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The Top Free E-Commerce Website You Can Upload Unlimited Products

If you are seeking a free e-commerce website with unlimited products, look no further. Here, we review the top free e-commerce website Unlimited Products and describe their features as well.

In addition to the platform’s unlimited products, you should consider the platform’s usability, pricing, customer support, number of templates, payment options, and AI technologies.

These added features will ensure that everything on your website functions smoothly. 

Your clients will have several options for making payments on your website if your platform has enough payment channels. Your conversion rate could be boosted just by doing this.

Customer service is yet another crucial component to take into account. Even if it might not seem like much, you will realize how crucial it is when you are having problems and no one is around to help you find solutions.

Therefore, you won’t be stuck for very long if you host your eCommerce website on a platform that offers great customer care since they will support you when you need it.

While some of these programs allow you to create an online store for free, others need you to pay to sell your things. While some require some practice, others are really simple to use and understand. 

We did the research and prepared a list of the top free e-commerce websites with unlimited products. We understand that time is money, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for ways to save money. 

You can tick things off your to-do list this way. These are some free tools that you may use to start an internet company on a very tight budget. 

That said, let’s go right into The Top Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products: 


Olitt Website Page

Creating a website may appear to be a challenging task, especially if you are unfamiliar with coding.

However, the OLITT website builder offers an incredible option to swiftly and effortlessly create a professional-looking website.

This means that you may quickly develop and publish your website with the fantastic free OLITT website builder. The following are the reasons why OLITT is unique:


Olitt Features Page

Ease of Use

Using OLITT to build a website is simple. Why? In only three minutes, your eCommerce website might be up on the internet.

You may quickly and easily customize the OLITT templates to your needs by changing the colors, fonts, positions, and other blocks on the themes.

Therefore, the process itself is very basic and uncomplicated as well.

Pricing and Payments

Olitt Pricing Page

OLITT is a free website builder that offers high-quality services at low prices. With our free plan, you can rapidly get your business online.

While upgrading your package, customers may pay for the OLITT online shop using Stripe, PayPal, or Flutterwave.

Customers may also use their debit or credit cards to make purchases at their stores.

Additionally, with the premium plan, you may add an unlimited number of products to your eCommerce website. 

Not to mention the excellent pricing which is the premium plan: only going for $29.99 per year.

When compared to other platforms that charge twice as much per month for equivalent services or even less, OLITT is quite affordable.


Businesses cannot develop without analytics because they cannot make sound decisions.

Google Analytics allows webmasters and website owners to examine statistics about their websites. This data allows you to see how people interact with your website.

OLITT Shop provides both the Google Analytics connection and the report production. The report shows your item total, adjustment total, and sales total for each currency you accepted during the period you specified.

You may also utilize OLITT hotjar to swiftly determine user activity on your website, as well as their wants and emotions.

Social Media Integration

In addition to social contact, social media functions as a platform for business and entertainment. As many people often utilize social media sites, you should not miss out on carrying out your business through them.

As a result, if you want to boost sales for your business, you must integrate your social network accounts with your online stores.

By integrating Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp into your online business, you may sell your things directly on social media.


The length of time it takes for a website to load and display its content is referred to as its speed.

When a website takes too long to load, consumers will abandon it in preference of other choices, and Google will penalize the page.

You now understand how website speed affects your business. So, with a speedy website, you may even have more consumer interactions.

OLITT employs techniques to make their websites responsive and fast to load.

These techniques include minification and compression.

Your website’s files will be compressed to minimize size and speed up loading times. The second technique reduces the number of files and images on your website to speed up page loading.

Product Personalization

Product customization boosts clients’ sense of engagement in the purchasing process. By personalizing your items, you may enhance client excitement and purchase readiness.

OLITT shop allows your customers to easily add a unique note, the recipient’s address, and gift wrapping to provide that additional personal touch. 

Additionally, purchasers may customize their purchases by adding their names or initials. 

Finally, if you sell anything on Instagram, be sure to include a photo of your items alongside possible buyers or leads.

Customer Support

Specialized support teams receive customer complaints and handle their resolution. You may tend to neglect this feature, but when you are in a position where you need a speedy solution but can’t reach someone right away, you’ll realize how critical it is.

If this happens, you’ll most likely be irritated. Therefore, you require a website builder with excellent customer support.

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Wix website page

Wix is the only website builder that offers a complete package. It is constantly adding new implementations and offers practically any feature you might want without the use of third-party software.

 It just incorporated Google Ads, which is a critical tool for online businesses to attract customers. 

