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Easy AI-powered builder

  • Utilize the AI Builder's capabilities to swiftly and effortlessly craft a distinctive website layout
  • Alternatively, you can construct it on your own using a wide array of stunning website design templates tailored to specific industries.

All the features you need to succeed online

  • Personalize various features such as banners, galleries, forms, and additional components
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to generate website content and personalize your site to perfectly align with your business or brand.

What could your website look like?

Select from a diverse range of imaginative designs tailored to suit various industries and types of businesses.

Unique Domain Name

Select a suitable domain name for your business or brand and enjoy the first year free of charge.

Built-in Web Hosting

The website builder we offer comes with integrated hosting for quick loading times and dependable backup features.

SSL Certificate

Assure customers that their sensitive information is safeguarded and your website is reliable due to the implementation of SSL security measures.

Expert support

Require aid? Our committed staff is available to assist you. Feel free to engage with a real person as frequently as necessary.

Let our pros build it

  • Custom website design & copy
  • Your own in-house design tea
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy-to-reach support

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Frequently Asked Questions

To begin, log in to your Olitt profile. Then, at the top right corner of your profile, click on "Create website." Next, browse through the available templates, select one that suits your needs, and proceed to create your website.
Simply navigate to the "Create a Website" button from your website list and explore the available templates to find the perfect fit for your site.
Once you've chosen your template, you can edit your website by hovering over the image and clicking "Go to Editor," or by clicking the dropdown menu under "Site Actions" and selecting "Edit."
To add additional pages to your website, open the editor on your selected template. Then, at the top left corner of the editor, click on "Index," followed by "Add Page."
Yes, you can create a website for free. However, please note that Olitt may require you to subscribe to one of their packages in order to remove the Olitt banner or ads from your site.