’s an open development platform that allows you to code and total design control.
  • Wix Stores- starting an online store is easy since web stores are available.
wix  homepage

Besides plans, the following are free on Wix:

  • Total Design Freedom- the use of drag and drop tool.
  • Mobile-optimized sites- all websites created can be viewed on any device.
  • Media Galleries- upload and store your photos freely.
  • Unlimited Fonts- design your site with the best fonts.

Connect Domain $4.50 per month

Combo $8.50 per month

Unlimited $12.50 per month

VIP $24.50 per month

#4. SmugMug

It’s a code-free website builder for memory makers, photo enthusiasts, and professionals.

  • Simple drag-and-drop site customization-add, edit or remove features of your site.
  • Use your domain-You can always connect your domain without having to purchase a new one
  • SEO-optimized website- all content in your site is search engine optimized and very ready for ranking.
  • Privacy-limit visibility to folders, galleries, and pages to only those with whom you’ve shared a link.
smugmug website builder homepage

Smugmug also offers:

  • Unlimited photo and video uploads- free storage is available beside any plan.
  • Utilize robust SEO tools, including meta tags and XML sitemaps- they are provided freely.
  • View detailed stats and analytics- know more about who checks in your site.
  • Responsive design- all websites are compatible with any device.

Basic $7 per month

Power $11.00 per month

Portfolio $27 per month

Pro $41.99 per month 

#5. WordPress

It’s a popular self-hosted web platform that is customizable and boasts great SEO tools. Thanks to its simplicity, free plans, and thousands of templates to choose from nothing can go wrong.  

  • Mobile-friendly- sites created are mobile‑friendly and that looks great on every device.
  • Dozens of themes- over hundreds to choose from, customizable themes, with new additions weekly.
  • Fast, friendly support-Support is available 24/7 via email and our community forums. For paid plan users, Happiness Engineers are available via live chat for real‑time assistance.
  • Easy to create content- the drag and drop tool that one uses to import content, saves content every few seconds.
wordpress website builder  homepage

Other  features:

  • Starting is  free- you can upgrade for advanced customization, security, and SEO tools. 
  • Mobile and desktop apps-Mobile and desktop apps- upload your content easily and fast at the comfort of your phone or desktop.
  • Write without worry- the writer-editor is fast, intuitive, and content is automatically backed up every time.
  • Search engine optimized- your content is always ready for the market, it’s tailored by the SEO tools available freely.


Personal $4 per month, billed yearly

Premium $8 per month, billed yearly

Business $25 per month, billed yearly

eCommerce $45 per month, billed yearly

#6. Format

It’s a website building portfolio founded in Canada in the year 2010. It is a fast, easy, SEO-optimized, and mobile-friendly site website builder.

  • Professional photography tools- create, edit, and publish your web content easily with your photos with the easy to use tools.
  • Modern, Mobile-Friendly Templates- create a cool and amazing site that is accessible on any platform.
  • Watermark tool-protect your images from unauthorized distribution or saving from your site.
  • Decent SEO features- they help you ranks as if you are writing about which website builder is best for photographers; it gives you catchy suggestions to use.
Format homepage

What else you get:

  • Professionally designed templates- either free or paid templates are available for any design.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth- Your site is always up despite the number visiting it at the same time.
  • SSL Security- all landing pages are protected from attacks and malware.
  • Unlimited Blog Posts- post as many photos and stories without running out of storage.


Pro $16.99 per month

Pro plus $25.99 per month

Unlimited $32.99 per month

#7. Weebly

It’s a user-friendly and powerful website builder with responsive themes, the app center with third-party add-ons and a lot of storage.

  • Responsive themes- create your site simple and fast with the hassle-free themed templates.
  • Powerful blogging tools- create your content freely without worry since it’s easily ranked and always market ready
  • Beginner-friendly- it’s easy to use, it also provides one with prompts before you delete or change a feature.
  • Simple drag & drop builder- creating your site is simple and fast so is uploading content.
weebly website builder homepage

Weebly also offers:

  • Free SSL Security- all landig pages are protected from malware and malicious attackers.
  • Search engine optimization- all sites come with tools to help you rank on Google and other search engines.
  • Free community forum-communicate with other web owners, share tips and learn from what others are doing.
  • Powerful design tools-create a standing out website without any design experience.


Connect $5.00 per month, when paid annually                                                   

Pro $12.00 per month, when paid annually                                                        

Business $25 per month, when paid annually 


It’s a dedicated website builder for photographers with nine templates. Offers to be well customizable for anybody.

  • Highly customisable templates- edit the few templates according to your design.
  • Full image protection- watermark your images so that no one can publish your work
  • Photo editor- create a photo and edit it easily.
  • SEO Tools- manage your content easily and make it market ready.
photoshelter  homepage

Other offers are:

  • Custom domain- connect your domain without having to purchase another one.
  • SEO & social sharing tools- get your content market ready and also share easily on your social sites about which website builder is best for photographers.
  • Unlimited public & password-protected galleries- make sure you site is always safe.
  • Integrate Vimeo, Instagram, WordPress & Tumblr- easily upload content or import from thse sites freely.

Basic $12.99 per month

Standard $29.99 per month

Pro $49.99 per month

#9. Duda

It’s a website builder for  professionals and agencies of all sizes, with powerful team collaboration and client management tools for building and managing websites at scale.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor- reduce time creating your site.
  • Photo Editor- edit your photos after upload with the editor, crop, resize, add overlays and more.
  • Multi language support- choose from dozens of international languages.
  • Mobile Editing- add, delete or publish your site from the comfort of your phone.
Duda website builder homepage

Duda also offers:

  • Email marketing- Increase your clients’ sales by enabling them to send emails to website visitors directly from the platform and customize the text for their brand.
  • Save your templates- you can save your favorite template for later use.
  • Free SSL Certificate- all your sites are protected from malware and attacks. 
  • Blog tags- customize your favorite blogs for customers to find easily like if have written about which website builder is best for photographers.

Basic $19 per month

Team $29 per month

Agency $59 per month

#10. Pixpa

It’s a simple but professional website builder that helps photographers get online fast and at a cheap price. It’s aimed at creatives specialising in all disciplines, including the art of image taking and editing.

  • Easy to use- drag and drop tool helps you import content fast and easily.
  • Affordable- start with as little as $6 you can run your site fast and easily.
  •  Stands out- it has the ability to create personalised mobile gallery apps.
  • Mobile optimized websites- all websites work well with any device.
pixpa homepage

Pixpa also offers:

  • Beautiful, customizable themes- what ever design you choose you csn fully edit it to your liking.
  • 24/7 Customer Support- the customer support is always ready and available to help anytime.
  • SSL Security Included- your websites are safe from attacks.
  • Social Media Connections- connect with customers over the different social sites and get to post which website builder is best for photographers.

Personal $10 per month

Expert $15 per month

Business $24 per month

With that said,

Before you decide on which website builder is best for photographers; be sure to research all options and their  pros and cons of each so that you can make the right choice for your photography website.

Gone are the days when building a photography website was expensive and difficult, nowadays it’s simple and easy.

Besides photography websites, OLITT helps you create best simple, free and hassle-free website. It also saves your time since you don’t need coding or hire someone to design for you.

In addition, after reading this article look at how to build a website from scratch. 

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