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Free Online Store with Products To Sell (comes with products)

Are you broke but looking to venture into e-commerce? Well, you can find a free online store, with products. 

I know it sounds impossible. 

But then, am here to tell you otherwise. 

Free Online Store with Products To Sell (comes with products)

The fact is, you can enter the world of e-commerce without breaking the bank!

Interestingly, getting a free online store that comes with products to sell, is like literary walking into a stocked-up shop and being handed the keys.

Let me introduce you to a revolutionary concept that is transforming the way aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners enter the digital marketplace.

By the end of this article, you will be thanking me. 

I will guide you on how you can leverage this opportunity to build a successful online business.

Let’s begin your entrepreneurial journey!

The Benefits of a Free Online Store with Products

Minimal Initial Investment

One of the primary advantages of using a free online store is the elimination of hefty upfront costs.

Traditional brick-and-mortar stores often require substantial investments in rent, utilities, and physical inventory.

With a free online store, startups and small businesses can get started with minimal expenses.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

Many platforms that offer free online stores offer basic plans without monthly subscription fees.

That’s what makes the online store free, to begin with.

This allows entrepreneurs to allocate their budget to other critical aspects of the business, such as marketing and product development.

No monthly subscription fee

Cost-efficient Marketing

Given a free online store and even products to sell is a huge boost the allows you to focus on growing your business.

Some of the strategies you can focus on include marketing.

Online marketing and social media strategies tend to be more affordable than traditional advertising channels.

This affordability allows smaller businesses to compete on a level playing field with larger counterparts without breaking the bank.

Platforms That Offer a Free Online Store with Products

While platforms that offer free online stores with pre-loaded products to sell are advantageous, they are relatively few. 

However, there are strategic hacks and alternative approaches that entrepreneurs can explore to initiate their online ventures without significant upfront costs. 

Here’s a breakdown of these approaches:

Platforms with a Free Online Store and Pre-Loaded Products

These are typically the platforms offering a free online store with products to sell

These platforms provide a rare and valuable feature—pre-loaded products that users can sell or customize and sell seamlessly through their online stores. 

This is an ideal solution for those who prefer not to handle inventory or fulfillment.

This category can include platforms with print-on-demand products if they offer a free online store.

Examples of these platforms include:

1. Spreadshop

Spreadshop allows users to create and customize an online store to sell personalized merchandise. 

Users can design and sell products, and Spreadshop handles the production and shipping.

Spreadshop with no hassle

Key Features:

Integration with Spreadshop’s product catalog.

Customizable merchandise creation.

Print-on-demand and order fulfillment by Spreadshop.

2. Olitt

Olitt is a website builder that offers a free plan with pre-loaded templates and features for creating online stores. 

Users can customize their websites without the need for coding skills.

Key Features:

Pre-loaded templates for quick website setup.

User-friendly website builder.

Suitable for users with limited technical knowledge.

3. Printful

Printful is a print-on-demand and dropshipping platform that enables users to create and sell custom-designed products.

Key Features:

Extensive range of customizable products.

No upfront costs or inventory management.

Automated order fulfillment and shipping.

4. Teespring

Teespring is a print-on-demand platform that allows users to design and sell custom apparel and other products.

Key Features:

Design and sell custom products.

No upfront costs or inventory management.

Print-on-demand and shipping handled by Teespring.

Platforms with a Free Online Store and Integration with a Marketplace or Catalog

By integrating a marketplace or catalog with platforms that offer free online stores, you can potentially access a free online store that comes with products to sell.

A marketplace allows users to integrate products into their free online store. 

Users can browse and import products from the marketplace to sell in their stores without needing to manage inventory or product creation.

Free Online Store with Products To Sell (comes with products)

Examples of these platforms include:

1. Stampr

Stampr is a platform that allows users to import products from the Stampr Marketplace into their online store, streamlining the process of sourcing products.

Key Features:

Integration with Stampr Marketplace.

Easy import of products into the online store.

Stampr handles packing and shipping.

Platforms with Free Online Store and Dropshipping

These are platforms that offer free online stores but they do not come with pre-loaded products. 

However, users can integrate with dropshipping suppliers or marketplaces to source products to sell in their stores without holding inventory.

This category also includes platforms with print-on-demand products.

The hack is that since print-on-demand services offer pre-loaded products such as T-shirts, hoodies, and mugs, then users can customize and sell through their free online stores.

Examples of these platforms include:

1. Shopify

Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that offers a range of features, including support for dropshipping and print-on-demand.

