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8 Best Wix Alternatives You Should Consider Now For Your Website

Currently, Wix is the biggest website builder in the world. With all its amazing features, are there Wix alternatives that are up to the task? To start with we will first look at which factors you need to prioritize on as you choose a website.

Key Factors in Choosing a Website Builder

Every website builder normally has both advantages and disadvantages.It can be quite confusing for users because you will not find a website that is flawless, you just choose what you can compromise on. However, we have highlighted for you the fundamental factors below. The key thing is that the website serves your needs and helps you optimize your performance. These factors include:

  • Personal preference: what kind of themes do you want to see on your website. Checking out diverse websites will help you settle on one that suits your preference.
  •  Cost: perhaps this is the most crucial factor for most people. Having a website that offers a free trial account test helps you see whether this will be your website of choice.  
  • Goals for the website: what functionality are you looking for? Is it an online store or a creating a blog or doing podcasts? Various website builders favour some functionalities more than others. As much as a good number of them can serve general purposes, if you are looking forward to having a specific major task, go for the one that is specifically made for that purpose.
  • Growth options: As much as you are just building a website, it is important to know that your future is secure. You can ask the questions: Is it possible to upgrade? This is because trends keep changing and you will not want to remain stuck in the old fashion zone. If you want to expand your scope of selling services or products is it possible for you to do that on the website?
  • Features: Website builders have diverse inbuilt resources. In this case, what is your priority? Is it available? These may include gallery, blog, videos, a reservation system, an online store, etc.
  • Security: It is

What does Wix Offer?

There are two ways that you can create a website using Wix. One way is using the WIX ADI which uses a series of questions to help you build a website according to your needs. The second option is using the Wix Editor which has a free plan and allows you to make your website according to your preference to the last detail. This is the most common option for majority of the users.

Statistically, most of the users stay on the website builder for over a year. This only means that Wix has high customer satisfaction. Below are other statistics that show the performance of Wix so far in the market:

Describing Wix

Describing Wix

Describing Wix

The free plan allows you to make a make free website. In addition, wix does not limit you to just one website. The downside of having the free plan is that you will be not allowed to have a custom name, you will have access to limited features and Wix normally does advertising on the free sites. Before we investigate the advantages, disadvantages of Wix and its comparison to other Wix alternatives, it is important to know the most important factors in choosing a website.

Advantages of Wix

  • All in one, one stop shop. This means it contains all the resources you need for building your website especially templates.
  • Very easy and intuitive to use
  • Offers a very good professional outlook
  • Allows you to buy third party domains and connect it to Wix
  • It is possible to change the domain name on the Wix website
  • It is possible to unpublish the website
  • Enables Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • One can conduct email marketing campaigns
  • Allows editing your website after publishing. It is also possible to edit a website in the background while it is still live and publish it after you have finished.

Disadvantages of Wix

  • High Price- it is a premium service which is
  • Slow because of the drag-and-drop elements
  • Limited number of apps compared to other websites
  • Changes are not automatic e.g. when deleting
  • You can add only upto 100 pages and more pages increases loading time
  • Free plans have adds

Top 8 Wix Alternatives


This is the best professional Wix alternatives which helps you spend the least time in creating web projects. One does not have to be competent in coding or even design skills. The advantages below will prove the credibility of this web resource and you can also click here to access an elaborate guide.


  • Easy to Use
  • Appealing and sorted out templates that are uniquely designed
  • A fast loading website with an inbuilt framework like CDN, GZIP compression technology, among others. It ensures that you keep visitors on your site
  • Assured website security is a major priority by the host server as they conduct security maintenance regularly.
  • Availability of disaster recovery measures which prevents financial losses
  • Unique and superior blogging features


  • Pricier than most builders due to its superior features and speed
  • Few templates for the free version


This website builder is known for having end products that are beautiful and the brand generally has a history of trust. It is normally a good option as one of the Wix alternatives. Some of the top unique features it offers include 1,000 installed Apps and up to 1000 pages that have a predetermined structure. It also allows for changes to be published as soon as you make them. Below is a highlight of the pros and cons:


  • Excellent marketing capabilities Good with ecommerce store: customized email receipt
  • Excellent blogging tools: scheduled posting, multi-authors
  • Optimize SEO
  • It offers a wide range of templates that make it easy to build your website for a short time. Otherwise it is possible to start from a blank page and customize it to your preference.
  • Most templates rely on photography and allows you to replace the stock photos with your own photos which allows you to have a resulting impressive outlook while retaining the good picture qualities you desire for the final look.
  • It has an easy navigation which is very friendly even for beginners.
  • It is a wholesome builder containing plugins, apps, widgets and even the website analytics are part of the package. This reduces the chances of having incompatible updates.
  • The pricing for the builder includes site, hosting, redundancies, and security which ensures that the up-time rates are good.
  • SquareSpace offers 24/7 support through the live chat box and the email tickets.


