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Zyro Vs Shopify: Which One Is The Best For Online Store?

Today, we are looking at Zyro Vs Shopify.

Whenever you hear Shopify, you immediately know we are going to cover online stores.

While that may be a fact, this article will be looking at a wider scope of building an e-commerce empire, and how tools like Zyro and Shopify play a pivotal role in making sure that you have your business up and running.

But before we get down to it, as an online store owner, what should you be looking for in a store builder?

  • Should be easy to use. The last thing you want is getting stuck because you cannot navigate the tool, thus affecting the delivery and quality of your projects
  • Since this is a tool, it needs to come with a variety of templates or themes. Don’t forget that everyone is using the same tool to create their ecom stores. As such, there is the risk of having the same storefronts especially when the templates are limited.
  • Pricing is something else. The goal of using a website builder is to avoid designers’ hefty fees. It is vital, therefore, to pick a tool that will not only be pocket friendly but doesn’t compromise on deliverables
  • Marketing tools – once your store is up and running, it won’t make you any money unless it is attracting customers. As such, an online store builder you pick should offer you everything you need to get that first sale, second, and so forth.

Make no mistake, there are a ton of things you need to look into before settling on a store builder. 

What I have listed above was just a pointer to the fact that you need to be intentional when shopping for a website builder.

Zyro vs Shopify e-commerce comparison

Based on the foundation we have laid using the factors we mentioned earlier, we can now tackle Zyro vs Shopify comparison using that basis.

But before, what is the main difference between the two website builders?

Well, Zyro is a general website builder. Meaning, you can use it to create a variety of websites ranging from online stores, blogging, business, and personal sites.

On the flip side, Shopify is exclusively dedicated to helping aspiring e-com entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale online stores.

With this, the store builder has availed a number of tools and features that helps towards the same.

Zyro Vs Shopify; Ease of Use

Creating a website using Zyro is straightforward.

From the homepage design and navigation, you can instantly locate buttons without much hustle.

Zyro Vs Shopify

As you can see, the templates are easy to locate.

All you have to do is click on eCommerce and then browse the available templates. By the time of writing this Zyro vs Shopify guide, the tool had at least 20 online store website templates.

On the other hand, Shopify markets itself as the best online store builder. But it doesn’t mean it is one of the easiest tools out there.

But despite that, the UI is one the easiest to navigate.

Zyro Vs Shopify

From your dashboard, you can easily locate important parts of operating your online business.

What stands out the most about Shopify is how they link to tutorials. This means that a complete beginner can use their software without outside guidance.

Zyro vs Shopify; Templates

As we had mentioned earlier, there are thousands of people resorting to using website builders than digging into code, thanks to free tools like Olitt.

For this reason, there is the risk of not having that unique branding as you’d wish, especially when there are few templates to choose from.

Take Zyro e-commerce, for example, they have at least 20 online store website templates.

Zyro Vs Shopify

However, there are a lot of customization capabilities you can use.

As such, it is rare to get two websites using the same template looking almost identical.

Remember, you can strip down all the building elements of a template and use start from scratch.

Shopify comes with over 60 themes for you to choose from.

Zyro Vs Shopify

And they are categorized according to the type of store you wish to build.

For example;

If you want to create an online for selling toys, you will find a dedicated category containing templates for such websites.

One more thing, each theme is highly customizable. And you can easily image, change texts, and add pages.

Zyro vs Shopify; Product features and presentation

Under this category, we are looking at how each tool presents products.

See, the decision of whether to buy a product or pass is influenced by the amount of information made available.

Zyro gives you an option to include all the information the customer will need to make that purchase decision.

zyro ecommerce

For example;

Product description, size and color selector, and an option to favorite the product.

While Shopify comes with the same capabilities, it takes this one step further.

For example;

You have an option to track the movement of your inventory. And a box to check to continue selling when the product is out of stock.

shopify ecommerce

To make it even better, Shopify has additional add-ons you can use. While these are paid apps, they help appealingly present your products, thus increasing the chances of you making a sale.

Payment Gateways and Options

When running an online store, you need a wide selection of payment options in order to accommodate most of the clients coming in.

Zyro comes with a wide list of payment options including; PayPal and Stripe among others.

zyro payment methods

On the other hand, Shopify supports a wide variety of payment gateways as well.

shopify payment methods

And you can select your country to see the supported payment options.

For example;

Here in the US, Shopify supports;

  • Paysafe
  • Pinwheel
  • Psigate
  • QuadPay
  • QuickBooks Payments
  • Sage Payment Solutions

Among others.

What’s worth noting is that Shopify comes with other payment options such as their own POS, Shopify POS.

Zyro vs Shopify; Marketing

Without marketing, you don’t have a business.

Shopify has made it easier for you to market your online store to reach more people and possibly make more sales.

For example;

Through their content marketing and social media resources, you can reach the right people who’d be interested in your products.

One of the most prominent ways of doing that is through SEO.

Here, you create a content marketing strategy that incorporates SEO best practices. And then using the Shopify blogging tools to implement the plan.

By doing so, you are increasing your chances of ranking on search engines.

Luckily, Shopify makes it easy to optimize an article to meet search engine (SEO) requirements.

shopify marketing

Zyro website builder on the other hand comes with AI tools to help streamline the whole marketing process.

For example;

With their AI Slogan generator, you can instantly get the perfect by-line to hook your store visitors.

zyro ai slogan maker

Also, you can access SEO resources to increase your website’s visibility on search engines.

Additionally, just like Shopify, Zyro allows you to run automated Facebook ads. This way, you can leverage over 2 billion Facebook users and a sophisticated advertising system.


At some point in your online business journey, you will run into challenges. And when that happens, you need a standby support team available to help and at a moment’s notice.

Zyro understands this, which is why their support team is available 24/7.

zyro support

You can reach them through Live Chat, Email, or social media.

At the same time, Shopify offers 24/7 support. 

You can also use their forums, FAQs section, and documentation pages to find the solutions you are looking for.

Zyro vs Shopify Pricing

What does each charge?

For Zyro, this is one of the most affordable website builders.

zyro pricing table

For just $1.89 per month, you can have a 3 GB bandwidth, 1 GB of storage, and access to blogging tools among others.


All these Zyro prices are heavily discounted, which means they can change at any time.

Shopify on the other hand comes with a free 14-day trial.

shopify free trial

From there, you can start paying $29 per month with an option to upgrade to higher plans.

shopify pricing plan

With Shopify, there are certain features and tools only available to higher premium plans.

For example;

You can only use third-party apps to calculated shipping rates on Advanced Shopify package.

Zyro vs Shopify; Alternative

Now that you have an idea of what to expect when it comes to choosing between the two tools, let me introduce you to a third tool you can use now to create stunning online stores for free.

I am talking about Olitt.

Olitt is a free website builder you can use to create an e-commerce website in under 10 minutes.

With this tool, you can create a website and connect a custom domain even when using the free plan.

olitt website builder pricing

As an online store builder, Olitt comes with a ton of templates that are easily customizable and appealing.

olitt online stores

Furthermore, you can integrate with payment methods like Flutterwave, PayPal, and Stripe.

As for the marketing part, Olitt empowers you to reach more potential customers through SEO.

Also, you can easily share your website on all the popular social media platforms.


Get started here now. It is free, and no credit card is required.

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