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What’s The Best Way To Create A Website

Let’s talk about the best way to create a website. In these modern days, websites are common and are playing a huge part in our lives.

Every single day new websites are created. Websites are part of our daily transactions; from a website, one can buy, sell, read, listen to music, and many others.

They have also become competitive and before creation, one needs to be creative. A simple website can be a source of income!

What is a website?

It’s a collection of related web pages. Many pages were created and linked together and made accessible through the internet.

A website is held together by a domain name; the name that holds a website. But for a website to be live and accessible online it needs hosting.

This is simply the storage space for your website. To access any website one needs to have an internet connection.

Why have a website?

1. To have credibility

A website creates social proof of you or your organization. It’s that one-stop place that one can use to transact, check updates, and more.

From the website, everyone can see what you have achieved. They will also know more about what you provide.

Everyone always wants to do their best. We always make sure we transact with the best providers to avoid fake or being scammed.

As a business, a website will go along to prove your credibility. It will give clients the proof they need to work with you.

2. Showcase your work

One can set up their website to showcase products and services. This means that everyone has a way to see your work.

Setting this up ensures that people can accredit your work. They can also share this proof thus increasing your client base.

Everyone wants to know who they are transacting with before they start doing business. A website can provide your clients with all these and more.

3. For ease of transactions

Calling and texting someone for information is tiring. A website can provide everyone with an easy way of transaction.

This is by giving information that a client needs to transact with you. From a website also clients can order and get deliveries fast.

Eliminate the traditional process of queuing and visiting stores. Make it easy for clients to transact from the comfort of their homes.

A website will ensure that a client gets all they need from a click or touch of a button. 

4. For information purposes

A website runs 24/7, which means that posting updates and other information are instant. Clients are up to date with the recent information.

Get to share offers and promotions without having to contact them. Share more with your clients with ease and save on time and costs.

Having a website will ensure that clients reach you easily and know more about your business.

5. Offers a competitive advantage

A website offers a competitive advantage for you for it makes you stand out! It ensures that you compete favorably.

Besides, with the website, you can show clients what you do. A website gives more information and ensures everyone is well informed.

You can beat your competition by having an optimized website. Create a website today and grow in this competitive environment!

6. Maximizes profits

When it comes to maximizing profits a website is what you need. It turns visitors into buyers and ensures clients keep coming back.

A website is a good investment that allows your business to earn profits. Besides, one can reach anyone in the world.

These are some of the few reasons one needs a website. Websites are creative and bring a lot of value to both individuals, clients, and organizations.

Why not utilize this opportunity and create your website today! You can do it for free!

Can you create a website for free?

Yes, as mentioned above, one can have a free site! No more hassle of payments, coding, or maintenance since you can do it by yourself.

This means that you can create any site easily. There is no need to pay a developer as you too can become one in less than 10 minutes.

But, how? Well, using OLITT;  the best site builder creates free websites in under 10 minutes. OLITT uses the latest technology so your websites will be up to standards.

Your website will be unique and will keep clients coming back frequently. There is no hassle and beat deadlines to website creation.

Requirements for creating a website

1. Design

This is what you want your website to look like. It’s what everyone will be seeing when they visit your website.

A good design should be attractive and appealing to everyone. It should be responsive and accessible over any device.

This is what makes a website appealing and ensures clients keep transacting with you. Before coming up with a design, put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

2. Domain name

This is the name of your website. It should be simple and easy to remember. Long and complicated names make your site unreachable.

Ensure that your name also doesn’t conflict with other established ventures. Be unique and provide the best name for your site.

It’s best to associate it with the business you are to conduct. Clients will be able to reach you easily and transact without limits.

There are many places one can get domains; I recommend truehost for their services are great and affordable. They look after the client’s interests.

3. Hosting

This is where your domain and website files will be stored. The hosting also allows you to manage your site by allocating resources.

It’s from hosting that one can create emails, sub-domains, aliases, and more. Get your hosting today at affordable prices here.

4. Computer and Phone

A computer ensures you create, manage and edit your website with ease. A phone too can be good for checking notifications and emails.

It’s easy using the two to ensure everything runs smoothly. There is no perfect website and at times most run into issues; it’s good having a way to check them.

5. Content

This is what people will read or view from your site. The content may include photos, music, video, or graphics.

It’s up to you to find what best fits your site! Also, be careful not to overdo it and ensure that the content goes in hand with your website.

The Best Way To Create A Website

A website can be created in two main ways:

  1. Create from scratch by coding
  2. Use a website builder

1. Creating from scratch by coding

Coding means using web development languages like Java or HTML to create a website.  Such an approach is best since tweaking a website is easy.

It has no limitations to what you can add to your site. Besides, codes are easy to manage and change, unlike the case templates.

There is so much that one can accomplish through code.


  1. Easy to manage- a compiler will help you solve code issues. It will also report bugs and ensure your code functions well before deployment.
  2. Flexible- change features, delete and add them as you please. It’s easy and flexible to make the code be the way you need it.
  3. Grows your skills- coding expands your knowledge. One also finds out the best ways to solve different issues as you code.
  4. Affordable- you don’t need to buy any template when coding. Use your skills and other free online resources to create your site.


  1. Tiresome- writing codes isn’t an easy task. It takes a while to compile and even ensure your code runs without bugs.
  2. Time taking- one can create a website in less than 10 minutes using a website builder.

2. Use a website builder

A website builder is a tool that eases the process of coding. This means that you don’t need to write code to have a website.

A simple drag and drop can have you create the best website! There is no hustle in testing the code or checking for bugs.

The website builder does all these for you. You just need to choose a design and start editing your website.


  1. Ease of use- everyone can create a website without any prior knowledge. Just by drag and drop, you can have your site running!
  2. Time saver- in less than 10 minutes your website can be up and running. 
  3. Many designs are available- the website builder provides you with different designs to try!


  1. A bit expensive- some site builders charge you to create a website. 
  2. Limited- unlike coding the templates have limitations it’s hard to craft some utilities.

How to choose a website builder?

When choosing a website builder here is what to check on:

1. Features

What are you getting from the site builder? Does it offer you the best tools you need for your website? How well can you use it to manage your website?

These are just a few questions to consider. A good site builder should provide you with the best to ensure your site runs without a hitch.

2. Cost

Is it affordable? Does it lie within your budget? There is no need of getting a site builder that will destroy your budget plans.

There is no need to use all your resources on creating a website. Get a site builder that saves you costs but delivers.

3. Ease of use

Can anyone use it? Do you need skills to get started?  The reason behind using a website builder is to ease the process of web development.

If a site builder is difficult to use then there is no need to have one. Coding then is a better option than having to learn to use it.

Drag and drop is the best way for your website creation process.

Website builder vs Coding

The two are the best ways of creating a website. Well, as seen the two have their pros and cons and it’s up to you to choose the best for you.

However, when it comes to cost vs delivery a website builder is the best, in terms of tweaking and flexibility coding comes in handy.

The two accomplish a lot in web development. Their differences are what make each unique and provide the best sites.

Summing up;

Websites are a part of our daily routines. Creating one poses a challenge especially if you have no idea how to.

However, website builders have come to ease the process of creation. These days one doesn’t need to pay a developer as you can do it by yourself.

Using both coding and a website builder can help you create the best sites. The two will give you different designs and features.

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