Additionally, Wix stands among the Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products. Its e-commerce features are suitable for any size store, and its templates are very customizable while remaining simple to use.

Keep in mind that Wix isn’t as scalable or capable of providing the same level of support as other e-commerce-focused platforms. 



With the most basic package, you may sell an endless number of items on Wix and social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

You will enjoy affordable shipping charges, a large picture media library, and over 800 themes to choose from. 

Although Wix’s sales features aren’t as good as those of other Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products, they are still rather good.

Product and Personalization

Wix as an e-commerce platform provides customization. Other e-commerce builders constrain you for the convenience of their users. 

If you want to give your shop a personalized vibe, Wix is the builder to choose. Wix provides you with total control over every part of developing your online business, and its user-friendly interface makes it simple to make adjustments.  

With Wix’s Personyze app, you can personalize your merchandise and even the client experience on your online store.

If your monthly view count is less than 5,000, you can use the service for free; otherwise, you must upgrade to a premium membership. The base package is $250 per month.

Payment Gateways and Pricing

Wix has a more advanced connection with payment gateways. You may choose a payment gateway for your online business based on your location.

Wix has a broader selection of payment gateway options due to its ability to interact with gateways specific to a particular country.

You may try out Wix’s services for free, which allows you to submit your things but does not allow you to sell them until you subscribe to a premium plan.

They provide three premium choices for the eCommerce market.

With the Business Basic membership, you may get 20 GB of storage, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and a custom domain. 

As an eCommerce platform, Wix allows you to add an unlimited amount of items and recover abandoned carts.

Online bookings, ticketing, and event management are all available. This plan costs $17 per month.

With Business Unlimited, you may get 35 GB of space, a free domain for a year, unlimited bandwidth, and Wix adverts removed from your website. 

In addition to the features contained in the Business Basic package, you will receive subscriptions in many currencies.

They include the automatic sales tax, the option to sell on marketplaces, Modalyst dropshipping services, and KudoBuzz product reviews. This plan is just $25 per month.

Finally, the Business VIP bundle includes a free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB of storage, and a site booster. The Business VIP package costs $35 per month.

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Squarespace website page

Although Squarespace is not as powerful as Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products, it still has the greatest website builder templates. Squarespace’s online store design, like Wix, aims to please both e-commerce and non-e-commerce customers.

Additionally, Squarespace is well-liked for its user-friendliness. Therefore, if you are concerned about designing and editing your website, Squarespace is the platform for you.


Ease of use

Squarespace includes built-in SEO skills as well as a free logo design that you can use.

The site builder goes even further to make its users’ lives easier by offering seamless mobile editing. 

To put it in another way, you don’t always need to use a laptop to change your website. You can do it anywhere, anytime.


Its sales features are great, with omnichannel support for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, as well as the ability to automate and even monetize product videos. If you wish to sell your creative things online, Squarespace is the best e-commerce website builder since it helps, not inhibits, your creativity. 

You may sell an endless number of items with Squarespace’s 14-day free trial. Squarespace’s multiple means for displaying your products—from videos to selling on extra channels and using Squarespace Unfold to develop social media campaigns—are a genuine selling point.

You may create trend-setting video content to promote your products by creating video templates for Instagram and TikTok.  

It can also sell digital items and provides fantastic customizable checkout options.

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Big Commerce

Big commerce website page

BigCommerce is also among the free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products and the best overall e-commerce website builder.

BigCommerce is one of the most popular platforms, and for good reason. They are used by tens of thousands of retailers and have processed over $9 billion in online transactions. 


Pricing and Payments

Even though there is no free plan, it does offer free trials if you have the money. You may pay anywhere from $29 to $249+ per month to use one of the handful available free themes (there are many more premium options available) as the web design for your site.

Using a variety of sales channels? It’s not a problem. If you use many sales channels, such as Amazon and Facebook, BigCommerce allows you to manage all of your sales data in one location.  


With BigCommerce’s unique capabilities, you may have SEO-optimized stores and sell abroad. Nevertheless, using these capabilities is more difficult. If you’d like a more thorough analysis of BigCommerce.

It is excellent for SEO and mobile-friendly design templates, and it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Additionally, you have an infinite amount of digital and physical things to sell. 


Unfortunately, you are effectively compelled to pay for more alternatives because there isn’t much diversity in the free themes. 

The number of online sales you may make in a year before having to upgrade your plan is restricted. Additionally, the typeface selection is rather small and does not support custom typefaces.  

