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Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria – Which One is Better? (Pros and Cons)

Are you looking for the best tool to start blogging in Nigeria? In this Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria, we will cover their pros and cons. 

And in the end, you will get a clear picture of which one to use.

See, creating a website today in Nigeria doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, you do not need any special skills to get started.

All you need is an idea of what you would love to write about and a determination to keep going.

Now, to create a website, you need two things;

One, a domain name. This is the special address people will be using to access your website.

And in some cases, it is the brand name of your business, assuming you are building a business brand online.

Now, to get the domain name, you need to buy one through website name registrars in Nigeria, like Truehost Nigeria.

Once you have the domain name, you need a place to build the website. And that is where website hosting in Nigeria comes in.

Hosting space is where you will store all of your website’s files including images, articles, videos, etc.

With these two things, you can be on your way to blogging stardom in Nigeria.

But what you may not be aware of is that you do not have to spend money to get all of these.

Wix and WordPress in Nigeria are the tools that can offer the necessary tools you need to get started.

Wix in Nigeria

Wix is one of the widely used website builder tools. It allows you to create a website without the need to use the code.

With this tool, you need only to pick a website template, which is a pre-built website, and then start editing with ease.

Additionally, you will get free web hosting and a domain name to go with it (though it is a subdomain, eg,

Either way, it gets the job done, and is perfect for those intending to go online as fast as possible.

WordPress in Nigeria

WordPress is a popular, open-source content management system software available as a free download to anyone.

There are two versions of this epic software;

  • – which can be compared to Wix considering it enables you to build a website without any coding skills. Gives you a free domain just like Wix as well as the hosting. 
  • – this is a downloadable wp CMS version, and the most popular used.

Now, between the two, WordPress and Wix, which one should you choose in Nigeria?

Check out our comparison of Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria with pros and cons to see which one is better for your needs.

1. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria: Pricing and Costs

As mentioned earlier, both WordPress and Wix come with free plans.

With Wix free plan in Nigeria, you get access to hundreds of free website templates, tens of editing tools, and access to the Wix Apps market (which is like the plugin repository on WordPress.

What you don’t have is the ability to change the given domain name to a custom one, unless you upgrade to one of the paid plans which starts from $4.50 per month.

Under the paid plans on Wix, you get upgraded resources, though they may not be enough under the cheaper plans, they are enough to keep you going.

If you are looking to get more resources like unlimited bandwidth, more storage space, and the ability to start an online store in Nigeria on Wix, you may have to part with $17 per month.

On WordPress, you can still create a website for free, but cannot add a custom domain unless you upgrade your account.

Luckily, the prices start from $4 per month.

Such plans allow you to even collect payments in your account and do much more things you wouldn’t do under the free plan.

2. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria: Ease of Use

The real reason why people in Nigeria opt for either WordPress or Wix is to avoid hiring website designers.

They are expensive and in most cases, don’t even deliver the work you wanted.

As such, having access to tools that empower you to create the website you need is powerful.

And considering you will be doing the work by yourself, it is critical that the tool makes everything easy for you to understand in an instant and be able to use it, otherwise, it will be a waste of time and energy.


Wix makes everything easier for you when creating a website. And no matter your skill level, you can get started easily.

They have two options;

One, using the Wix ADI tool

wix vs wordpress in nigeria

Here, by answering a couple of questions, you can be on your way to creating a stunning website within minutes.

Two, using templates. 

wix vs wordpress in nigeria

Here, Wix gives you access to over 200 pre-made website templates suited for every type of website you can think of.

All you have to do is pick a template and start editing.

And on top of all these, you have a drag and drop editor. With it, you can move elements around on your website easily.


With the latest WordPress updates, the tool is easier than ever to create pages thanks to its advanced Block Editor.

wix vs wordpress in nigeria

Block editor gives you unrivaled capabilities to build beautiful pages without worrying about the code.

You can add images, texts, special shapes, and other blocks anywhere on your website.

In the end, the Wix editor interface is easy to use but lacks advanced capabilities. 

WordPress is easy to use and has extensive features that come with a little bit of a learning curve.

3. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria: Design and Layout

The way you create your website design and layout are integral to your success. 

Every website owner needs a design that is not only good-looking but also user-friendly and that makes their brand stand out.

And at the center of achieving this, you need awesome templates.

In that spirit, Wix in Nigeria comes with 800+ website templates. All of which are grouped under popular websites categories.

This means that if you are creating a personal website in Nigeria, you will find the perfect templates under the creative category.

wix templates in nigeria

Additionally, all of Wix’s website templates are fully responsive designs written in HTML5. And are easy to tweak and rearrange to your liking with our integrated toolset.

The downside?

You may find it hard to find a suitable template.

Even if you have found one that suits your taste, you might be disappointed to know that you can’t change the template once you have chosen it.

