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How to launch a Startup Website in 5 minutes with $0

Its Tough to Launch a Startup Website

Running a startup can be tough. Moreover, it is even tougher getting a startup up and running which includes launch the startup website.

Specifically, – (have been fortunate to be part of more than 3 startup founding journeys) there is always something very important to undertake. Consequently, every activity means life and end of life for the startup during the early days.

Here are some of the examples:

  1. Having a Website – can you imagine a startup with no website? – No
  2. Opening a payment account, bank, PayPal… – can you imagine a startup with no payment gateway? – No
  3. Setting up email accounts – can you imagine a startup with no emails? – No
  4. Registering the business – can you imagine a startup not registered? – No
  5. Listing on Directories – can you imagine a startup not listed Online? – No
  6. Having a Logo – can you imagine a startup with no Logo? – No
  7. Setting up Billing app – can you imagine a startup with no Billing App? – No
  8. Having a founding team – can you imagine a startup with no founding team? – No

Swift Execution

Delivering on all important tasks can only be achieved through swift execution; ability to deliver everything in the shortest time possible.

What is the shortest time you can deliver a professional and functional website.?

The 5 Minute Website gives you the ability to deliver a professional and functional website in 5 minutes.

Website Design and Development has been taking 1 to 2 days to deliver. is promising to save you 2 days of your important founding time.

What you need to launch a startup website

Website Content

Prepare information you will feature on your website beforehand, this include:

  1. The Product or Service your startup is offering
  2. Use cases of your Product or Service – Solution
  3. People behind the Product – The Team
  4. Contact information
  5. How to get the Solution
  6. Pricing Plans
  7. Images and Videos
  8. Name of the Business and possible domain extension
  9. Logo

Website Look and Feel Idea

How do you want your website to look like? At this point,It’s important to have an idea of how you want your website to look like. For instance, what are the color schemes, layout, features e.t.c

Launching a Startup Website in 5 Minutes

Armed with design ideas and website content,lets get it started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Your Free Website
  3. Write down the name of your company in the subsequent screen
  4. Choose your favorite prebuilt website template

OLITT provides hundreds of website templates across tens on categories.

You will probably take a minute to settle on the favorite template under your Startup category.

  1. Click Next to allow OLITT to create a demo website for you.
  2. On the next screen, click edit to allow edit mode.
  3. Proceed to remove demo content and add your content on the demo website.
  4. Upload your images and videos
  5. Add your Logo
  6. Add links to social media accounts and other external websites references

In addition, anytime during the process, you can click preview to confirm your website is coming up just perfectly.

Finally,as soon as you are done with content, click preview, then Publish to go Live.

Click Visit, to visit your website from an domain

Additional features

OLITT supports multiple website management features including SEO, Integrations, Analytics among others. To get started, go to your website click on Manage to reveal SEO, Integrations, Domains, e.t.c

Website SEO

Search Engine Optimization is super important. OLITT SEO tools allow the addition of custom favicon, the addition of Meta description, and keywords.

Website Integration

OLITT supports multiple custom integration options, virtually any popular website integration is supported on OLITT. Popular website integrations include Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does OLITT Website Builder free package allow connecting domain name..?

Yes, free website builder free package allows you to connect to a custom domain without paying a cent.

Conclusions on Launching a Startup Website Website builder is for; Entrepreneurs, Startups, Marketers, Apps, Micro-enterprises who care about the time taken to launch an idea.

We believe in swift idea launching, at OLITT; you get to launch your idea in 5 minutes, thanks to revolutionary technology.

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