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How to Make Money on OLITT Affiliate Partnership

This is an article based on case study of Truehost Cloud and HostKing. The article explores (how to Make Money on OLITT) how these two cloud/web hosting companies have managed to create a passive revenue stream from

OLITT is one of the best Website building platform in the world. Olitt has the simplest web design platform out there that allows just anyone to come up with a stunning website for a business or professional use case.

Most importantly, designing a website on OLITT is a 2 step process, editing a website on Olitt is equally simple on phone or on PC.

This makes OLITT a very important platform for anyone looking to have a stunning website with a small budget.

OLITT Affiliate Partnership

OLITT has a robust Affiliate Partnership that allows anyone to earn up to 20% in commission revenue for every referral to OLITT.

As soon as you sign up on OLITT, OLITT offers an Affiliate link that tracks clicks and conversions. This is the link that Truehost Cloud, HostKing, many other blogs use on their Website.


On these websites, you will see a Free Website link or menu that is usually their affiliate link. These links drive traffic to OLITT, probably most of the users from these affiliate websites to OLITT create free websites. The free websites are captured as clicks and sign-ups. Referral Purchases are tracked for 90 days using browser cookies.

As soon as the visitors try out OLITT simple website builder, they gain confidence to subscribe for premium features. Every conversion translates to a 20% commission to the Affiliate Website. Commission is a lifetime earnings, calculated on all purchases made by the referred website visitor.


This has created a continuous stream of revenue for these websites and revenues continue to grow as OLITT become more popular and more feature rich.


OLITT allow easy withdrawal of earnings to your PayPal and Bank account.


In conclusion, OLITT offers a (feature-limited) free website for life, therefore some of your referral users may opt to use the free website service for life and thus creating no commission revenue for you.

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How to Make Money on OLITT Affiliate Partnership

Go to the Affiliate Area.

How to Make Money on OLITT

Copy the Affiliate Links

How to Make Money on OLITT

Share the Affiliate link on your Website, Blog or Social Media post as Free Websites, Free Website Builder, DIY Websites, Stunning Website Designer, Website Generator, Cheap Domain Names, Free Webhosting or any other eye catching anchor title for your link.

Start tracking Web Visitors

How to Make Money on OLITT

Start making commission revenue

How to Make Money on OLITT

Withdrawal your Revenues

How to Make Money on OLITT

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