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Guide: How To Create A Website For Free And Make Money Fast

Are researching how to create a website for free and make money?

You are in the right place.

In this guide, I will walk you step by step what you need to do now to get a website without spending a dime.

That’s not all.

I will reveal the strategies you can implement to start bringing in dollars per month.

Does that sound interesting enough?

Well, let’s get right to it, shall we?

See, making money online is easy today more than it was, say, 10 years ago.

This is because of two reasons;

One, you no longer need capital to have a website.


Well, stick around to learn exactly how.

Secondly, there are a ton of ways to generate income online, to an extent people get lost looking for the best.

However, not all actually amount to anything (mostly scams intended to rip you off).

Lucky for you, no need to go through all that mess because I have handpicked the proven online business ideas that require less effort but with tantalizing potential.

First things first, let us get you a website.

How to create a website for free

To create a website, you need two things;

  • A domain name
  • Hosting account

A domain is a special address people type into their browser to access your site.

For example;

To access OLITT, you may as well type into your web browser and hit go/search.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

Here is the thing;

With just a name, you don’t have a website.

Think of a domain name as a house address.

It does nothing but point people to the right ‘home.’

The ‘home’ here is where your files (articles, images, code, videos, etc) are stored.

And that is where hosting comes in.

Besides giving you storage space, a hosting account also comes with additional resources you will need to launch and grow your site.

For example;

Some hosting accounts give you access to tools to install applications like WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WP as popularly known is the most popular content management system (CMS), powering over 60% of the entire internet.

There is a high probability your favorite news website is running on a WordPress system.

Additionally, it is free.

Now, here is where it gets tough.

It costs money to get both the domain and a hosting account.

And sometimes if you get lucky, you may stumble upon a deal where they are giving out a free website name, but with a catch, you must buy their hosting!

Free domain and hosting

Take Bluehost for example, they charge at least $4 per month for shared hosting space.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

Question is;

Is it possible to get bot free domain and website?

Short answer; yes!

You can get a free domain and hosting.

Here is how;

First, head over to

free website builder

Before we get started on how to create a website for free and make money, here is a short introduction.

OLITT is a powerful and revolutionary free website builder designed with you in mind.

And when I say you, I mean you who doesn’t have any coding or design skills and no dollars to splash on fancy design agencies.

Now, back to creating a website for free.

At the homepage, click on Get Started to start the process of creating a website.

Your next move is to pick a website template.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

A template is a pre-made website you can just plug and edit.

To make it easier to pick the best templates, OLITT has grouped all templates (200+) under categories.

All you have to do is go through all the available categories and figure out where your website will fall into.

For example;

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a book review website.

So, click on the Book category and go through the available templates.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

When you find your preferred template, hover on top of it and click on Create from… button.

The next step; creating an account.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

You have three options;

  • Use your email and choose a password
  • Create using your Google account
  • Or use an Apple account

Whichever you choose, your data is safe.

Last step; editing!

First, this is your welcome message.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

You can do a couple of things here;

  • Visit to view your new website
  • Connect a custom domain if you have one.

However, you can do all of these later. 

For now, let’s focus on editing your free website, so go ahead close the window.

Now, when it comes to editing, the possibilities are endless.

But I will show you how to do the essential stuff like;

How to edit text

To do that, double-click on the text block to launch editing tools.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

Highlight the whole text (Ctrl + A), delete the existing text, and start typing your own.

To edit further, use the tools.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money

How to change an image

To change an existing image, double-click on the block.

creating a free website

Click on Upload Images.

Then pick the image from wherever you stored it;

creating a free website

Click on Upload and once it is done, tap on done.

Your uploaded images will appear here.

creating a free website

Just click on it to add to the timeline.

How to add new blocks

If you would wish to add a block to your timeline, here is how to do it on OLITT.

Click on the Open Blocks button to show all available blocks.

creating a free website

Go through the blocks and pick the one you’d wish to add.

For example;

To add an image, drag and drop the image block onto the timeline.

creating a free website

The same applies to virtually every other block you wish to add to your site.

To understand what a button does, just hover on top of it for a few seconds and you will see a pop-up short description.

Finally, when everything is as you envisioned it, click on the preview button.

If everything checks out, go ahead and visit your new site.

How to integrate tools to your new site

We are almost through with how to create a website for free and make money.

See, a website builder like OLITT will give you all the tools you need to get started.

Sadly, you may not get everything needed to grow.

That is where integration comes in handy.

Integrations help upgrade the functionality of your site.

For example;

You can connect your website to Google Analytics.

Here is how;

Go to your OLITT dashboard.

create  a website for free and make money

Click on the three dots (…) next to your site.

On the drop-down menu, choose Plugins.

You will see an enormous list of tools you can connect with your site.

create  a website for free and make money

To add Google Analytics, click on Expand to reveal the things you require to complete the connection.

create  a website for free and make money

As you can see, you only need your Analytics ID.

To get that, log into your Google Analytics account and get the tracking code.

Often looks something like; UA-12346567

create  a website for free and make money

With such a connection, you can instantly get reports on the performance of your website.

create  a website for free and make money

To integrate any tool, follow the same steps.

With all that in mind, let’s look at ways you can make money with your free website.

How to make money with a website

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of ways you can leverage to generate income from your site.

  • Some are free, while others require a small investment upfront.
  • Others require a lot of effort before you see results, while others take literally few mouse clicks.

As promised, I will show you a couple of online business ideas you venture into now.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s products or services and they pay you part of the sale.

Your income will be in form of commission, which can be a flat fee or a percentage of the sale.

For example;

Here at OLITT, there is an affiliate program where you earn 20% lifetime commission for every paying customer you point our way.

To get started, you need to have an affiliate link.

How to make money with a free website

This is a special link with a tracking code (unique to you).

With it, you can instantly access the performance of your affiliate link;

  • The number of clicks
  • Commission accrued

And request withdrawal anytime.

So, to make money, do the following;

  • Get your affiliate link
  • Share on your social media accounts like WhatsApp and Facebook

Additionally, you can leverage your free website to make commissions.

Here is how;

Take your affiliate link and put it on your website.

And drive traffic to increase the chances of you making commissions.

Why affiliate marketing?

  • It is easy to join and start. All you have to do is find a promising and legit affiliate program, sign up, and get your link.
  • Promoting your link is easy because there are free channels online you can leverage to drive traffic to the offer you are promoting.
  • You do not own the product or service being promoted. This means that your job is to drive traffic, that’s it. Everything else is done by the merchant.

A good example of an affiliate website is this TV website writing about Smart TV in Kenya. The site is dedicated to creating content around smart TVs.

As such, it makes money through affiliate marketing.

Create A Website For Free And Make Money: Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model where the vendor doesn’t own the product being offered for sale.

Here, you find a fast-moving product, negotiate with a supplier/manufacturer to handle the order fulfillment for you.

Now, you take pictures of the product and post them on your website.

How to make money with a free website

And whenever you get an order, all you have to do is forward the customer details to the supplier who then proceeds to ship the product to the buyer.


  • The supplier ships the product and not you
  • He also offers you the product at a wholesale price and you, in turn, sell the product to the buyer at the retail price.

To get started, you need a website.

Here is a guide on how to create an online store for free.

The next step is to research the products selling fast.

Get suppliers and start making money.

What to do next

So far, you have learned exactly how to create a website for free and make money.

Here are your next steps;

  • Get your free website here now
  • Check out these additional business ideas
  • Share this guide to help your friends.

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