You can modify the template and customize it however you want but you can’t switch to another template.


Just like Wix, WordPress comes with a ton of website templates in form of themes.

These themes are the ones you can install on your website to give it a pleasant design and layout.

wordpress themes in Nigeria

There are both free WordPress themes, as well as the paid ones.

All of their templates are mobile responsive and are available for any type of website ranging from blogs to eCommerce websites in Nigeria.

And if you do find a beautiful WordPress theme but still lacks a specific functionality, you can install plugins to close the cap.

WordPress in Nigeria has a much more diverse range of themes and design layouts than Wix. 

WordPress users can also easily switch themes or customize them as much as they want without any restrictions.

And you can sort through them based on your website type.

4. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria: Plugins and Apps

Plugins and Apps are extensions you can use to improve the functionality of your website.

Wix calls them apps, and in the WordPress ecosystem, they are called plugins. 

Let us compare apps and plugins available on both platforms and what you can do with them.

Wix makes it easy to bring your website to life with nearly 200+ apps to choose from. 

4. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria: Plugins and Apps

Better part?

Most of these apps are available for free.

On WordPress, you have plugins.

wordpress plugins in Nigeria

You can download, install, and activate on your wordpress website in Nigeria.

Just like Wix apps, there are both premium and free plugins. But the majority of them come with pro features, which you must upgrade to gain access to them.

In terms of third-party integrations, WordPress blows Wix out of the water. 

Whereas Wix has a small number of app integration options, WordPress has an endless supply.

These apps offer a wide range of features, including contact forms, galleries, comments, social media buttons, email marketing, and so on.

5. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria – Which one is better for blogging?

Blogging is a growing career in Nigeria, where most people now are able to earn a living directly from home through their writing skills.

Blogging with Wix in Nigeria is easier than you thought. The tool allows you to add a blog section to your website where you can share your expertise with the audience.

wix blogging in Nigeria

Their blogging feature comes with basic capabilities you’d expect such as adding tags, categories, and images among others.

The downside is their comments. It is slow and a little harder to manage unlike WordPress in Nigeria.

In fact, most people end up using third-party comments apps like Facebook and Disqus.

WordPress on the other hand is the holy grail of blogging in Nigeria.

In fact, WordPress started out as a blogging platform. It only later branched out to include a website builder.

But still powers over 40% of the entire internet today!

wordpress blogging in nigeria

Worpress blogs do really well on Google rankings as compared to other CMS. It supports mobile-friendly websites and user-focused designs and layouts.

And the Gutenberg block editor we looked at earlier cement everything. With it, you can add media to your blog posts to boost engagement and value readers can derive from your articles.

WordPress blows Wix out of the water when it comes to blogging in Nigeria. 

They don’t even compare when it comes to features. 

If you are thinking about starting a blog in Nigeria, it doesn’t even come close to WordPress.

6. Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria Ecommerce Comparison

If you are building an eCommerce business in Nigeria, which should you use between Wix and WordPress?

Wix allows you to create an online store in Nigeria without touching the code, which is really cool considering most people hate coding.

It comes with a ton of online store templates which makes the creation process fast and painless.

Once your store is up and running, you can easily add products, either one by one or upload in bulk.

Wix also supports the most popular payment methods that can be added easily to your website in Nigeria.

But the downside is that you need to be a paying customer to start selling or accepting payments on your Wix website in Nigeria.

On the other hand, WordPress comes with themes and plugins all geared towards making selling online easy and 123.

And unlike Wix, you can get started for free, as long as you have hosting space and a domain.

All you have to do is install the most popular online store tools, WooCommerce to your domain, and off you go.

We know, it is tough to look past Wix when the interface is so appealing. 

But if you want to build a proper online store and be ready for growth, then WordPress + WooCommerce offers much more flexibility, freedom, and choices when compared to Wix.

Final Verdict: Wix vs WordPress in Nigeria – Which One is Better?

WordPress in Nigeria provides a robust suite of tools that are unmatched by Wix. 

Wix may seem like a neat idea at first, but after you figure out how to set up a website on WordPress, you will quickly see how outdated and unusable Wix really is.

How do you decide what CMS to choose?

If you want a free website builder that has lots of templates then check out 

If you need something more powerful than this but still have an affordable price tag then go for 

What are the benefits of using a website builder over building your own site from scratch?

Website builders in Nigeria like WIX make it easy to create beautiful websites without having any coding knowledge. 

They also allow users to customize their site in many different ways. This means they can be used by anyone regardless of skill level. 

However, there are some downsides as well. 

For example, if you are looking for a simple blog, WIX might not be right for you.

It doesn’t offer much flexibility when it comes to customization options. On top of that, most people don’t know how to code so building from scratch may seem easier at first glance. 

But once you start adding features, things get complicated very quickly. So before choosing between these two platforms, consider all of their benefits and drawbacks.

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