Key Features:

User-friendly interface.

App ecosystem for customization.

Support for dropshipping and print-on-demand apps.

2. WooCommerce (as a plugin for WordPress)

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that transforms a website into a fully functional e-commerce store, with support for dropshipping and print-on-demand.

Key Features:

Integration with WordPress.

Customization through plugins and themes.

Support for dropshipping and print-on-demand extensions.


3. Ecwid

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform that seamlessly integrates with existing websites and supports drop shipping.

Key Features:

Easy integration with various platforms.

Support for dropshipping.

Mobile-responsive online store.

4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a robust e-commerce platform that supports various business models, including dropshipping and print-on-demand.

Key Features:

Scalable and feature-rich.

Support for multiple sales channels.

Integration with popular payment gateways.

5. Big Cartel

Big Cartel is an e-commerce platform that caters to smaller businesses and independent artists. 

It supports customization and provides features for selling physical and digital products.

Key Features:

User-friendly interface.

Customizable storefronts.

Suitable for small businesses and independent artists.

Setting Up Your Free Online Store

After choosing the right platform for your free online store, follow these steps to set up your store and start selling products:

Create an account

1. Follow the platform’s sign-up process to create an account.

2. Provide the necessary information, such as your name, email address, and password.

Choose a domain name

1. Select a domain name that reflects your brand and is easy to remember.

2. Consider using a domain name provider to purchase a custom domain if needed.

Customize your store’s appearance

1. Upload a logo and banner to give your store a professional look.

2. Choose a theme that aligns with your brand and product offerings.

3. Customize the layout, colors, and fonts to create a unique and engaging storefront.

Add and organize products in the store

1. Upload high-quality images and detailed product descriptions.

2. Organize products into categories and subcategories for easy navigation.

3. Use tags and keywords to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Set up payment and shipping options

1. Choose a payment gateway that integrates with your platform.

2. Set up shipping options, including flat rates, weight-based rates, or real-time carrier rates.

3. Consider offering free shipping to boost sales and attract customers.

Optimize for search engines

1. Use relevant keywords in your product descriptions and titles.

2. Create a sitemap to help search engines index your store.

3. Submit your store to search engines and directories.

Test your store

1. Place test orders to ensure the checkout process is smooth and secure.

2. Test the store’s functionality on various devices and browsers.

Launch your store

1. Promote your store through social media, email marketing, and other channels.

2. Monitor your store’s performance and make adjustments as needed.

And now you have a free online store with products to sell!

Categories of Products to Sell on Your Free Online Store


Sell products without inventory. 

Orders are sent to a third-party supplier who ships directly to customers, reducing costs and inventory concerns.


Create custom products without holding inventory. 

Products are printed and shipped upon order, eliminating upfront storage costs.

Digital Products

Sell digital products like e-books and courses without physical inventory. 

A scalable and low-overhead business model.

Free Online Store with Products To Sell (comes with products)

Affiliate Marketing

Earn commissions by promoting others’ products. 

A flexible and low-risk way to generate extra income without inventory hassles.

Marketing Your Free Online Store

a. Utilizing Social Media Platforms for Promotion

b. Implementing Content Marketing Strategies

c. Collaborating with Influencers and Bloggers

d. Running Promotions and Discounts to Attract Customers

Common challenges faced by free online store owners

1. Low traffic and visibility

2. High competition

3. Low conversion rates

4. Technical issues and website downtime

5. High customer acquisition costs

6. Difficulty in scaling the business

7. Handling customer complaints and returns

Solutions and tips to overcome these challenges

1. Utilize content marketing and social media to increase visibility and attract a wider audience.

2. Differentiate your products and brand to stand out in a crowded market.

3. Optimize your website for search engines and improve user experience to increase conversion rates.

4. Regularly monitor and address technical issues to ensure a smooth and reliable online store.

5. Implement targeted advertising and marketing strategies to reduce customer acquisition costs.

6. Leverage dropshipping and print-on-demand services to scale your business without holding inventory.

7. Provide excellent customer service and offer a hassle-free returns policy to address customer complaints and returns.


A free online store with products to sell offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the booming e-commerce industry without the financial burden of traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

By now, you should be able to establish your free online store and take advantage of the numerous benefits it offers.

With perseverance and adaptation, you can overcome challenges and achieve long-term growth in the online marketplace.

So, take the first steps in establishing your own online store and join the millions of entrepreneurs who are reaping the rewards of e-commerce.