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Wix Alternatives In Pakistan (Top 10 Best Choices in 2021)

Creating a website nowadays is a fun and affordable venture after the introduction of website builders like Wix. Finding the right website builder is now the main challenge especially with the enormous selection of Wix alternatives in Pakistan.

It all depends on the type of website that you want to create and your target audience. Some builders allow you to create regular websites, others allow you to create online stores while a few of them can serve both purposes.

Top 10 Wix Alternatives in Pakistan

Let us kick off by looking at Wix ADI which is quite different from the Wix editor.


The Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) in Wix creates web pages automatically. This eliminates all the editing hustles for you by taking you through the following simple steps:

  • Respond to a couple of questions
  • Enter your social media handles
  • Select your vertical for example ecommerce or blog

The rest is done by the ADI to generate a website for you in less than 10 minutes.


  • Does not have a learning curve hence it saves time for you
  • Fast prototyping as it makes it possible for you to create a unique and functional website
  • Good looking websites that you can also customize to your preference


  • Limited SEO options hence you cannot manage the URLs with as much control
  • Lacks flexibility
  • Few support materials since it is a new product

Wix ADI is more like Wix but it is a better option for beginners or for anyone who wants to create a website in the shortest possible time.


This website builder has been in existence for more than ten years now and has a huge base of 30 million users. It is based in the Czech Republic and over the years it has grown through many phases towards great improvements.


  • It is great for SEO as it gives plenty of options in ranking keywords
  • Template designs are modern and responsive on any device
  • The multilingual options enable users to switch languages on the website


  • Lacks ecommerce features
  • It has missing features like social media widgets, app store, search bar and blogging functions

Webnode is a good Wix alternative in Pakistan especially when you need a multilingual website, or you want a professional email at a low price.


This website builder started small and has grown immensely over the years to host more than 40 million websites. The best part about this Wix alternative in Pakistan is that they are committed to improving their features of which they update frequently.


  • It is one of the easiest builders you will come across
  • A great option for large websites as it offers control for a large number of web pages
  • Responsive themes which are automatically resized depending on the device you are using


  • It lacks multilingual options hence it may not be favourable for international website users
  • Limited number templates
  • It uses a grid which makes it less flexible and can be limiting for individuals who want complete control

Weebly is a good Wix alternative in Pakistan especially if you are looking for a good blogging option. Also, if you are not about your design skills, Weebly will work well as it is not as structured.


In other words, it is known as the king of Content management Systems (CMS). It is a powerful website builder that gives you the freedom to create whichever kind of website you need, be it a blog or an online store.

As much as it sounds very promising, let us explore why this would be one of the best Wix alternatives in Pakistan.


  • It is a free software that only requires you to pay for hosting but gives you all the control over monthly costs
  • Flexible and scalable. You not only have full control over your site, but you can also grow over time
  • WordPress is expandable which means that it has enough plugins and templates to create any type of website, including multilingual sites


  • You have to take care of maintenance including plug ins and version updates as well as the security of your site
  • Lack of adequate support which means trying to find useful information from the disorganized support forums

One will opt for WordPress over Wix if you have a project that needs 100% customization and needs to grow over the years.


This website builder is unique because of sponsoring a lot of the website builders you know of. They are also a sleek website builder who claim to be the best for blogs, online stores, and portfolios.


  • A strong blogging platform which is second only to WordPress. It works best as long as you do not need all the SEO options
  • Reliable customer support whereby you get quick and helpful answers vial the live chat
  • Excellent designs and templates which look stunning, sleek and modern.


  • The prices are higher than most other website builders
  • It does not have a free plan, they only have a 14-day trial period
  • Heavily relies on professional pictures which is good for the outlook but replacing them makes the website look unprofessional
  • Sometimes their loading speeds are quite slow which does not offer a great user experience as well as SEO

Squarespace is a good Wix alternative in Pakistan especially if you are looking forward to creating a blogging website or starting a small ecommerce project as they have no charges for transactions.


This is not an extremely popular website builder, but you will be shocked to learn that they support over 20 million websites. Most of these should be small business owners which we will get to know shortly.

One of the things that makes it one of the best Wix alternatives in Pakistan is its ease of use. The drag and drop editor, a clean interface as well as a great side-wide option for customising the themes all at once.


  • Decent SEO options that rank your site well in a search engine
  • Easy to use as it has an excellent editor which favours beginners, and the site-wide feature helps save time when editing
  • A Jimdo mobile app which lets you create a website from the app on any device
  • Jimdo Dolphin, which is an equivalent of the Wix ADI, is a solid tool that enables you to create a website fast


  • Modest online stores that does not allow importing or exporting data to a spreadsheet
  • Templates are not flexible especially for people who like moving things around
  • Limited features, some basic features are missing, for example membership logins

Jimdo works best for users who prefer a structured approach to design unlike Wix which is way more flexible. Also, you can create a website fast on the go and get a decent site.


This is a more reputable ecommerce website builder than Wix. This is because Wix supports small ecommerce sites and has its own limitations, but Shopify specialises on online stores.

For more than a decade, this Canadian provider has grown immensely and currently hosts some of the most popular online stores. Let us find out more about its pros and cons.


  • It is a huge builder that is friendly and intuitive hence easy to use
  • Responsive, sleek, and modern templates that have a beautiful final outlook
  • Scalable as it is possible to expand your site with Shopify


  • Lacks a multilingual option
  • The Shopify URL structure is not flexible which is a downside for Search Engine Optimization

If you are considering setting up an online store then Shopify is one of the best Wix alternatives in Pakistan.


This is one of the most popular ecommerce builders that has its origin in Texas. It generates up to $10 billion in yearly sales and has every feature you would need to set up an online store.

How then does it perform as one of the best Wix alternatives?


  • Does not charge transaction fees
  • It is probably the best ecommerce builder with great SEO features
  • Product flexibility that allows you to add as many variants, for example weight, colour, size, material, etc


  • The editor is not the easiest to use
  • It has a sales threshold whereby you are charged for selling above a given number every year.

It offers a better option than Wix for those who need advanced features in setting up a solid online store.


This is a sleek website builder that produces professional websites in just a matter of minutes. They have superior features at incredibly affordable prices as well as one of the easiest editors that you will come across.

The builder is made with all the user needs as the core as you shall find out from the pros and cons. This will also help us figure out why it is one of the best Wix alternatives in Pakistan.


  • All sites published on OLITT are encrypted with an SSL certificate for free
  • Easy builder with an intuitive and friendly outlook
  • Fast loading sites
  • Modern, sleek, and responsive templates on all devices
  • Great SEO tools
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Reliable ecommerce features for a small online store


  • Fewer templates as compared to its competitors
  • Limited payment options for online stores

OLITT is a great alternative to Wix as it produces edge and fast websites and is a more budget-friendly resource.

Here is a quick summary of where to look as you look forward to building a website:

  • Large Online store: Shopify or BigCommerce
  • Small online store: OLITT, Wix, Squarespace or Jimdo
  • Blog: WordPress, Squarespace, or Weebly
  • Multilingual site: Webnode
  • Resume builder: OLITT

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