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Shopify website page

Shopify, like BigCommerce, is not free to use, however, there is a 14-day trial available. In many ways, Shopify is an easy-to-use platform. 

The Basic Shopify plan is $29 per month and includes site hosting. Shopify allows you to do almost anything and interacts with a plethora of apps.

To gain from a large Amazon audience, you should use Shopify. This may allow you to sell products directly on Amazon from your Shopify shop.

Shopify enables seventy payment methods for clients who want to pay with a credit card, but it may take some time to set up. 


Shopify has a very simple, user-friendly approach to constructing a website. This means that you do not need to know how to code to use this platform.

With email marketing solutions already built into the platform, Shopify allows you to design, distribute, and track messages from the comfort of your dashboard. 

With the basic plan, you may sell both physical and digital items, and you’ll have access to marketing resources. 

Unfortunately, If you want to allow customers to use multiple discounts or leave product reviews, you must subscribe to Shopify Plus and download extensions. 

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My Online Store

Myonlinestore website page

A large number of online retailers trust MyOnlineStore. It is a very young firm with headquarters in the Netherlands, although it is currently in beta. 

It is little known but it is one to keep an eye on among the Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products.

For this website builder, there was a free variant called MyOnlineStore GO. They have since deleted that option and are only offering the grow pro, and premium payment choices.


They are multilingual, have responsive and modern designs, and accept a variety of payment options, including Bitcoin.  

However, they do not presently provide a free plan; instead, they offer a free trial. When you switch to a premium account, their templates may be rather expensive and limited in variety. 

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Woocommerce website page

WooCommerce WordPress plugins are available and free for WordPress users who have an account. However, there is a fee to leverage WooCommerce’s more complex capabilities.  

Woocommerce should be simple for everyone who understands how to utilize a WordPress website. To expand your business, you will need to make judgments concerning paid add-ons as your current website grows.

Nonetheless, it’s a reliable and user-friendly tool with excellent e-commerce features. However, if you are not cautious, upgrading can easily cause problems. Nonetheless, the benefits of WordPress in terms of speed and SEO are undeniable. 

WooCommerce also has powerful features like tax and inventory management, secure payment processing, and shipping connections that are excellent for both small and large businesses, including those on the free plan.  


It is ideal for SEO and SSL integration. Another advantage is that of a truly stunning product display that will wow your customers. Additionally, a plug-in can let you sell digital items.  

Unfortunately, if you are new to web design, this plugin is not the easiest to use. If you want to buy more themes and add-ons, the price rises dramatically.  

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Ecwid website page

Ecwid works a little differently than other Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products. Additionally, a website builder plugin may be used for pre-existing websites. 

This means you do not have to start from scratch if you already have a fully operating website. Ecwid may therefore be easily deployed practically anywhere, including social networking websites. 

The plugin is available in 50 languages and offers a free edition with a selling limit of ten items. 


The Free Plan includes: 

  • No fees for transaction advertisements on social media.
  • Cart with mobile responsiveness and a product limit of ten
  • Transfer of data is limitless.
  • Tax invoices 

Other powerful features include taxes, item management, and discounts. On top of that, Ecwid is extremely user-friendly, supports over 20 payment processors, has SSL integration, and can sell digital items. 

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Prestashop website page

Prestashop, like Ecwid and Woocommerce, may be used if you already have an operating website. 

Although you may download it for free, if you wish to download any add-ons, the costs can quickly pile up. In contrast to other Free E-Commerce Website Unlimited Products, there are no price tiers. 

The cost of hosting and themes determines the pricing of the open-source PrestaShop platform. 


This is an excellent option if you want to do business all over the world. PrestaShop offers a big worldwide support network, a global staff, a global headquarters, and multilingual functionality. 

PrestaShop’s language support allows you to translate your website into 65 languages. With PrestaShop, you can tailor your store for international customers. 

Additionally, PrestaShop is quite simple to use, has multilingual options, and has good content management capabilities. It might also be used to sell digital items.

However, it may get costly if you want premium themes and plugins, such as Google Shopping and Instagram. 

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Final Thoughts

Even though many of these website builders provide excellent free plans, you will almost certainly have to pay for a better plan in the long run. 

I would recommend evaluating the pricing of several programs to see which ones are best for you and your firm. 

Many e-commerce website builders’ plans are fairly priced, especially when purchased on an annual basis.  

Having seen the top free e-commerce website with unlimited products, the lesson here is to do research. 

While having a free plan is excellent, switching website builders may be somewhat inconvenient. You won’t be disappointed later if you seek to compare options to which you may need to shift according to your preference and need.

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