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What’s The OLITT Technology Stack?

OLITT is a custom developed Website Design and Development platform deployed on a custom Technology cluster optimized for High Performance, High Availability, and High Security.

Websites generated on OLITT are not only beautiful, but they are also fast, secure, and high available


OLITT utilizes more than one web server, however, the main Web Server is Gunicorn, for load balancing and reverse proxy, OLITT utilizes NGINX web server.

What is NGINX?

NGINX is an open source high performance HTTP server, reverse proxy Server and IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Top NGINX qualities includes high performance, stability, low resource consumption, simple configurations, comprehensive feature set among others.

It’s one of the Web server created to address the C10k problem. NGINX unlike other HTTP servers utilizes an event-driven, asynchronous architecture and therefore does not rely on threads for task handling.

The asynchronous architecture uses small and predictable memory amounts. NGINX powers some of the most powerful websites including OLITT, Netflix, Cloudflare, Stackpath, Eventbrite, Zappos, Heroku, GitHub, Hulu, Pinterest, Airbnb,, SoundCloud, Zynga, Truehost among others

olitt technology stack

Front End

OLITT utilizes ReactJS and Bootstrap 4 on the frontend

ReactJS also known as React or React.js is an open source JavaScript library used for building intuitive user interfaces, it is supported by Facebook and other developers in the Open source community.

React is commonly used as a base in development of single-page and mobile apps, rendering data to the DOM while relying on additional libraries such Redux for state management and routing.


OLITT utilizes a Python Backend connected to a custom MYSQL Database.

What is Python?

Python is one of the popular interpreted, high level, objected-oriented programming language reported as 3rd behind Java and C Programming Languages according to TIOBE popularity Index. Read more about the study. Python was created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum and one of the main attribute was code readability suited for both small and large projects. Python is described as battery included due to its comprehensive standard library. It’s worth noting that Python supports multiple programming paradigms including structured, procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming paradigm.

Cloud Platform

docker and Kubernetes

OLITT is deployed on private cloud powered by Docker and Kubernetes containers on Truehost Cloud. Multiple Regional dedicated servers from the nodes of the Kubernetes cluster.

What is Docker

Docker is a platform as a service that utilizes OS-level virtualization to offer containers. Containers refer to software packages that are bundled with all dependencies such as libraries and configuration files.

The Containers are isolated from one another but can communicate with one another through network channels.

Containers utilize a single operating system and therefore require a small resource footprint compared to virtual machines. Docker is hosted in Docker Engine is available for free or premium. Docker is provided by Docker Inc.

What is Kubernetes or K8s

Kubernetes or K8s is an open source container orchestration system that automates application deployment, scaling and management across a cluster of host. K8s was developed by Google and maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Kubernetes therefore automates application deployment, scaling and management of Docker applications across a cluster of host.

Web Security

A custom Let’s Encrypt SSL Gateway generates and issues SSL certificates for all web properties on the OLITT platform.

OLITT blog is powered by the latest WordPress Content Management System, running on Apache Webs server and Secured by Olitt Lets Encrypt SSL Gateway.

OLITT platform is under active development and the technology stack keeps changing as per Technological evolution and platform requirements.

OLITT Technology stack is powered by Truehost Cloud – a managed cloud services provider.

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