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How to Create a Website Without Coding

This article will highlight how to create a website without coding, we will start by understanding what a website is and the components that make up a website.

A website is a medium of presentation that is used to present ideas, products, services, proposals and reports such as news to a wider audience – the web visitors. A website has 3 main components

  • Website Content
  • (CMS )Content Management System
  • Website Hosting Platform
  • Website Audience

Web Content

This is the most important thing in a website is the content, – the images, text, videos, and animations.

Web Design is the art of arranging the content in the most presentable manner to the audience.

You do not need Coding Skills to come up with content.

Website Hosting Platform

The Host platform refers to the cloud infrastructure or resources such as a domain name and hosting space that are required to present the content online.

Host platform can be managed or unmanaged. Hosting platform are usually easy to use and do not require any coding skill to operate a hosting platform.

Some of the Hosting platform providers include: – Managed DIY Website Builder, comes with a free domain name, storage space, SSL certificate, and CDN Service.

Truehost Cloud – Managed Cpanel based hosting platform rich with all the essential features including hosting space, SSL certificates, Free Content Management Software, among others.

AWS – provides unmanaged hosting platform that allow addition of addons to create a desirable hosting platform.

Website Audience

Refer to website visitors, Web visitors refer to people who consume website content. You do not need coding skills to attract Web Visitors. Quality content attract and retain website visitors. But of course there a few tricks used to make your content catchy and attractive to website visitors – none of these tricks require coding skills.

Content Management System

Refer to the software used to arrange the content in a presentable manner. Therefore, Content Management System (CMS) facilitates easy navigation by Web Visitors on the Website.

Traditionally, you needed coding skills to create and manage a CMS. This why you had to hire a Web Developer or Designer to create for you a CMS on which your content will be served on and for future web content update.

However, this has changed dramatically with evolution of Do It Yourself (DIY) CMS. Some of popular DIY CMS include:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Blogger

Most of the DIY CMS require some level of skills in installing and using them. Even though, the skills required may not be coding skills, there is a small learning curve to start to use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal or any other DIY CMS.It is worthy noting that, in the last 10 years, yet another transformation has taken place with evolution of DIY Website Builders.

Here are some of the most popular DIY Website Builders:

DIY Website Builders allow ‘Create a Website Without Coding’ in 5 minutes. But most importantly DIY Website Builders provide stunning website templates with drag-drop and ‘copy n paste’ options for easy updating.

The Simplest of DIY Website Builder is Website Builder.

How to Create a Website in 5 Minute at – Free Website Builder.

To Start on, go to

Create free website

Click on Create your free site

To start the process of ‘creating a website without coding’, choose a template to use for your new site.

Go to next Screen and Sign Up to

After signing up proceed to Login, OLITT Website Builder will start to Design the Website without Coding.

Do you want to Edit to Change Images and Text..?

Double click on the content and start editing.

To Change an Image, Click on the open blocks section.

Select Image and drag it to the position you want it to be.

An Edit Modal will pop up to allow upload of a new image. Choose to upload a photo from your storage.

Click Preview to see your new Website Look

Congratulation, you have now created a website without coding Skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is free..?

Yes, you can create and publish a professional website on for free and connect a custom domain name for free.

Are website built by Website Builders SEO Friendly..?

Yes, actually you may have better SEO perfomance on Website Builder’s websites than the traditional CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Others.

What is the ‘Catch’ with the Website Builder’s Websites.?

There is no ‘Catch’, this is just the new way of doing things – AI can now automate website design and development – Create a Website Without Coding.

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