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#1 Best Resumegenius Alternative You Probably Don’t Know About

Today, we are looking at Resumegenius alternative.

Starting a resume from scratch can be a hard thing. The fact is, the sooner you get it done the faster you can be able to apply for jobs. We also have to admit that formatting a resume can be very tasking if not frustrating. Not forgetting the anxiety that comes with any form of delays in the job-seeking process. 

The good news is that resume builders are building for that very same purpose. They not only take care of the outlook of your resume, but they also help you come up with the right content.

In this case, your dream career is at stake and so you want to make sure that you have chosen the right resume builder. Here, we are looking at a comparison of resume Genius vs Olitt resume builder.

You will discover that the market offers a ton of resume builders to choose from. Our decision to narrow down to these two is that they can both deliver the best results that you are looking for. It will only depend on your preference.

It is high time you delve into each of them to find out if they will serve you right.

EnhanCV best alternative

Resume Genius

Resumegenius alternative.

This is an online resume builder that also provides career resources and has a cover letter builder too. 

This makes it a good resource for job seekers and approximately 60 million readers in the whole world use their tools and resources to help them in the job search process.

Building a resume with them is a straightforward process. 

They ask you to fill in the information on your education, work experience, certifications, skills, and contact information. Then they produce a resume that is pre-formatted and ready to download.

Resumegenius Features

Resumegenius features
  • More than 50 customizable resume templates
  • Expert advice from industry professionals
  • Comprehensive writing guides
  • Prewritten tips, content and prompts to get your resume ready in the shortest time possible
  • Step by step guides that are prepared by professionals to get you a cutting-edge resume

Resumegenius Pros

  • A user-friendly builder which is favorable even for beginners
  • You can get your resume reviewed by a professional and expect to get feedback
  • A spell-checker which keeps your resume far from errors
  • Access to free resources which include a resume and cover letter templates and career advice from professionals
  •  More than 50 modern and stunning resume templates that are suited for both professionals and job seekers
  • One can choose to have their resume written by a professional under the Resume Writer Direct service
  • A wide variety of career tools, for example resignation letter and thank you note samples
  • An automated resume and cover letter building process that has prewritten content which makes the process fast

Resumegenius Cons

  • It is impossible to upload an existing resume therefore you have to create one from scratch
  • It has few options for customization with resume layouts fixed hence one cannot move sections around to be able to highlight their best attributes 
  • Some resume templates have colour blocks which is not approved by a number of hiring managers
  • Some templates contain graphics which can interfere with the Applicant Tracking Software
  • Prices are not clearly indicated on the website and it only becomes visible when you want to download your resume. 
  • The customer service is very slow which makes it undependable to many users

Resumegenius Pricing

Resume Genius allows free access to resources, for example, the step by step guides, templates, and articles. 

You can also build a resume or cover letter at no cost, but you must purchase a 14-day trial plan for $1.95 for you to download your document. 

If you plan to use the resume builder for longer, you can consider either of the following plans:

  • A monthly plan billed at $39.95 per month
  • An annual plan billed at $95.40 per year

OLITT Resume Builder

OLITT Resume Builder is unique as it is a component of a website builder and a worthy Resumegenius alternative. 

Being part of one of the best website builders gives, you a ton of advantages when using it. 

Resumegenius alternative

You not only have access to a resume builder but all the resources that a website builder offers including a personal domain.

The resume builder is part of the template options from where you can access a number of designs. Accessing it is unbelievably easy as all you need to do is follow these three steps: 

  1. Search on your browser and click on create website
  2. Sign up using your favorite Google account to access the dashboard
  3.  Click on the resume template to get access to a range of designs

At this point, you can select your most desirable design and customize it until you achieve the output you want. 

The advantage is that OLITT is absolutely free to use and so you can be sure that you will download your resume without any prompts to provide your credit/debit card details.

Let us now find out more details about the OLITT resume builder.

OLITT resume builder Features

  • An easy to use editor that is friendly with new users
  • Modern and unique templates; some are industry-specific
  • The builder has a desktop, mobile, and tablet view
  • The builder is secured using an SSL certificate
  • The undo and redo buttons make editing a seamless process
  • Efficient preview and save buttons 
  • 24/7 customer support

OLITT resume builder Pros

  • Easy signing up process
  • Convenient to use on any device as you can utilise the desktop, tablet, or mobile view
  • Olitt offers you a completely free resume builder 
  • The professional modern designs make you remain at the cutting edge of your search
  • Building a resume is fast since most of the tools are easily accessible on the dashboard
  • Allows for flexibility as you can add and delete elements on the provided designs
  • One can create an unlimited number of resumes without limitations. This is suitable for individuals who like customizing their resumes for every job they apply

OLITT resume builder Cons

  • There is a small number of resume templates to choose from
  • The builder allows editing for one element at a time which can slow down the process

Resumegenius alternative conclusion

Resumegenius is a great tool to get what you want. Go ahead and try Resumegenius alternative, OLITT resume builder.

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