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#10 Best Web Designers in Kenya (2024 List)

In this article, you are going to learn more about the best web designers in Kenya.

See, website design is an umbrella term used to describe all disciplines in the production and maintenance of a website. 

This discipline includes web graphic design, user interface design (UI design), user experience design, and search engine optimization. Design is among the preliminary stages of development and highly dictates the success of any project.

What to look for in a web designer

 Before choosing the best web designers in Kenya you may like to consider the following 3 main factors:

i)  Cost

The amount incurred while designing a website tends to differ amongst designers and design itself.

A user may invest more capital for a feature like responsiveness in both mobile and desktop, SEO, etc.

While other users pay just to get what they want. It’s worth it to consider the agency whose charges are pocket friendly or within your budget.

ii) Experience

You don’t always want to gamble with any person in the market purporting to be a designer, right?

The designer’s previous work always acts as a primary pointer that he can handle your project to avoid late conflicts.

iii) Time

The ability of the design agency to deliver a project within the stipulated timeframe is paramount.

You don’t want a project to be delivered after 3 years when it’s needed within a few months (that’s exaggerated, but you get the point).

Best web designers in Kenya

With all these factors at-hand, getting your dream designer in Kenya can be a little easy.

Having analyzed the hundreds of designers, this article breaks down the list of the best web designers in Kenya.


The platform provides free online tools that make your design work easy. The tools bridge the gap between experienced designers and beginners. The platform comes with tools that incorporate a drag-and-drop feature, making web design easy as 123.

At the bottom lies hundreds of pre-made templates (200+) of the various industry that you can customize to build your website. enables you to design a complete website within minutes.

Other benefits of using

  • SEO optimized page – This ensures that your site ranks high in a search engine such as Google
  • Free web hosting in Kenya– Olitt provides an online space of up to 1GB that you can host your site
  • Free domain and provision for the custom domain – Olitt provide free a domain ( or users can opt to use their registered business domains.
  • Free DNS management that supports popular domain records

All these features are hardly given for free in other designers.

2. Conquest capital limited

For over 10 years, Conquest has been developing beautiful, interactive, and branded websites for their clients.

Their designs are friendly optimized for various screen sizes and SEO. Conquest also uses 3D modeling and graphic designs.

 Conquest is among the best web designers in Kenya having handled elite projects such as country governments.

3.  Kenya web designers

They provide web design and development, domain registration and SEO services. The company designs mobile-friendly websites and offers Webhosting at customer-friendly prices.

Users can decide to pay for services and the company performs full development until the site is online. 

 This is key as users don’t have to seek other services elsewhere. For quite long, the company has been regarded as the best website designer in Kenya.

4.  Outright web solution

The company mainly focuses on web and graphic design. They also develop logos and company profile. The company designs are priced as low as $15.

The company also has email hosting and you can send personalized emails to clients to promote your business and support online marketing


It’s a company based in Nairobi that offers both mobile and web design and development. It holds a high reputation having completed elite projects such as ILO (international labor organization, Nairobi County, and longhorn publishers.

6.    Web informative solutions

They are a website and brand development agency based in Nairobi. The company creates a brand identity for the business and mobile application development. For commercial websites, the company also offers payment integration services. Other services offered include:

7.    Webpinn

Webpinn is a mobile and web development company. The company offers other services to its clients including digital marketing.

8.     ELuminous Technologies Pvt

ELuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd. Company offers services such as Business Intelligence, Web Development and Design, Front End Development and Mobile Apps Development Services with more than 15 years of experience in offering the specialized solution in the country.

9. Afritech media

Afritech Media is dedicated to providing professional business solutions as well as services in Corporate Identity, Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Logo Design.

The company’s success can be matched with its prowess in graphic and web design that ensures they hold the best image to the world.

The company also designs logos and API integration.

10.  Smart web Kenya

The company specializes in designing a beautiful website look and a well-performing site.  They have been in the market for quite a long with lots of experience to help you strike your dream target.


The web design market in Kenya is competitive and companies add more features to their services to gain competitive advantage.

These features include pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing, integration with third parties, and payment gateways among others. You may like to consider if all these additional requirements are necessary.

The design work produces a blueprint of the actual site to be developed. Therefore, a good design adds up to the general success of the project.

The Kenyan market is flooded with many startups and inexperienced designers that you can only tell them apart based on the profile of their past design work.

Reviewing the profile of each site is time-consuming and to save you this expense of searching for the right one, the list above highlights the best web designers in Kenya and hopefully, you find it informative

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