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Webydo: The Complete Website Builder for Designers


In their own words, Webydo is a website builder build by designers for designers.

What does this mean?

Every aspect of this page builder tool oozes ‘understanding’ of the mind of a website designer. Talk of features and tools available, it can get better than this.

The company demonstrates its willingness to empower you to let out your creativity. Webydo comes with a set of tools that eliminate the need for technical knowledge.

As such, you don’t need design skills to create a beautiful and functional website. All you need is Webydo.

So, what else do they have?

Let’s look at #6 features and benefits in-store for you.

Webydo website builder: Features and benefits

webydo features

 #1. Design without touching code

Code makes up the building block of every website you see on the internet. They are the ‘strings’ holding a website together.

Even with its really vital function, there’s only one problem:

Not everyone knows how or understand how to make them work.

As such, people who don’t have coding skills are left out, but not anymore. With Webydo, you can design a website without ever seeing the ‘ugly behind-the-scenes’ in the form of code.


Webydo works automatically by converting your design into an updated HTML code + CMS (Content Management System) for you.

#2. Build responsive websites

Having your website display well on any device means a lot now than ever. Such improves customer experience and in turn, boosts your ranking on search engines.

Achieving this comes down to making the right decisions when designing every single page. Webydo website builder takes care of that automatically.

#3. Create animated scrolling

The website creator comes with a parallax tool. With it, you can animate any elements to achieve unique motions, draft paths, and create transitions without writing code.

#4. Web fonts

You have access to hundreds of free open-source fonts.

These fonts are optimized for the web.

As such, things like typography, look, and feel are taken care of. You can make your website look and feel whatever you want.

#5. Build online shops

With Webydo, you can easily build an online shop, thanks to its seamless integration with the Ecwid E-Commerce widget. This is a dynamic and mobile-friendly online payment solution.

Ecwid allows you to have:

  • Different payment types
  • Great stock control
  • Media-rich categories, and excellent product descriptions.

And that explains why this e-commerce tool is so popular. Gives you total control of the shop.

#6. Drag and drop feature

You can drag and drop any element to any location on the website. Also, with this feature, it is easy to upload texts, images, videos, and any other element.

Gives you control of ‘what should go where,’ and that’s what makes website creation fun and interactive.

Webydo builder Pricing

The company has four plans:

  • Pro – gives 1 designer account for $75/month billed annually. Also, you get free hosting for up to 10 websites
  • Team – for $150 per month billed annually, you get 3 designer accounts, free hosting of up to 30 websites, client billing among other features
  • Agency – $400/month gives you personalized support and advanced business features to scale your business.​
  • Enterprise – this is the plan to choose if you are looking for customized integration and development tailored to your specific needs.

One more thing:

Webydo has a free trial. Here, you signup and enjoy all the features for free for 30 days.

To do that, you will need a credit card, also PayPal can do. Don’t worry, you will not be billed until the trial period is over and you can cancel anytime.

Webydo builder best alternatives

Here are some website builders you can try as well:

  • OLITT– comes with fast and secure pages. Gives you peace of mind
  • Site. pro – gives you free domains and their plans are affordable
  • Yola website builder – comes with drag-and-drop capabilities

Final thoughts on Webydo creator

Creating a website today is more enjoyable than 5 or even 10 years ago. And we have page builders to thank for that. Because without them, we’d still be relying on expensive web designers, trusting them to make our imaginations real.

With such tools as OLITT and Webydo, you have the power at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How does the FREE month work?

Once you sign up for Webydo free trial, you can start enjoying all features for 30 days. You will need a credit card or PayPal account to complete the sign-up. However, you only be charged after 30 days are over.

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