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7 Horrible Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Website

Websites have become a common norm. Everyone is creating one. Today we’ll talk about 7 horrible mistakes to avoid when creating a website.

We are in the digital era now. Everything is being done via the Internet. Besides, it connecting people from all over the world.

Technology has brought new trends and eased business transactions. It’s providing flexibility for businesses.

We all love using technology. However, technology comes with risks; security is a major concern for it has cost many.

One should always be careful when transacting online. Security starts with you and most vulnerabilities are exploited from the user’s end.

With technology, one can create a website and start transacting instantly. These days don’t need coding or designing skills.

Well before we get to mistakes to avoid, let’s get more information on websites.

Is creating a website worth it?

Yes! Websites are the best to pass information. They allow everyone no matter location to access and transact easily.

From websites also one can get the necessary resources to grow their business. There are many applications of a website.

A website is the best tool that makes a difference. It has the best resources to make sure you have flexibility.

How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of a website varies with the features and usage of the website. It approximately costs $200 to build a website.

Websites are expensive and have good returns. They drive traffic and ensure your visitors, customers are always updated.

Well, nowadays you don’t have to spend all that. You also don’t need to learn to program or designing to create a website.

With as little as $0 you can create a stunning site. OLITT offers you the opportunity to take your idea online.

Makes sure everyone can create the best site. Provides the necessary tools to make you go live instantly.

What do you need to create a website?

Domain name 

A domain name is a permanent address to your website. It’s the name people use to reach your website.

It’s unique hence can’t be shared. Are used instead of I.P Addresses which one may not remember when trying to get to a site.

This name should be simple and easy to understand. It should also speak for your business; informative.

Here is the best way to choose a domain name.


This is the home for your domain. It’s the storage space that will allow you to go live and store your website.

It makes it easy for people to access your website. There are three common types of web hosting:

  • Shared hosting- this is where everything is shared; resources, server and it’s cheap and best for a startup.
  • VPS hosting- this provides both shared and dedicated hosting. The storage is separate from the others and its own resources. It’s safe and recommended for growing businesses.
  • Dedicated hosting- this means you get your own resources and own server. There is no sharing. It’s expensive and can be used by established organizations.

The other web hostings are cloud, colocation, managed, and many more. Also, you can get the best hosting here.


This what visitors will see on the website. It’s what your visitors and clients will always see when they access your site.

The content should be creative to fit your products and services. Should be complete and provide all that a customer needs.

Consider placing yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think like one and craft content that best suits them.


This focuses on how the site will look. A good design is responsive and accessible on all devices without errors.

It has to do with how everyone will be able to perceive your site. Employ the best design to keep people coming again and again.


It’s what you want to achieve with the website. It also gives plans on how one should focus. 

This also has a focus to put in place to chase results.

Here are 7 horrible mistakes to avoid when creating a website:

No call to action

A call to action induces a user to perform a certain task. Gives someone a clear direction to the next step.

It also captures their attention and guides them through the required actions. Also, invokes a response action.

All websites should have a call to action. Can be used to capture emails and other data that can be used to grow the website.

Before publishing a  website make sure to include a call to action.

Unresponsive sites

Everyone wants a responsive site. No one loves waiting before the website responds and one gets results.

The unresponsive site is also slow. Transactions can’t be done in an efficient way. It makes you lose credibility.

A good site is easily accessible and responds fast when performs an action on it.

Unsecure sites

Security is a major concern. Every day people are paying a lot of money due to security issues. 

Unsecure sites are prone to data hacking. Everyone wants a safe site where their details are not stolen.

It’s easy to secure a website with an SSL. An SSL is a protocol that encrypts data and transports it safely to the intended target.

Make sure your site is safe.


How well is the site accessible? Can it be accessible through all devices? A good site should always be accessible on all devices.

It should be able to load all the content fast when accessed through mobile and through a desktop.

Most users access websites through their phones. People are comfortable accessing different websites through their phones.

All sites should be accessible through all devices. 

Too much or too little content

Content is what clients view. A good website should have quality content. Shouldn’t be less or too much.

Content is what drives people to a website. Quality over quantity should be considered when creating content.

Focusing on you not the clients

The website is yours but the content is for the readers. Content should be cultivated to fit customers’ demands.

It should inform them. 

Loading speed

We all love accessing a site fast. Many times when a website takes time to load we close the tab.

Google also chastens websites with slow loading; this means that rankings drop so does your popularity.

The above are mistakes to avoid when creating a website. Makes sure to consider changing that before going live.

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