  • You must have a subscription on the onset with a very short trial period
  • Structured with a grid system which may be quite rigid for the creatives
  • Hard to customize
  • It lacks phone support which makes it hard during troubleshooting as a simple question may not be answered as efficiently in the chat box
  • It is quite expensive with $12-$26 plans per month
  • Lacks advanced marketing tools like A/B tesying and the SEO is quite lacking
  • Lacks support for third-party apps, plugins and extensions which makes it hard for beginners to customize their site.
  • Editing can be difficult especially when adding pages, editing templates, adding a new blog and moving elements.


This is a website builder with a content managing system that is very common with bloggers.  It is one of the recommendable Wix alternatives.


  • Offers a wide variety of professional themes
  • It is mobile friendly
  • 57,016 apps unlimited pages categories on tags
  • Relatively less expensive. Most people prefer using it over than hiring a designer to build your site from scratch
  • Easy user management
  • It contains robust security features.
  • Price-friendly
  • It is easy to integrate with social media


  • Excess plug-ins
  • It has frequent updates
  • Slow loading
  • It is an open source
  • It uses MySQL database backend


Been around since 2007, quality Closed websites for students. Powers more than 40 million websites worldwide and it allows blogging. As a competitor, it is a good Wix alternative.


  • Ease of Use due to the drag-and-drop interface
  • Easy-to -use themes which have a great appearance and perfect for mobile devices.
  • Allows collaborative use whereby you can give other people access to the website to allow editing
  • Allows for special membership areas with divided identity


  • Small variety of templates
  • It is not as flexible since it is quite structured

Site 123

It is an efficient website builder that has been existent since 2016. It has an easy set-up which allows you to just do it on your browser. To most users, it has been a good Wix alternative.


  • Simple to use
  • Price friendly
  • Multilingual


  • The free plan has many ads. To remove them you must use the advanced plan which is quite pricey
  • It restricts having a unique layout since most of them are just ok for the standard look
  • It is impossible to access the coding


Enables beginners to create a fully working internet presence in a short duration. Over the years, there has been more than 10,000,000 websites created using this website builder. It is common with sound artists, online stores, video and photographer websites.


  • It has a user editor
  • Possible to embed YouTube videos
  • Free basic version
  • Professionals have a choice between Pro and business packages
  • Has an email account with your domain
  • Many functions
  • Huge and adequate storage


  • Not as flexible
  • Pics and images cannot be directly edited or cropped on the editor
  • Not all templates are compatible with cell phones


This website was founded in the year 2013 and is mostly favorable for designers because of its flexibility and control.


  • One can edit on a published website while it is still live
  • Drag and drop capability which makes it easy
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Possible to integrate multi-language solutions
  • Offers over 40 course lessons for customers
  • It favors experienced designers
  • Possible to export sites to other platforms


  • Quite expensive
  • It has a limited number of templates
  • Lacks in-built eCommerce plug-ins and add-ons
  • Complex to use for beginners


This platform is loaded with a website builder, store builder, responsive web themes, funnel, blogging tools and responsive web themes. It is friendly for beginners as it uses the drag-and-drop function. The main target users include: online sellers, start-ups, freelancers, aspiring digital sellers and marketers.


  • Allows for lifetime hosting with just $49 per month
  • Fast in loading
  • It does not charge for e-commerce sites
  • One can add CSS and scripts
  • Possible to change domain names
  • Uses an affiliate program


  • It has few marketing apps which lack email automation tools
  • It lacks credibility as it is a new website builder in the market
  • The builder only includes basic functionalities

A Summary of the Wix Alternatives

#Website BuilderPlansTo Sign-up
1Olitt Summary$0-$100 Click here
2Squarespace summary$12-$26Click here summary$0-$45 Click here
4Weebly Summary$6-$26 Click here
5Simvoly Summary$12-$149 Click here
6Site123 Summary$0-$270 Click here
7Jimdo Summary
$0-$39Click  here
8Webflow Summary$12-$36Click here 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are wix competitors?

Squarespace, OLITT, WordPress, Webflow, Jimdo, Simvoly, Site123, and Weebly are all strong Wix alternatives. They all offer to blog and their pricing is quite competitive to that of Wix

2. What is better than Wix

OLITT, Weebly, and Squarespace are the best Wix alternatives. OLITT is especially a fast-loading website with high security, offers a unique outlook, and is easy to use. Weebly and Squarespace are also easy to use with better pricing and with good ecommerce features.

3. Is Wix or Weebly better

Wix offers numerous highly customizable templates while there are only about 40 inbuilt themes in Weebly. These two website builders have the drag and drop functionality which makes it easy for beginners to use. On the other hand, Weebly gives a better choice for bigger sites.

4. Is Wix or GoDaddy better

Wix is better than GoDaddy in the sense that it provides better quality features and has creditable plans of which GoDaddy is limited in. However, when it comes to speed GoDaddy is the better choice.

5. Is Weebly owned by Google

Weebly was founded in 2007 and was created by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri and Chris Fanini when they were still students at Pennsylvania State University. Currently it is San Francisco based and it offers a global platform for people to create a unique website, blog, or online store.

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