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Flazio Website Builder: The Ideal Solution on Creating Websites

Flazio Website Builder is a user-friendly builder that offers an easy effortless way to build attractive websites. This is with no experience or professional help. Founded in 2012 in Italy offering a free SaaS Software and also a paid plan of $9 dollars per month.

Flazio Website Builder is the ideal solution to create a DIY website. It is both for beginners and for web designers, and it is constantly growing even outside Italy.

Features of Flazio Website Builder

  • Drag and drop technology
  • One-click multi-language support
  • Facebook e-commerce integration
  • Direct importation of content from social media
  • Built-in newsletter with HTML integrations
  • Complete pre-built flexible layouts
  • Realtime editing and SEO supported
  • Creates a mobile responsive site
  • Auto-update in real-time

Cons of Flazio Website Builder

  • Awful customer service as it works within business hours
  • Lack of proper training for new users.
  • Some features not working even after upgrading.


They have two models a free platform and a paid one.

  • Free software
  • Professional version


The basic package, which is useful to learn how to use all the tools of the platform and to move the first steps on the web and comes with:

  • No mailbox.
  • Standard security protocol
  • Band-limited at 1 Gbps, and space of 200 MB
  • Banner advertising Flazio
  • Assistance and support basic


The ideal solution to create a web site that is professional, elegant, and at the first positions on the search engines and comes with:

  • Custom domain free forever
  • 5 email accounts, professional 5 GB each
  • Security protocol HTTPS
  • Bandwidth and space are unlimited
  • No banner advertising
  • Service and support advanced
  • Panel advanced SEO
  • E-commerce​
  • Site statistics advanced
  • Booking
  • Real estate
Flazio Website Builder pricing


OLITT– helps you create fast-loading websites within minutes without touching any code
WIX – boasts a feature-rich website builder software trusted by thousands of customers – offers free life option to create a website with subdomains. Later on, you can upgrade to owning a domain


For a free version it a good building step and familiarizing once self to website creation. A good call to use the builder but don’t expect customer support in case you are stuck. There are webinars and documentation to guide you through the processes. Unfortunately, some features in pro don’t really work but a very good price for money if you want a business website with rich S.E.O rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How do I upgrade from a free version to the Pro version?

​From the management panel, you must click on the icon for the “Pro” and follow the wizard. Enter the required data, making the payment and the domain will be online in no time. You can choose to pay monthly or annually and you can disable the service when you want it.

2) Can I use a domain I already have?

Certainly, on paid plan. To transfer a domain to Flazio is very simple.

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